pensoakspaper  asked:

:) 33. 35. 37. 54. 62. 63.

33 - phobias – not in the sense that I couldn’t handle the fear if I needed to. I hate clowns, they freak me out. Ants…if I see an ant in my house I freak out a bit, I had a bad experience in an apartment I used to live in once and had a minor panic attack ‘cause this brand new apartment had ants and they wouldn’t go away and all I could do was picture them getting into everything and crawling all over me as I slept. (The person that lived in the apartment before me had died in it, so it already had a bad mojo, but the ants had found their way into the apartment and onto the body apparently? yeah so..yeah) That was a situation where tiny creatures that crawled were taking away my sense of control 'cause no matter how much I cleaned…or how much I avoided eating or drinking in that apartment…yeah. But I still wouldn’t call it a FEAR of ants. 

35 - I think everyone already thinks I’m weird. Also, see above? *shrug* Never been in a romantic relationship. That’s weird, right?

37 - A Quote I try to live by:

“There is nothing to be found in the entire universe that is not you.”

It’s a traditionalist Taoist teaching of our interconnectedness and continuity with nature.

54 - A tramp stamp so Nique can mock me. ;) I kid. If I ever get a tattoo it’ll have something to do with infinity/yin yang/interconnectedness/never ending cycle of live I like the idea of an ouroboros, but have yet to find a design that speaks to me enough to want it forever.

62 - Tuesday night and it’s new episode. Duh. ;) Also excited for a certain something I’ve been working on to be completed and for the holidays to be over. *nods*

63 - Celebrity crush? Who don’t I crush?! The one I would marry right now and spend the rest of my life with? Joshua Jackson. I’ve been twitterpated with him for twenty years now. lol I know at some point I’ll try to explain to him that bringing a hot actress like Naya to bed with us could be a beneficial thing to our marriage. *nods* ijs.