My “Don’t Tread on Me” moment.  
I was hiking near the San Pedro River the other day - I was distracted by a hummingbird and stopped to watch him for a few moments.  Its a good thing I did, because if I hadn’t stopped, I’d have tread on this handsome rattlesnake - I found myself standing just a few feet from him.  He was lethargic and seemed not to notice me at all.  Didn’t coil, or rattle or act menacing - so I took a few quick shots before giving him a wide berth and moving on.  

I’ve got a huge crush on this camera. I love using it during my photography class, and it breaks my heart that it’ll end after this semester. For real, it makes me sad to think about :c 

When I have mad money, I WILL have a darkroom, and I WILL have this camera, and a SHITLOAD of film, and I will lock myself in there for HOURS just making prints. 

No one will see me ever again…

I can’t wait x)