pentax mz 50,

Love is the most powerful tool humanity possesses. Through loving we accept others, we perpetuate kindness, and we embrace our true selves. Loving is the most natural of human conditions, and yet sometimes it is the most frightening path to follow. When we love our hearts grow, our souls feel open, and we expose ourselves. We are vulnerable. There is a misconception projected throughout our society, that vulnerability means weakness. But how can it? When to be vulnerable is to be strong. Through this vulnerability we allow ourselves to feel every emotion in the deepest way, we give ourselves the opportunity to experience the epitome of highs, but also the knock out lows. But to feel, good or bad, is to be human, and to deny ourselves feeling is to deny ourselves true living. It seems then, that to love is to live, one cannot exist without the other🌤 {📸Pentax SLR 🎞35mm}

-Kate E Fitzgerald

It always seems to be that when I’m the most tired I am unable to sleep. It’s as if that state of exhaustion opens my mind to a stream of unstoppable thoughts. Flooding my head. Filling it with reflections, memories, predictions. Urging me to look back at old photos, searching for the meaning behind the feeling that they evoke in me. I have this constant desire to understand, to understand myself. To understand the reason behind each action I take, to understand the significance of each moment I have lived. I want to understand myself, but not just that, I want to understand others as well. I am passionate about the idea that through understanding we tolerate and communicate, and through tolerance and communication we as people have a shared experience. Through shared experience we are able to connect. Connect in a way that promotes a world of honest, raw, unapologetic love. Right now I am lying here, completely exhausted, but unable to sleep, reflecting on all of my shared experiences; my connections. I am considering their significance, and I am certain that every shared moment has been of importance much greater than I could ever realise in the moment. Something I am only able to appreciate in hindsight. Therefore while sometimes I wish my reflecting would come at more convenient times, it’s value is priceless to me. It has allowed me to grow in understanding of myself, and the world. And I’d say that’s worth a few sleepless nights 🌙 {📸Pentax MZ-50 🎞 35mm}

-Kate E Fitzgerald


Fog par takatsnori
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Pentax MZ-50 Tamron AF 28-80 mm f/3.5-5.6 Aspherical Kodak UltraMax 400

‘My nephew Jacques and his friend Vincent’


I borrowed my friend’s Nikon D600, and now I want one, I need one! It is my birthday towards the end of January, if the tumblr community want to buy a collective present then this is it.. Oh and I kind of also want to upgrade my film camera from my dodgy pentax MZ-50 to a Nikon film camera…an  FM2 maybe?  ;-)