The congregation sang off key.
The priest was rambling.
The paint was peeling in the Sacristy.

A wayward pigeon, trapped in the church,
flew wildly around for a while and then
flew toward a stained glass window,

but it didn’t look like reality.

The ushers yawned, the dollar bills
drifted lazily out of the collection baskets
and a child in the front row began to cry.

Suddenly, the pigeon flew down low,
swooping over the heads of the faithful
like the Holy ghost descending at Pentecost

Everyone took it to be a sign,
Everyone wants so badly to believe.
You can survive anything if you know
that someone is looking out for you,

but the sky outside the stained glass window,
doesn’t it look like home?



Just over two months ago, I left Vanuatu after a year of island life. I’ve got an island count of 12 out of 83; not so bad. Classic Vanuatu memories: the weird noise that geckos make, the overpowering smell of pineapples in the market during pineapple season, having a tan (kind of) while being a redhead, the most beautiful and dramatic sunsets I’ve ever seen and getting up close with active volcanoes.

Here are some my favourite photos from beautiful Vanuatu.


Duke Pentecost and Mako Mori at a fictional funeral for Stacker (if there is even one organised) and general angstness=(

I’m so excited for John Bogeya to be in Pacific Rim 2 though I’m kind of sad not to see any of the surviving casts’ names in the list=( 

So this is just wistful thinking but ever since finding out Stacker has a son I kind of hope that with Herc and Stacker co-parenting together, in the end Herc isn’t entirely alone in the world as he had Mako and Duke and sometimes if you mesh together two broken pieces hard enough they just might stick. Because the alternative is his only companion left would be a bulldog that is growing old. My heart D:

Prayer is a powerful tool. It allows you to commune with God and to intercede for others. Take time to "spend time" with the Father and while you are with Him, take time to pray for the needs of others. Be an intercessor. Amen