Teen Wolf: Scott/Stiles Fic Recs (Vol. 2)

Apparent Lack of Ceremony by Loz  Scott keeps climbing into Stiles’ bed at night to cuddle. They don’t talk about it in the morning.Rating: E (for sexual content)

Roadside Assistance by autoschediastic  (Basically snuggling for warmth turns into sexy times in the jeep) Rating: E (For sexual content)

Not This Time by castielanderson Scott McCall wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of what happened, but as time goes on, it becomes harder to repress the memories Rating T (For Triggering, suicidal content)

Church of Plaid Shirts by thelaughingmagician The story of how Stiles and Scott share clothes, and how it warms Melissa’s heart.

Even Wikipedia Can’t Answer This by firstbreaths Five times someone thought Stiles and Scott were dating… and the one time they actually were

crooked jaws and curly fries by rories  Things don’t go back to normal for Stiles after the Nogitsune is gone, but Scott is determined to make it as close as possible. aka Scott woos Stiles with chicken nuggets and curly fries.

Love Was Such an Easy Game to Play by TonyStarkIsARobot “I have this headcanon where after his mom dies when stiles is like 10, he finds his dad passed out from too much alcohol and he takes the bottle and hides it in his room. And when the sheriff wakes up he just thinks he finished it but then Stiles and Scott are playing in his room and Scott opens the closet and it’s full of bottles with various levels of alcohol in them and he asks but Stiles just shrugs and Scott knows because his dad used to drink so he helps Stiles empty them without saying anything.”

Stiles can only imagine the pain of remembering each and every one of those years and then realizing that he’d have to spend the next however many decades without her. *Very angsty but worth it*

Unmasked by WriterGirl128  It was the first full moon since Allison died, and Scott was…surprisingly okay. Stiles couldn’t quite figure it out.

Exhale by WriterGirl128  Something dark was brewing inside of Scott. He knew it. He feared it. But he didn’t tell Stiles. Why the hell wasn’t he telling Stiles? OR The one where Scott’s losing control, and can’t hide it anymore.

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So, to celebrate my love for fanfiction and the amazing authors who made them, I made this fanfiction masterpost compiled of some of the best stories I’ve read to corresponding fandoms. Enjoy!


Stidia Centric

Find The Words We’ll Sing In Time by ninjaextraordinaire

Boy, Give Me Twenty To Life by  ninjaextraordinaire

you swoon, you sigh, why deny it by ninjaextraordinaire

She Thinks She Could Get Used To It by Take This To Heart

Lasciviousness by Take This To Heart

Arms by Likecominghome

Wherever You Are by Likecominghome

Back For You by Likecominghome

Drops of Jupiter by Likecominghome

Lips of an Angel by Likecominghome

When You’re Gone by Likecominghome

I’d Lie by Likecominghome

Imperfect by Likecominghome

Sleep Therapy by Likecominghome

Not So Subtle by Likecominghome

Humble Distraction by Hanaellena

Red Thread (The Descent) by abstraction

Wherever You Are by likecominghome

How to Starve a Demon by PenPatronus

one for the road by flowermasters

lessons by ShadowsOnTheMoon

Once Upon A Nightmare by NefarioussNess

These Days I Haven’t Been Sleeping by anemotionaltether

Shattered by wailingbanshee

promise me this: wait for me only by imperfectandchaotic

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Every night a photoshopped picture of Spencer Reid bruised, bleeding, and broken is sent to Hotch, Morgan, JJ, Garcia, and Rossi. It happens so often that eventually the team stops panicking about it. It’s when they let their guard down that Reid goes missing, and the next image is REAL

Who is the unsub, and what does s/he want with Reid? 

(Hurt / comfort, friendship, angst. Reid and Hotch father/son relationship, Reid and Morgan bromance.)

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By PenPatronus

Excerpt 1: 

Garcia turned off the view screen and everyone relaxed when the five photos of Reid’s dead body disappeared. “If this is a devious plan to keep us all from getting enough sleep, it’s working!” Morgan said after a massive yawn.

“My heart can’t take much more of this,” JJ said, clutching her blouse. “Are we any closer to figuring out who’s sending them?”

“I’m more concerned about what’s going to happen when we get to zero,” Rossi said.

“What do you mean?” Garcia asked.

“In the first picture he was missing one finger, in the second he was missing two,” Rossi explained. “Five, five. That’s part of the unsub’s pattern.”

Hotch sat up straight in his chair and intertwined his fingers on the table. “You think it’s a countdown." 

"The question is, what’s going to happen after picture #10?”

Excerpt 2: 

“Spence?” JJ knelt on the floor in front of Reid’s couch, propped her chin on the cushion, and gently cupped his cheek. Instantly she recoiled as if stung. “Spence, you’re burning up!” she cried. The others rose. Rossi turned on the lights. “I think he has a fever,” JJ reported.

Hotch pressed the back of his hand against Reid’s neck, cheek, and forehead. “Reid, wake up,” Hotch said in a gentle tone of voice normally reserved for Jack. “Get some water,” he told Morgan.

“I’ll find some Tylenol,” said Garcia.

Reid stirred when Hotch spoke his name again. “Is it 3 already?” he slurred.

Hotch patted his back. “Sit up for me.” Reid obeyed. He didn’t fight back when Hotch scooted him over so that he could sit at his side.

Excerpt 3: 

“With the luck we’ve had on this case I’ll be lucky if I have dinner outside of this building ever again.” Reid sighed and combed his fingernails through his thick hair. “Aren’t we letting the unsub win, Hotch? Isn’t uprooting my entire life because of a few photographs giving him what he wants?”

“What he wants is you dead, Reid.”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Spencer argued. Reid flipped the photo on Hotch’s desk over and pointed at the three bullet wounds in his own stomach. “If this is what he wants, then why didn’t he kill me the day he took that first picture? And if he really wanted to hurt me then he’d send pictures to my phone, pictures of my mother or Morgan or… or…” Spencer gestured at Hotch while glaring down at his shoes. “…you.”

The Demon Wolf and the Nogitsune: a Teen Wolf FanFic

Summary: Deucalion calls himself a Demon Wolf for a reason, and he’s the only one who knows how to help Stiles with the Nogitsune. But can Scott and Derek trust him? Drama, friendship, hurt / comfort. Written after “Echo House” but before “The Fox and the Wolf.”