coffeeshop au rec list

Because coffeeshop AUs, no matter what certain critics might say, are awesome.

Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin by peevee: Sherlock designs a new roast just for John. So lovely and so hot.

Blond Barista Seeks Dashing Ballet Dancer: Inquire Within by prettysailorsoldier: One of my favorites. Unilock, ballet!Sherlock and rugby!John, coffeeshop, and a lot of pining - what’s not to love?

Division by MrsNoggin: My favorite! I love the tension between John and Sherlock in this fic, the buildup is fantastic. The setting and dialogue are perfect; read this one immediately.

Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeore: Sherlock is a mute barista and John leaves him notes in the tip jar. A touch angsty but lovely.

A Whole Latte Love by prettysailorsoldier: John is a barista who flirts with Sherlock via latte art. So unbelievably cute and sweet!

Crossing Paths by prettysailorsoldier: Prettysailorsoldier has the best coffeeshop AUs, in case you haven’t noticed! In this one, John works at a 24hr cafe and Sherlock is an insomniac who comes in at odd hours.

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict: Coffee with a side of smut! Sherlock is a regular at the cafe where John works.

Four Shots by Opy3332: After coming home from Afghanistan, John goes to work for a coffee shop in MI6. Sherlock, not coincidentally, starts taking more cases for his brother.

Johnloctober, Ch.12 by prettysailorsoldier: Sherlock is undercover at John’s favorite coffee shop in this unilock fic. A little angsty at one point but so cute!

Never Again, Vienna by reclusedetective: John is a barista who makes terrible coffee but Sherlock has a crush on him and buys it anyway. So, so adorable.

anonymous asked:

Hey :) I was wondering if you had any favorite Johnlock fanfics? I'm desperatly searching for some. And I looooooooooooove your blog by the way :D

I made a rec list over a month ago but you would need to go through my archive to find it and even I have trouble finding things a week ago because i post so much.

Before you read any fic check any and all tag.  Most of my favorite fic are smut fic.  I watch the show for plot and cases I read fic for romance and porn.  Also I ship top Sherlock and bottom John.

  • You Give Me Fever - michi_thekiller

This is a greaserlock au and one of my personal favorites.  Sherlock is so in love with John he would consume him if he could.  This is very much jealous, possessive Sherlock so if thats not your thing don’t read.  This is also a high school fic.  There is smut and it’s very well done.

  • Man and Beast - Jupiter_Ash

Is a fic where Sherlock is a werewolf.  There are tags you need to watch out for in this one.  Sherlock is captured by scientist who want to study him.  While there he meets and falls in love with John.  There is torture and what can be seen as dubious consent.

  • The Detective and the PinUp - XistentailAngst

John did a mostly nude calendar in his 20’s when he was in the army and someone at the yard finds it and starts sharing it with everyone (like an asshole).  Sherlock has to see it and when he does it changes everything.

  • Dehumanise Me - deuxexmycroft

This is a guilty pleasure of mine and really check all the tags in this one before readying cause it a bit dark.  John is sent down for life after accidentally murdering someone, and gets snatched up to play prison wife for a strange man named Sherlock Holmes.  There is more to the story then that and there is an odd romance that plays out but it is a dark fic and there are S and D factors you have to be aware of.

  • The Red box - Cleo2010

I’m not normally a fan of men in women’s underwear in art or fic’s because people don’t often say if it’s a kink of it part of there sexual expression but this fic won me over.  It’s a sexual kink for John and the way it’s written makes so much sense.  What I love the most is Sherlock finding out and wanting to join in and explore the kink with John.

  • Strategy Games - stillaseeker

This is a 2 part one shot series of an office au that is pure jealous, possessive Sherlock smut.  You need to read the tags for these because there is some dubious consent (Sherlock takes what he wants and what he wants is John).  The second one is more fluffy but I recommend reading both.

  • Med Students Can Be Dangerous, Too - AngeNoir

This was written for me as part of the dash con auction.  It’s a greaserlock  pwp where John is a bamf and Sherlock is very turned on by it.  It’s really just porn and I love that.

  • Resonance - janto321 (FaceodMer)

This this a really sweet PWP.  John wakes up from a nightmare and Sherlock and he have comfort sex.

  • Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin - peevee

This is a coffee shop au where Sherlock is obsessed with John’s scent and finding a coffee that expresses him.  Sex ensues.

  • The Steadfast Tin Watson - what_alchemy

This fic is all about fairy tales being stuck in our world unable to get there endings and Sherlock and John having to deal with the fact that they have 2 sets of memories.  It’s very good.

  • Northwest Passages - Kryptaria

In this fic John is Canadian and Sherlock is still on drugs.  After relapsing again Mycroft calls in a favor with John who lives in the middle of no where to have Sherlock live with him for the winter (6 months i think).  John and Sherlock have to survive the winter and each other in a 2 room cabin but who knows they might just fall in love.  READ THE TAGS ON THIS.

This should get you started.  Later today or tomorrow I think I’ll make a rec list of Omega verse fic I like.

anonymous asked:

hello do you have any fics that involve either john or sherlock having a job and the other being a customer and its kinda more smutty thank you , have a good day/night

coffee shop aus:

Division by MrsNoggin (20k, fluff and smut)

Pentanedione, Damascenone, Furanone, Vanillin by peevee (2k, frottage)

Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeore (8k, mute sherlock, not really smut)

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict (4k, smutty

A Whole Latte Love by prettysailorsoldier (8k, valentine’s day fluff)

also this list with library/bookshop aus

Enjoy reading! -Zorana

murphcoopers  asked:

please PLEASE please I'm dyyyying for some library/book shop au or coffee shop au (like "pentanedione, damascenone, furanone, vanillin"). It's an urgency

I think I just went crazy when my page refreshed and all the fics for this request vanished, it happens more and more omg! anyway, here’s some coffee shop aus for you

A Whole Latte Love by prettysailorsoldier (8k, barista john, also a lot of valentine’s day fluff)

Notes in the Tip Jar by Lakeore (8k, fluff, mute sherlock)

Love Your Daddy by RoseyMulvey (9k, sugar daddy john, smut)

Never Again, Vienna by reclusedetective (3k, john makes dreadful coffee)

Division by MrsNoggin (20k, barista sherlock)

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict (4k, sherlock comes in his pants aka good stuff)

Upside Down and All Around by sheerrloockk (10k, stupid dorks gone all soppy at the end)

Just Browsing by bendingsignpost (bookstore au, 4k, smut)

Enjoy reading! -Zorana