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Galavant Sorting

      Richard - Ravenclaw, Pureblood. Charms Professor. Unicorn Patronus.       Elder and Dragon Heartstring wand, 13¼ inches, Slightly Springy.

I kissed Malfoy. I pushed the bastard up against a wall and I held his face in place and then I kissed him for what seemed like ages (and bloody hell, it was even more brilliant than I’d imagined - I’m thinking about enshrining it as a Pensieve memory) and when I pulled away that he looked just as shaken as I felt, even with the glitter on his lashes and in his hair (he was dressed as an Ice Prince) and it was amazing for about ten whole seconds. Until he punched me and Disapparated. Thus ends another eventful Halloween in the fucked up life of Harry Potter.
—  Twelve Months by dysonrules

You’ve kept him alive so that he can die at the proper moment. You’ve been raising him like a pig for slaughter.
Don’t tell me now that you’ve grown to care for the boy.

Expecto Patronum

Imagine all the magical tools in Hogwarts being used to help the students with PTSD after the war!

Teachers instructing students on how to use the Pensieve to views their memories from an outside perspective to cope with them.

Dark magic detectors like Foe-Glasses and Sneakoscopes to help alleviate paranoia that their enemies are coming back.

PTSD recovery groups searching out Boggarts for students who are ready to face their triggers head on

There are so many possibilities!

—  Submitted by Anonymous

“This time,” said Dumbledore, “we are going to enter my memory. I think you will find it both rich in detail and satisfyingly accurate. After you, Harry…”
- HBP, chapter 13


I’ve been debating for /years/ whether pensieve memories are objective or subjective - meaning, is a pensieve memory an accurate representation of exactly what happened, or is it somewhat altered based on the memory giver’s perspective. I know that people like Slughorn can alter their memories significantly, which neither proves nor disproves the objectiveness of the pensieve.

I’ve never caught this line before though. This sentence of Dumbledore’s, while possibly just sarcastic or joking or something, seems to imply that some memories are more detailed than others, and some are more accurate. Why is that, and what does it imply for the way the pensieve works in canon?


I think the reason Snape takes his memories out and puts them in the pensieve in OotP isn’t because he doesn’t want Harry and/or Voldemort to see Sirius and James ganging up on him. It’s because he doesn’t want him to see his relationship or feelings for Lily. Why would he leave the memory of him crying as a child if he didn’t want Harry to see things like that?


A Snarry(Snape x Harry) story written by a friend. In that story Harry couldn’t help watching Severus’ memories with Pensieve over and over again after his death. One day Harry is dropped into another world through Sev’s memory in the Pensieve, in that world Snape is still young……Harry wants to change everyone’s fate in this world, he can’t lose everyone again, especially him.

So this friend asked me to draw something for her HP fan work…she may want to print it and she needs a cover and a back cover…after reading 2/3 of the story I did these two sketches, but it seems that now she doesn’t need the cover anymore……

Anyway, I hope they could have a happy ending in this story.

Every time I think I can’t hate the Dursleys more than I already do, Harry makes a casual reference to the fact that he was miserable and mistreated for a solid ten years and I get mad and I want to sit down with them and ask “why?” And say it over and over and over again until Vernon finally admits that he is just a bigoted bloated buttfaced blob of bone-headed buffoonery. 

Dudley gets a pass because he grows up.

Petunia gets shoved into a Pensieve filled with happy memories of Lily until she cries and admits she screwed up.

… I just have a lot of rage.

Also probably angry about, you know, all the vicious bullying.

Would Sirius and Remus eventually have told Harry about that if Harry hadn’t gone into the Pensieve and seen the memory himself? Or would that have been too painful? “tbh, your dad could be a real jackass, especially before his seventh year. The two of us were also kind of jackasses. Snape was a jackass too, don’t get me wrong. We were all jackasses who hexed each other for fun, but please respect our authority as grown ups now, because we have matured. I swear. Except for those of us who really haven’t. Not naming names. Just thinking them really hard right now.”