Student debt in America: no matter how hard things get, student loans cannot ever be charged off or written off even in bankruptcy, because a deal’s a deal and students need to pay off their debts & be fiscally responsible and live up to their financial obligations

Pensions in America: yeah well look here, I know the company/state promised all you workers stuff 30yrs ago and in return you took less pay and you’re ready to retire after having lived up to your part of the bargain, but things changed and times are hard for billionaires now. you can’t expect poor ole multi-billion dollar corporations or the state to live up to those old financial obligations…suckers

One embittered jobless graduate (Hankinson, 2010) wrote, ‘Baby boomers had free education, affordable houses, fat pensions, early retirement and second homes. We’ve been left with education on the never-never [student debt] and a property ladder with rotten rungs. And the financial system which made our parents rich has left us choosing between crap job or no job’.
—  Guy Standing, The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class

Warrior Culture : Ottoman Empire
Subculture : Janissary

An elite military unit consisting entirely of Christian boys who were taken as slaves around the age of six. They much like Spartan youths were raised up under strict discipline to embody unit cohesion and strength. The young Janissary were prohibited from growing facial hair (the power of the beard was not with them), training in any field other than the military, or marrying(they were expected to be celibate).

They were among one of the first armies of the age to wear distinctive uniforms. And unlike most militaries of the time period they received salaries, and even pensions upon retirement. Making them more progressive in those areas than other militaries of the time. Janissaries were far ahead of their time as well when it came to logistics. Utilizing entire support units to transfer supplies, complete other non-combat tasks, and even transport the wounded to specialized field hospitals (another inovation).

On top of that even as Slaves they retained a large amount of status and power, eventually gaining enough power and influence to attempt a coup (which failed and lead to their eventual disbandment).

GREECE, Thessaloníki : An elderly man is crying outside a national bank branch as pensioners queue to get their pensions, with a limit of 120 euros, in Thessaloniki on 3 July, 2015. Greece is almost evenly split over a crucial weekend referendum that could decide its financial fate, with a ‘Yes’ result possibly ahead by a whisker, the latest survey Friday showed. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s government is asking Greece’s voters to vote 'No’ to a technically phrased question asking if they are willing to accept more tough austerity conditions from international creditors in exchange for bailout funds. AFP PHOTO /Sakis Mitrolidis                
Bernie Sanders Draws Union Support Pressing Pensions Issue
With union members chanting “Bernie! Bernie” behind him, Senator Bernie Sanders sought to burnish his populist credentials for president as he introduced a bill to protect the pensions of millions of retirees from the threat of deep cuts.
By Eric Lichtblau

With union members chanting “Bernie! Bernie!” behind him, Senator Bernie Sanders sought to burnish his populist credentials for president on Thursday as he introduced a bill to protect the pensions of millions of retirees from the threat of deep cuts.

Mr. Sanders railed against a spending bill approved by Congress last December — and signed into law by President Obama — that included a provision allowing certain multiemployer pension plans to make deep cuts in benefits to retirees to shore up their finances.

At a news conference in Washington, Mr. Sanders said the economic system was “rigged” against working-class retirees. With wealthy Americans given tax breaks and myriad financial perks, “the very least that we can do is to keep our promises to people who worked and earned their pensions,” he said.

“We say loudly and clearly that’s not what America is about!” he shouted, jabbing his hand in the air. “Enough is enough!”

Okay… so… November 30th Strike.
Jeremy Clarkson on the One Show was saying that the strikers had no right to strike, because they get a pension when people like himself have to work for a living.
Excuse me… but… fuck off? 
Jeremy…. you probably earn more in a week than my mum and dad earn in a year and what exactly do you do as a job that’s so hard? Earn money whilst given more money to go off to places like America to ride around in cars? Fuck off, seriously.
My dad was a policeman and because of the fucking state that Tories have gotten us into, his pension is doing bugger all to help our financial situation, so it’s not as if we’re all fine and dandy, my dad still has to work to keep us afloat as well as his pension and my mum’s job.
Also when David bloody Cameron is spouting shite that the strike has changed nothing and means nothing, that just shows how fucking incompetent he is as a Prime Minister. Now I’m not a fan of Labour either, but Ed Miliband was fucking brilliant when he said that the amount of money that Cameron uses for his wee trip out skiing is more than what a dinner lady, nurse or lolly pop man/lady earns in a year (or something along those lines)
I think the strike today was needed, that it was worthwhile.
I fucking hate the tories.


Former Enron trader and hedge fund billionaire John Arnold is launching a multimillion dollar national PR campaign attacking the hard-earned pensions of public sector workers. Arnold has already quietly poured tens of millions of dollars into his efforts to persuade politicians to reduce middle class retirement security and now it looks like he may really just be getting started.

Watch this video to learn more about Arnold’s war on pensions - and then share it with your friends and co-workers!

A must-read story in the New York Times [] details that “even as the city wrestles with the $18 billion of debt that has overwhelmed it, Detroit has already been billed more than $19.1 million by firms hired to sort through that debt, search for ways to restructure it, and now guide the city through court.”

“It’s just ridiculous,” Edward L. McNeil, an official with the local council of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, said of the mounting costs. “The only thing that’s getting done is that these people are getting paid big-time while the citizens of Detroit are getting ripped off.”