Quotes from a Witch’s Boyfriend ☾

🔮 “How have Poseidon and Athena been treating my baby girl?”

🔮 “That’s my favourite witch right there!”

🔮 “Not even your strongest hexes could make me want to leave you!”

🔮 “So, if I fuck a witch do I get magic powers?”

🔮 “OoOOoooh! My little witch is doing things for others; making me so proud!”

🔮 “Call me when you get to the witch shop, ok? I wanna help pick crystals!”

🔮 “If I’m not good in bed please don’t curse me thanks.”

🔮 “So like… Did you go to Hogwarts?”

🔮 “Promise me when we kiss I won’t turn into a frog?”

🔮 “Wand? What wan-… Ohhhh! Right, you’re a witch!”

🔮 “Burn the witch? More like KISS THE WITCH!”

🔮 “I must have amazing karma if I ended up with you!”

🔮 “Babe! I’m going through your tarot deck again! The pictures are pretty!”