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I don’t know what happened, honestly..

I just… godd707 gave me this mental image of Deadpool cosplaying Mary Vanderwood the 3rd with this post and…this doodle happened.

And one hour ago, I was promising myself to do more serious drawings… *sigh* I need to lean down on my chair and think about my life…



but like.

can we talk about how crosby had a concussion and burakovsky like caught his head to prevent him from hitting it again???

he is a fucking angel. he’s the team baby but he’s so sweet. ovechkin was like “fuck you crosby idc” and here’s andre like “oh no wait he’s already hurt don’t”


First entry in my new journal! Featured: terrible spelling and drawing for some reason, a Lamy Safari with Diamine Imperial Purple ink, and a Seven Seas Crossfield notebook :) I love the blank top and bottom sections - they’re going to be useful for information keeping and planning!

ID #28895

Name: Julian
Age: 14
Country: Ireland

Hiya! I’m Julian, and I’m a transguy.

My favourite movie is Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and I love series like Little House on the Prairie and Friends!

I speak Irish, English and some German. It’d be great if you speak German because I’d love to practice, although it’s not necessary. Also if you speak any other languages we could teach each other!

I love to read, my favourite series is probably the Inheritance Cycle or the Mortal Instruments.

Music is a big part of my life too, I prefer indie rock or pop but I’m open to anything. Some of my fave artists are Sigrid, AnnenMayKantereit, Tom Rosenthal, Pinegrove, Bilderbuch and Jinsang.

Some of my hobbies are playing keyboard, guitar (badly) and ukulele. I’ve been playing the keyboard for 8 years now and I’m studying to get a teachers diploma!! I really like photography too, I love going to the Botanic Gardens here to take pictures, I’m so lucky I only live 5 minutes away.

Here are some fun facts about me: I’m a Virgo and INFJ-T, I can solve a Rubik’s cube (not very fast, about 5mins), my favourite subject in school is either German or religion.

Preferences: I’d prefer not to use snail mail. Between 14 - 16, any gender or sexuality, no assholes :)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do the RFA x Deaf mc? ;w; <3333

Hello, beautiful stranger! You are request #6, I hope you enojoy it!

Also, if anyone has any other request, please send it, they make me really happy.

Enough talking, I hope you like my hc: 


  • When she saw you for the first time not talking to anyone, she got confused.
  • In the messenger, you seemed really social and charismatic.
  • But then, she walked towards you and started calling your name.
  • You didn’t respond, obviously.
  • “Is she mad at me?”
  • She touched your shoulder and you jumped out of surprise.
  • “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”
  • You saw her mouth moving, but you just couldn’t hear anything at all.
  • She quickly realised how lost you were, and by the time you started doing signs, Jaehee was relieved that she finally got why you didn’t reply right away.
  • You two didn’t have any problem with communication as she already knew sign language, believe it or not, it’s pretty useful in her work.
  • She would be a little worried about leaving you alone sometimes.
  • But that doesn’t mean she won’t, she knows how strong and independent you are, so she trusts you can do anything and everything all by yourself.
  • But one of the firsts questioned she would ask would be: “wait… so you never have listened to Zen’s voice?”
  • “Well no Jaehee, I’m deaf”.
  • She would try to describe his voice, and it would be so cute because she would get more passionate and happier with everything she says about his voice.
  • “Voice of an angel, I truly believe that”. She signed. “It’s such a pity that you can’t hear him”.
  • “I believe you”. You signed back laughing.
  • She smiled fondly, it was a little bit sad that you couldn’t even hear yourself laughing but she would make sure to try to describe every sound perfectly.


  • He was waiting for you at the party.
  • He was looking for you between the large mass of people who attended.
  • When you showed up, Yoosung couldn’t resist and ran to you and said well, hello.
  • You waved awkwardly and smiled at him.
  • He started talking, and you tried really hard to read his lips but it was impossible because he was talking really really fast.
  • At the point he stopped talking, you supposed it was rather because he noticed you were lost or because he asked you a question, you desperately signed “I’m deaf”.
  • He just looked at you not understanding what you were doing.
  • He didn’t know sign language.
  • Seven zero seven, defender of justice at the rescue! 
  • He appeared and told him you were deaf.
  • And the first thing Yoosung did was asking why the hell did seven not say anything.
  • And Seven was like: “lol, I kinda forgot”.
  • “I’m sorry I’m not what you expected, I wish I could hear you, really”. You signed.
  • Seven told him what you said and this poor cinnamon bun almost lost it right there.
  • “Seven! Tell her that it’s okay, it’s not her fault!”
  • Yoosung looked at you sadly, but not because you were deaf, he was sad because he couldn’t communicate freely with you.
  • So Seven would be there to help you.
  • But Yoosung would take sign language lessons in secret so he can surprise you when he is ready.
  • He would be so determined to learn it.


  • Oh god, this guy.
  • At the party, he actually waited by the door so he could talk to you first.
  • When you arrived, he tapped you on the shoulder and you turned around…
  • He was so dumbfounded he started mumbling nonsenses.
  • You tried you read his lips but it was useless.
  • You signed “I can’t hear you, I’m deaf”.
  • He did notice that was sign language, but he didn’t know what you were signing.
  • When you saw his confused face, you took your phone and wrote what you wanted to say.
  • Zen read it and smiled softly.
  • It was quite upsetting though, he had been thinking about the numberless times he would have liked to dedicate you a song or to dedicate you a scene.
  • You decided it was easier to communicate by little texts on papers or on the phone.
  • You went to see him on stage, and even though you couldn’t hear him, his expressions and movements were enough to make you excited and happy.
  • He would be so protective of you, always by your side when you two weren’t at home.
  • And he would always ask you what’s on your mind, whatever it is, he would want to know.


  • The moment he saw you at the party, he shook hands not saying a word.
  • You got distracted and started watching around when he touched your arm.
  • You actually jumped away, it surprised you.
  • He was so confused, and it wasn’t until he started talking and you didn’t reply when he realised you were deaf.
  • He didn’t know anything about sign language, so in order to communicate with you, he hired someone who could help him learn it.
  • It wasn’t easy, it was way harder than he expected actually, but he didn’t give up.
  • He would want to pay for the surgery if there was one, or for a pair of earphones.
  • He wouldn’t leave you alone in a crowd, never, so in every business party he had, he would always hold your hand.
  • It would be quite exciting to communicate with you with signs because it would be difficult for someone to understand what you two were talking about.
  • But from now on, every employee of his company must know sign language.


  • Ha.
  • He already knew you were deaf, and it was really exciting for him.
  • Because he knows sign language, are you kidding? Of course, he knows!
  • So when he started signing back at you, you were so shocked and happy about it.
  • He would never forget the look on your face when you saw him signing back.
  • Buuuuut… You know this tease master, he would definitely use this for jokes.
  • Not cruel jokes, of course.
  • But there would be this times where you were talking with Zen, with a pen and paper obviously, and Seven would appear behind Zen and start signing things like:
  • “Look at me! I’m the cute maid Zen found pretty!”
  • And you just couldn’t hold back your laughter!
  • Zen would be so confused and would check what you read and found so funny lol.
  • But back to Seven, he would invent all kind of devices so you would find it easier to communicate.
  • He would love to describe every sound for you.
  • Like a cat’s meow or the sounds his cars make. His special mission every day would be to make you laugh and then sign you that you have the cutest laugh he has ever heard.
  • temari: im not sure how we can be related and yet you have no fucking taste. its tarantino! you know? the godfather of cinema? and youre really trying to say his movies suck?
  • kankuro: [choking on a huge bong rip] i mean kinda
  • temari: [rolls her eyes while daintily taking a hit]
  • kankuro: like hes a freak with a foot fetish but bc he throws in a sword fight or two in a movie in between a slurry of-
  • temari: oh my god a slurry
  • kankuro: yes a *slurry* of n words ppl think hes some sort of fucking genius
  • temari: i mean you think puella is fucking woke so how much does your opinion actually matter?
  • kankuro: i didnt say puella was woke i said that OBJECTIVELY its a good show and when you examine the use of imagery and contrast it against the motifs presented in-
  • temari: its moe torture bait! its literally just there to get 30 yo men off to a bunch of girls dying!
  • gaara: [sucks on his vape pen for a full seven seconds] can we just put on saw and call it a day
  • kankuro and temari: GORN ISNT CINEMA GAARA
Seven or Never

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: GOT7 / BTS

Category: Humor, fluff 

Word Count: 4,030

Summary:  GOT7 and BTS are rival troops, competing against one another in a wilderness challenge. Chaos ensues.

Originally posted by hyukawaii-af

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