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Today’s Dalí Tarot Universal reading June 14, 2017: IX of Swords, King of Pentacles, and IX of Cups

If you worry about what may come, then you suffer twice. Suffer through the not knowing, and suffer through the actual event. Though if you worry of what may, then when it doesn’t, you’ll have worried for naught. Stressing about losing what you have takes away from your enjoyment of it. You may lose something, or you may not. Just remember anything you gain, you lived without before. If the worst should come to pass, then you can gain it again. In the meantime, enjoy what can be enjoyed, and relax. If having success just causes you stress, then why do you strive for it? If you can’t enjoy what you have when you have it, then it’s not worth stress.


Hi everyone! So I bought a tarot deck the other day. I wasn’t planning on getting one but I couldn’t put it down at the store. During the next month not only will I be connecting and cleansing my deck but I’ll also be learning them! I’ll draw a few cards a day and jot down their meanings.

So today I drew the Eight of Pentacles. The description that comes with the card:

The most ordinary clay, shaped with expert hands, can be transformed into life. I am Nu Gua, goddess of ancient China, creator of humanity.

What I’ve researched about this card says that it refers to a time of hard work and dedication. It can also mean that success doesn’t happen overnight but you’re on the right path to succeed. It can remind us to not give up!

Reversed the card stands for a lack of motivation, determination, and vision. It can also mean a time of tedious work with little gain or a reminder to stop and really look and listen before making any leaps or major decisions.

If any of you have other interpretations or meanings please let me know! I’m here to learn 🖤

Warding Without Magick (Witchy Weekly: Oct. 19)

Hello again! Welcome back to the weekly column of witchy things to ponder. This week: warding through intimidation, or: “Why I carved a pentacle into the sole of my shoe.”

In “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, Huck’s father carved a cross in his shoe to prevent evil (or the devil) from following him. Inspired by this, I decided to carve symbols of my own in my shoes for the same reason. At the same time, I wasn’t Christian (not anymore anyways), so instead of a cross, I came up with a different idea.

Instead of putting a cross in my footprints to ward of evil by calling upon the threat of a higher power, something which doesn’t play well with my witchcraft, I wanted to put something that symbolized I could take care of myself. A pentacle, being the relatively universal symbol for witchcraft and the supernatural, fits the mold perfectly. A pentacle in my footprints, rather than straight up warding, is more of a warning.

The thing I love most about the witchy community is the fact that it is based a lot around the independence from many spiritual matters, with interaction based on your own terms. People work with spirits and other entities for mutual benefit, rather than binding devotion. As a result, why should we always hide behind invisible shields we set up (wards), which although helpful, limit the interactions we would have? Naturally one would want to ward themselves before an interaction, yet wouldn’t they also not want to chase a spirit away?

By carving a pentacle (or even a W) in ones shoe, or wearing a witchy necklace for example, one doesn’t chase away the supernatural, one just gives it a fair warning that if things turned sour, you know how to defend yourself.

Next time you go urban exploring or searching for the unexplained, rather than mumbling a warding charm or casting salt, walk confidently. Remind yourself that you know the rules of the game. Project confidence and let any potential spirit know that if they attempted something malevolent, some badass witchy shit will go down.

Always remember: you are pretty awesome. Take it from me.

See you next week,

The pentacle is a symbol of magic that is present in many cultures and places. In Western civilization, it has character especially esoteric and it is often described as a talisman for magical protection. Unlike what has been for centuries a popular belief, the original meaning of the pentacle was not negative or related to the figure of Satan. The pentacle was in fact, like all pagan symbols, transformed into a demonic symbol and tied to the dark forces with the development of the Christian religion or more likely with its misuse in esoteric circles, magic and sectarian. The pentacle was widely used as a sacred symbol in the practice of cults related to the pagan goddess Venus, the embodiment of strength, beauty, and especially mysticism of sexuality. The binding of the figure with the goddess Venus/Aphrodite is due to the fact that the planet associated with it in the classical era (Venus) seen from the Earth rotates (in a period of eight years) a similar path to a pentagon in the sky. The pentacle is a representation of the microcosm and the macrocosm, that combines in a single sign all creation, which is the set of processes underlying the cosmos. The five points of the pentagram symbolize the five metaphysical elements of water, air, fire, earth and spirit. These five elements synthesize those who are the groups in which we organize all the elemental forces, spiritualist and divine of the universe.