Church of St John the Baptist, Penshurst, Kent on Flickr.

Take a fairly typical Sussex / Kent tower and make it look bizarre by adding four huge octagonal turrets with each with individual battlemented parapet and a recessed pinnacle. Odd to, two south porches, the easternmost larger and more ornate. Clerestoried interior without chancel arch. The C15 font is alarmingly painted, with much red and green and there are a collection of big memorials, although not as many as I thought there would be with the big house next door. The best is a hanging monument to Robert Sidney, 1704, Fourth Earl of Leicester. Two child angels appear to dance whilst steadying a large garlanded urn. In the clouds above baby heads of the Earl’s children, all named except for the central one at the top who is poignantly names “The First Childe”. However it is the charming entrance to the churchyard which is the most memorable feature with a courtyard (Leicester Square apparently) from the street with an entrance under one of the medieval cottages. [open]

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Plan of 6 valuable farms & one allotment adapted for a water mill. Situate at Penshurst on the River Paterson [cartographic material] the property of A. Holden Esq. / Hutton & Burrows, Surveyors.  Sydney : Allen & Wigley, Lithog., [1855?] 1 map : col. ; 63 x 45 cm. 

Inset: local sketch.  nset: Cross-section of water levels. (Vertical scale of 40 ft to 1 inch). Shows: Paterson River and Horse Crk. Shows lessees. acreages, areas that have been cultivated or cleared, bldgs,and Penshurst Homestead, some vegetation. Dating: Property was advertised for sale in the Maitland Mercury 7/2/1855. p.4. A zoomable version may be seen here. 

The area of this map is the rural area around the Paterson River. It is NOT the Sydney suburb of Penshurst.