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Respect Her "No"

As a 19 year old girl, I was shy and meek and very bad at standing up for myself. I worked at a Denny’s with a lot of creepy and rude customers, and one day a regular customer came in and he asked to borrow my pen. I was the only hostess on duty at the time, and the host stand only had one pen, which I very much needed almost constantly. We usually had more pens but servers would often lose theirs and come raid the host station for replacements. This particular pen was very excellent and I guarded the thing with my life… you all know the kind of pen I’m talking about, super ergonomic design and never runs out of ink and writes on any surface. This pen wasn’t going anywhere, not if I could help it.

Well anyway I told the customer, “oh I’m sorry, I’ve only got the one pen right now and I need it”. He said “don’t worry I’ll give it back when I’m done” and just took it. Well I sucked at standing up for myself and they drilled all that ‘customer is always right’ nonsense into our brains pretty well so I just resigned myself to having to track down another pen. (Not an easy task in that restaurant, there was some kind of black hole for pens there.)

Well another customer, a woman in her 40’s, saw the whole thing go down. After the guy had seated himself, the woman pulled a pen out of her purse, I thought she was just going to give it to me but she actually walked over to the guy, snagged my pen out of his hand, and smacked her pen down on the table and said very audibly “Respect her no.” And then she brought me my pen back. I was so touched by this simple gesture of coming to my defense that I paid for her lunch myself. The whole thing took less than 3 minutes but it honestly taught me so much, it taught me the importance of standing your ground, defending other women, and not letting men get away with ignoring your No. If a man can’t even respect a no on something as simple as borrowing a pen, how could he be trusted to respect you on even bigger issues? Anyway I just think about that incident a lot, the importance of standing your ground and not letting men feel entitled to take whatever they want. Bless that woman, I hope she is having a really excellent life.

They’re saps


I honestly did not expect to reach this much in such a short amount of time to be quite honest!!

I so happy to take another chance to come back to the Final Fantasy fandom because tbh I grew up with FF and it had been a staple in my life for the longest time~

I’m so happy that me and my Light son have been greeted with open arms and you are all so kind and welcoming!

I hope you all get chicken nuggets and find money on the ground you beautiful beans!

Just want to give a small shout out to the kind souls who have reached out to me and made me feel so welcomed as well as others whom I admire so!

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I spent like all morning on this, but penning it over kind of messed it up a bit- Oh well ;; 

Klance Week!! Heaven/Hell [Day 3] 

Let’s be honest, Lance would totally fall from heaven just to say that. 


OKAY SO my tablet has been all wonky for the past month and my pen pressure has been waaayy messed up so this is all kinds of messed up 

BUT ANYWAY this is the diabetic themed magical girl that I’ve had in my mind for a while now ((i couldn’t decide on which color scheme i liked better so i did both whoops)) ((also i wanted her hair to be an ombre from brown to blue but didn’t feel like painting that in last night bc of my tablet being stupid))

and she has a diabetes utility belt!! to hold all the junk we need to lug around everyday!! it has little holders for pens, test strips, a meter, glucose tabs, and a juice box holder! and pockets for everything else you can think of needing

ignore the hands she was gonna be holding a wand or something but i didn’t put that in yet either whoops

I n k tober day 1/6

attempt to draw T.Law for my day 1 of Inktober because today is Law’s Birthday!!

yup it’s really ink, i mean pen and brush (same thing same) not digitally done. kind of tense all the time the process because i rarely do traditional anymore and trying not to make mistake XD no undo no edit, especially when inking and when the brush color not that jet black.

won’t do inktober everyday since I’m late and don’t think will able to do it everyday so will do it only for couple of days :>

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8:19 pm // best birthday present ever!! I can fit all 25 of my stabilos, my new mildliners, all kinds of regular pens, sharpie highlighters, erasers, hair ties, my calculator, stickies, white out, bobby pins, paper clips, lead, mechanical pencils, my earbuds, and a pencil sharpener ALL IN ONE CASE!!

13luckyimblessed replied to your post: Organized all my pens. Yes, I know the…

What kind of pens?

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. I bought them senior year of high school and they’re pretty much toast (the tips are pretty run down) but most of them still work so I haven’t tossed them. They’re felt-tipped and 0.3mm.

Zebra Midliner Highlighters. Great because there’s a chisel tip and a marker tip and because they’re pastel instead of in-your-face neon colors. There are 15 different colors in total, I just have one of the 5 packs. But I’ll probably expand haha.

Pilot Juice Gel Pens. I have the 36 pack (started with the 12 pack and sold those to philosonista) and I just love the variety of colors. Plus, since they’re not felt-tip I can write a lot faster with them. I bought the 0.5mm but they also come in 0.38mm and I think also 1.0mm.

Stabilo 68 Mini Pens. Not to be confused with the Stabilo 88 fineliners, these are thicker tipped markers. I think they’re 1.0mm but I don’t remember.

Pentel RSVP. Just my basic, everyday black pen. It has a fine tip which I like because it has less drag, meaning I can write faster, and my handwriting is easier to read than if I used a thicker pen.

There’s different kinds of sadness, and I’ve experienced them all.

There’s angry sadness. This is when something or someone has angered you so much that you’re sad. Sometimes you cry about it. The sadness that comes with it stems from the fact that you got angry at something you feel is foolish now.

There’s crying sadness. This is your-alarm-didn’t-go-off-and-you-missed-the-bus-and-you-failed-your-test-and-your-momma-is-gonna-kill-you kinda thing. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong and you need to cry about it. Crying helps.

There’s heartbreak sadness. Your significant other broke up with you or that cute girl doesn’t like you in the same way you like her. The love you felt wasn’t reciprocated but that’s okay; one day it will be.

There’s grief sadness. This is when your mom finally gave in to cancer and she flatlined. You don’t know how you’ll live without your routine Sunday calls to her to let her know how your week went and that Denise-totally-dyes-her-hair-her-brown-roots-were-showing. But you’ll be okay.

And then there’s numb sadness. This is when the world has finally broken you. Your car broke down and your dog is sick and your boss needs you to grab coffee but all you have to your name is a five dollar bill and nothing is going right. You feel like nothing ever will. You don’t cry anymore; you can’t. But that’s okay, too.

Things get better. After sadness, there’s happiness.

—  advice of mine i need to remember