For people whose English is not their first language

Please dont apologise for it. You are incredibly smart to be able to learn a second language and have the courage to use it.

Everytime I read someone writing/saying “I’m sorry for my bad English” I wanna say that it is okay to make mistakes when you are not speaking your first language (and even when speaking your first language). That’s the beauty of learning, make a mistake and learn from it to become better.

Please be proud of yourselves and never lose your confidence

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Do you ever just feel so much love for a group that you just don’t know what to do with yourself?? Like sitting there smiling but also feeling sentimental with butterflies in your stomach and teary eyes?? Just thinking about this amazing wonderful group who live on the other side of the world but just feel that overwhelming love and respect for them and they just make you feel so freaking happy??

Okay. When idols are 100% trying their absolute best to speak English, it is not cute. They are TRYING. Do not call it “adorable”, that belittles an attempt and makes it almost to be a joke. If they are, in all seriousness, trying to pronounce and read English properly, do not scream “OMG OPPA/UNNIE IS SO CUTE LOOK AT HIM/HER TRYING TO SPEAK ENGLISH THATS SO ADORABLE”… no. It’s an applied effort and they deserve respect and encouragement. Not being called “cute”.

My mother asking me why I cry over kpop idols
  • Mom: why do you cry about some Chinese girls you'll never meet?
  • Me: they've been my family since day one and will always be there for me. It doesn't matter if we don't live in the same place or speak the same language. They give us hope and something to always look forward too, even when life has us at our lowest point.
  • My dad: ...
  • My aunt: ...
  • My cat: ...
  • My bamboo plant kevin: ...
  • My mom: honey are you depressed?