What I Keep In My Pencil Case:

  • Pencil Case: Really Useful Box (0.55L), it’s clear so I know exactly what’s inside (plus its useful for exams) and it’s super sturdy.
  • Sharpie Pens: I use these for what I call my “nice notes”, which I put into a collective notebook after my “chicken scratch notes” are completed.
  • Lecture Writing Utensils: Paper Mate Quick Flip Pencils, BIC Pro+ Ball Pen, BIC Atlantis Ultra Comfort Ball Pen,  I have a blue pen, a black pen, and a pencil, because you never know. They’re all super grippy, especially the blue, since I’ll be writing a lot during my lectures. 
  • Whiteout: because I make a lot of mistakes and when I’m making my “nice notes” I like to make sure there are no cross out lines or scribbles.
  • Sticky Tabs: for when i’m reading through my textbooks or notes. They’re also handy in my planner so I know which week to look at.
  • USB: I know I know, it seems old fashioned but sometimes they can come in really handy, especially if your having trouble accessing the internet. Mine is a 16 GB one but honestly it doesn’t matter.