pens playoffs

  • Me: The playoffs are cancelled because the Stars are out. I literally don't even care who wins the cup.
  • Also me: *would die for Sidney Crosby. is internally screaming at the thought of the Pens having to play CBJ. is considering buying a Crosby shirsey for the Pens playoff run*
  • Me: Yeah I don't know who I'd even root for at this point.

anonymous asked:

Losses like these make me want to deactivate Twitter because all night long I've been seeing tweets such as "Pens will miss playoffs", "Sid / Geno must kiss their Art Ross / Rocket Richard goodbye", "Murray is trash", "We suck". Guess I'm avoiding social media until Friday because I feel so down right now. All I hope is the Pens to rest up, recover and kick everyone's asses in the last 13 games of the season. To all those counting out the 87/71/Pens sorry just watch and see :)

Haha, the boys are going to be fine. Twitter can suck, sports fans are intense, emotions get everything all heated up. All that matters is that the guys are working their butts off, they’ve had such an incredible season so far. Sullivan sure as hell believes in them, so do I, and you obviously do too. I hope you feel better soon my friend because we quite a few more incredible games to go!