The Nogitsune's Tricks in "De-Void"

It was a trick. All of it.

Sorry, but that wasn’t Stiles.

And this isn’t Stiles.

Here’s why:

1) In “The Fox and the Wolf,” the Nogitsune got shot 4 times and it didn’t even phase him. The Oni couldn’t hurt him, Derek couldn’t, and the taser couldn’t, either. When Void-Stiles sliced himself that let the flies out but that was the extent of the damage. If it was worse he wouldn’t have been able to walk out of there. That was a freaking papercut to him.

Which means that he was “faking it” when Lydia and Aiden found him in that parking lot. Which means that he can manipulate what Lydia hears (we saw it before in “Riddled” - the Nogitsune accidentally drew Lydia to Echo House instead of to the coyote den). Would a body in the middle of a lot all night and day not be noticed by anyone else? He didn’t lie down until Lydia was on her way.

Why would he fake that? Like Void-Stiles said in the loft, he wished that Scott was there. Could Void-Stiles hunt down Scott? No. Could he play dead to get Scott to come to him? Yes.

2) The kanima venom wouldn’t work on the Nogitsune. He was faking the paralysis, too.

The Nogitsune can move a body even if that body is dead (as we saw with his first host in “The Fox and the Wolf.”) He doesn’t need to rely on the body’s heart to beat or the other muscles to move. He doesn’t need food or rest. So it wouldn’t make a difference if Stiles’ body was compromised. That wouldn’t stop him.

Why did he fake that? To cause more chaos. Chaos between Melissa and Scott about the secret. To tell Aiden to go to the school for a showdown with Isaac and Ethan. To see what their plans were. They said right in front of the Nogitsune that they were going to go into his head to find Stiles so he had time to plan his defense.

3) Foreshadowing:

Here we see someone playing the game Go against themselves. A tie game.

In the next episode we see the Nogitsune and Stiles playing Go. And it’s a tie game. Stiles let the Nogitsune “in.” If we were really seeing his struggle as a game of Go then he would be losing. Massively.

That’s not Stiles. vs. Nogitsune. It’s just the Nogitsune playing himself. Just a trick. He’s in Stiles head and he can hear what Scott and Lydia are saying, so he knew how to make fake-Stiles react to the howl.

4) Who would toss the boardgame into the air? Stiles the chess player, who’s trying for checkmate, who wins by seeing patterns and predicting his enemy’s next move? Or, the unpredictable, chaotic Nogitsune who wants every player on the board to be mixed up and lost and unorganized?

If Stiles found himself sitting on the Nemeton playing a game with a demon, he’d start to count his fingers to see if he was asleep.

5) That chessboard in Stiles’ bedroom -

We’re trying to find clues in it. Derek is trying to figure out why he’s the king and we want to know why Isaac wasn’t even on the board and why the hell Kate and Jackson are. We’re looking answers in the game when it’s the game itself that’s the clue.

They wouldn’t have given that chessboard a second look if those names hadn’t been all over it. Derek wouldn’t still be thinking about it if he hadn’t been labeled the king. That chessboard is Stiles’ calling card. “I was here.” “I am chess.” “If you see me playing chess, being chess-like, then you know that it’s the real me.”

Stiles is chess and the Nogitsune is Go. The Stiles that Scott howled at was playing Go.

6) The most important question: what is the extent of the Nogitsune’s powers? Did Stiles exorcise him or did he exorcise Stiles? Neither.

The Nogitsune can make them see things that aren’t real (the MRI results, hopefully). He can briefly control others he’s not possessing (Oliver in Echo House). We saw hundreds of flies - where did they all go and who all did they go into (where did the flies go that came out of Barrow during his surgery?). He knows exactly where to hurt and manipulate everyone: Melissa’s secret, Scott’s love for Stiles, Derek’s family, Aiden holding Ethan back, Isaac wanting revenge for Boyd and Erica, etc.

They’re just going deeper and deeper into his trap. Every light at the end of the tunnel is just another layer.

And what’s the very best way to distract Scott and the others so that the Nogitsune can run off with Lydia? How about the supposedly real Stiles coming out of the floor. That’s just another trick. That being could be a clone of the Nogitsune. That being could just disappear. That being could die in Scott’s arms right on the carpet then and there, forcing Scott to give up all hope.

Who gave Jared that bomb on the bus? He said “they,” not “he.” What are Chris Argent’s in-laws doing in town? Who was Malia’s mother? Where’s the raven trickster? Why, if Kira’s mom only had 1 more fox tail, are there 5 Oni walking around?

By the way, I hope I’m wrong. I hope every little theory here is wrong. I want bandaged-Stiles to be the real Stiles. I want him to hug his friends and then go behead his evil twin and - voila - happy ending. The real trickster spirit here is Jeff, huh?


Stiles as Trojan Horse

Theories about the “Teen Wolf” season finale:

Those doors look the same - know where they are?

Full circle, huh?

Is Deaton right? His insights are almost always reliable. The question is, what was the Nogitsune distracting the werewolves from?

I keep thinking about vultures. When a vulture is frightened it vomits up whatever’s in its stomach. Its enemy is distracted by that and it is able to escape. Is Vomited-Up-Stiles just a distraction like the flies?

I thought that the backwards “5” symbol for “Self” was absolute. I thought it was either one way or the other - you’re either possessed or not. But this implies that there can be a mix. There’s more Stiles than Nogitsune in that body that crawled out of the floor. But… how much more? Are we talking 99% Stiles, 1% demon? Or 51% and 49%?

What if Floor-Stiles is 51% Real Stiles and Nogitsune-Stiles is 49% Real Stiles. Is that why he’s dying? Because he’s missing half of himself?

White is the Nogitsune? Not in this scene, supposedly ->

So what does that tell us?

I’m worried that Floor-Stiles is a Trojan Horse that the Nogitsune sneaked behind his enemy’s lines. I’m worried that there’s enough Nogitsune in him that the demon can take over his body again, stab Scott in the back (literally or figuratively) when he least expects it.

Nogitsune-Stiles is playing the game aggressively, that’s for sure. He’s adding more pieces to his side: Floor-Stiles, the Oni, the werewolves he possessed. The Oni certainly seem to be surrounding his enemies in the promos, attacking the vet’s office, the police station and the hospital - all places where Scott’s allies / pieces are.

Hopefully Stiles about to kill himself will end the same way as Scott about to kill himself:

Or, if Stiles kills that body and Nogitsune-Stiles’ body dies at the same time, hopefully both bodies will be demon-free and can combine to make a fully alive, fully human, fully healthy Real Stiles.


So, to celebrate my love for fanfiction and the amazing authors who made them, I made this fanfiction masterpost compiled of some of the best stories I’ve read to corresponding fandoms. Enjoy!


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Teen Wolf: Scott/Stiles Fic Recs (Vol. 2)

Apparent Lack of Ceremony by Loz  Scott keeps climbing into Stiles’ bed at night to cuddle. They don’t talk about it in the morning.Rating: E (for sexual content)

Roadside Assistance by autoschediastic  (Basically snuggling for warmth turns into sexy times in the jeep) Rating: E (For sexual content)

Not This Time by castielanderson Scott McCall wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of what happened, but as time goes on, it becomes harder to repress the memories Rating T (For Triggering, suicidal content)

Church of Plaid Shirts by thelaughingmagician The story of how Stiles and Scott share clothes, and how it warms Melissa’s heart.

Even Wikipedia Can’t Answer This by firstbreaths Five times someone thought Stiles and Scott were dating… and the one time they actually were

crooked jaws and curly fries by rories  Things don’t go back to normal for Stiles after the Nogitsune is gone, but Scott is determined to make it as close as possible. aka Scott woos Stiles with chicken nuggets and curly fries.

Love Was Such an Easy Game to Play by TonyStarkIsARobot “I have this headcanon where after his mom dies when stiles is like 10, he finds his dad passed out from too much alcohol and he takes the bottle and hides it in his room. And when the sheriff wakes up he just thinks he finished it but then Stiles and Scott are playing in his room and Scott opens the closet and it’s full of bottles with various levels of alcohol in them and he asks but Stiles just shrugs and Scott knows because his dad used to drink so he helps Stiles empty them without saying anything.”

Stiles can only imagine the pain of remembering each and every one of those years and then realizing that he’d have to spend the next however many decades without her. *Very angsty but worth it*

Unmasked by WriterGirl128  It was the first full moon since Allison died, and Scott was…surprisingly okay. Stiles couldn’t quite figure it out.

Exhale by WriterGirl128  Something dark was brewing inside of Scott. He knew it. He feared it. But he didn’t tell Stiles. Why the hell wasn’t he telling Stiles? OR The one where Scott’s losing control, and can’t hide it anymore.

Keep reading

The Demon Wolf and the Nogitsune: a Teen Wolf FanFic

Summary: Deucalion calls himself a Demon Wolf for a reason, and he’s the only one who knows how to help Stiles with the Nogitsune. But can Scott and Derek trust him? Drama, friendship, hurt / comfort. Written after “Echo House” but before “The Fox and the Wolf.”


When her throat was raw from screaming and her cheeks were one giant tear, Lydia sagged against Stiles and wrapped his limp arm around her waist. It was like hugging a corpse – he was that cold. And he was dying. Lydia felt his death at the bottom of her lungs – a scream starting to sprout. But his heart beat under her palm. His breaths were shallow but she still felt them against her forehead. She clung to him, burying her nose into his shoulder, her life preserver as waves of sorrow and regret crashed down on her. “Allison,” she hiccupped. And then she begged, to whoever was listening, “Not Stiles, too. Please, please, please not Stiles, too.”

Suddenly, the arm around her jerked. Stiles’ fingers found her dress and rubbed the fabric like it was a security blanket. “Lydia?” he whispered. She looked up, hoping to be greeted by brown eyes, but they were still shut. His cheeks and lips were bleach white and he barely enunciated the words he spoke. “Is everyone – is everyone ok?” Stiles licked his lips and struggled through a deep breath.  

Lydia stifled a squeak. Stiles needed her to be strong. She had to take care of him. Even though he wasn’t looking at her she wiped her tears away and put on a brave face. “Hey, sweetie, we’re going to get you home soon, all right? Everything’s fine.”

Stiles pried open his eyes and Lydia was surprised to see tears in them. “The thing about good liars,” he whispered, his voice trembling, “is that we can tell when others are lying.”

Lydia couldn’t help it: water flooded her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

Stiles squeezed her. “Who?”

“Al-Allison,” she gulped. “She’s g-gone, Stiles. She’s dead. She’s dead.”

Stiles stared, unblinking for so long that for half a second Lydia thought he’d just died. But then his eyes snapped shut, but not before the tears fell. He pulled Lydia against his chest and rested his chin on the top of her head. And he held her, both of them silent, until the sound of footsteps caught their attention.

Lydia twisted around and saw familiar silhouettes at the end of the corridor. “Here!” she croaked. “We’re down here.”

The Scott-shaped shadow leaned against the wall and groaned. “His heart’s beating,” the Derek-shaped silhouette assured him. “Stiles is alive, Scott. Come on.” The two werewolves jogged down the hall – the taller one pulling the shorter one by the elbow.

Derek leapt over Lydia and knelt by Stiles’ side. He immediately laced Stiles’ fingers with his and started to pull out the pain like a loose thread. Scott, with his pale, contorted, not-sure-if-this-is-a-dream face, slid to his knees beside Lydia. He opened his arms to hug her, then noticed the blood on his hands and clothes. Lydia didn’t. She grabbed him around the neck and pulled him close into a group hug, Scott, Stiles and Lydia all wrapped around each other.

“I sh-should’ve tried harder to warn you,” Lydia sobbed. “I sh-should’ve tried harder to escape.”

Scott just shook his head.

“I’m sorry,” said Stiles. “This is m-my fault. All of this.”

“You know it’s not.” Scott cupped Stiles’ cheek.

“I should’ve just – Scott, I should’ve just killed myself when I had the chance—”

Don’t.” One single hot tear dripped from Scott’s eye and landed in Stiles’ lap. “Don’t, Stiles.” His voice cracked.

Stiles shook his head. “I’m sorry… I don’t know, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’ll be ok.” Scott’s mouth suddenly twisted and his nose wrinkled. Lydia rubbed his back as he crumbled around his grief. “I can’t lose you, too, Stiles.” Scott’s voice went up an octave. “I c-can’t!” A heavy part sob, part scream erupted from Scott’s chest and he bowed into Stiles’ embrace, his face squished against the ribs above Stiles’ heart. Stiles took his other hand back from Derek and returned the hug with all of his strength.

“Why don’t you get Lydia out of here,” Derek offered Scott after enough time had passed. “I’ll help Stiles.”

Scott sniffed and nodded. “Bring him to my house so my mom can check him out, ok?” Together, as graceful as newborn fawns, Lydia and Scott helped each other stand up and stumble down the corridor.

When they were alone, Derek took Stiles’ hand again to take away more of the pain. Stiles lolled his head to the side and looked at the werewolf through hooded bloodshot eyes. “Derek,” Stiles whispered, “don’t bother. Pain or not, I’m still dying.” He tried to take his hand back and failed. “Promise me something?”

“What, sour-fox?” Derek forced a small, humorless smile.

Stiles’ smile was genuine. It was also brief. “Look after them for me. Scott, Lydia, my dad… Promise me you’ll take care of them when…” Stiles sighed instead of finishing the sentence. 

Derek grinded his teeth together. “When you’re on vacation?”

Stiles’ chest bounced with a mute chuckle. “You and Isaac need to leave the comic relief to me.”

Derek stared down at the final black rivulets migrating from Stiles’ skin to his. “Think you can walk? At least stand up?”

“Derek…” Derek made himself look into Stiles’ sallow face. “If the only way to kill the demon is to kill me—”

Derek shook his head. “We’re not there yet,” he said.

“Allison’s dead,” Stiles hissed. “If we were ‘there’ an hour ago she’d still be alive.”

Color flooded Derek’s cheeks. “You listen to me,” he growled. “You may be ok with sacrificing yourself but we’re not. I’ve lost too many people I care about and I am not losing you. Now, can you get up or not?”

Stiles no longer had the energy to argue. “I think so. Just – just give me a hand.” Derek gripped Stiles’ fingers and elbow and held him steady as he pushed himself up the wall one step at a time. A frown slid down Stiles’ face and he turned a shade paler. “Ok, maybe I… Maybe I spoke too soon.” Stiles teetered.

Derek thrust his arms under Stiles’ knees and back and scooped him up. Stiles groaned in pain and his limbs went limp. “You tell anyone about carrying me like a bride and I’ll turn your wolf ass into a fur coat,” Stiles muttered before his eyes rolled back into his skull and he passed out.

Derek suddenly remembered something Peter said when Cora was dying, about what was instrumental for healing, and he gently rubbed his cheek against Stiles’ forehead before he carried him out. 

The End





Good Stiles v. Evil Stiles

My 2nd post “De-Void” Theory (I’d usually hash all this out in a FanFiction story but I don’t have time this week, so, another Tumblr post it is).

Let’s say for the sake of argument that the Nogitsune underestimated what the knife would do to him when he stabbed himself. He neglected to realize that he’s in a live host this time and it’s frailer than a machine-like dead body. He really did pass out and really did get paralyzed by the kanima venom. He really would’ve been hurt by Argent’s bullets and the Oni. He couldn’t physically escape when they decided to enter Stiles’ head but he was able to stall them with Allison and the locker scene. The Nogitsune really was surprised when he saw Scott and Lydia in the white room. He truly was defeated and enraged when Stiles stopped playing his distracting game.

He needed to keep Stiles distracted with a game because Stiles is strong enough to pull himself out. The Japanese Nogitsune chose the closest thing to chess that he knew.


The Doppelganger:


How did the original Nogitsune create those MRI readings that looked exactly like Claudia’s? He duplicated Stiles’ brain and permeated that brain with disease. There’s a lot of Pestilence imagery with the flies and sickness.

He duplicated Stiles. There are two minds in that body, two spirits. Eventually, two bodies. When Scott’s howl wakes up Real Stiles he crawls the hell out, taking the new body with him.  


The Stiles from the floor is the real Stiles’ spirit exorcised from the original body. Very much a phoenix metaphor except instead of being reborn from ashes into a new form he’s reborn from bandages (more fire imagery – Isaac wanted to burn the Twins, Derek wanted to burn Chris, etc.). Unfortunately that new form is the one with the diseased brain. Stiles is still dying.


The goal now is to rescue Lydia, and get Real Stiles out of his fake body and get fake Stiles out of the Real Body. Real Stiles will die from the frontotemporal dementia if they don’t. Maybe, while the others are fighting the Oni, Stiles will sneak past them into Oak Creek after Lydia and encounter his evil twin. Evil twin hurts him, leaving Lydia shrieking over his body. (Or Lydia uses her new telepathic powers to shoot Talia’s nails – wtf – into the back of his head.)

Maybe the climax of the season will be a body switch (or not if they won’t re-do the MRI scan). Stiles is saved, hooray, but his evil twin is still on the loose and not at all hindered by the diseased brain. Or Evil Stiles will just die. Or escape with one of those “I’ll get you next time!” chuckles. In season 4 we’ll see Evil Stiles amassing Evil Supernatural Forces to take down Real Stiles and the rest of Beacon Hills. Evil Stiles will be able to pose as Good Stiles with Malia, with teammates, with others outside the loop. Like the game Go it will be black pieces vs. white pieces / armies. And maybe Chris’ in-laws, who want the werewolves dead, will be pro-demon.


Or maybe puked-up-Stiles is what the Nogitsune referred to in his riddle: a shadow. A shadow and nothing more. A shadow that will convince everyone that he is the real Stiles but then he’ll disappear in the sunlight.


Additional side notes: Scott’s facial expressions during all of this is just killer. He loves Stiles so much. Equally killer = Derek standing between Stiles and the Oni and walking up behind him, looking like he was about to shove him out of the way if Chris pulled that trigger.


Speaking of twins – it would be interesting if Aiden was possessed by a Nogitsune and he just puked up Ethan one day. Even more interesting, what if every character gets possessed and vomited out and there’s a Good and Evil Scott, Good and Evil Derek, etc.

I’m concerned that Allison’s taser did nothing to the Nogitsune. Electricity – lightning – fire is Kira’s blossoming weapon and her mom hash implied that she’s the one to defeat him. If he’s immune to her powers then what?

There are 2 types of flies. The ones that came out of Barrow and the ones that came out of Stiles’ body are different. One could control, the other caused chaos. Barrow’s fly got to Oliver in Echo House. When he coughed it up he didn’t pass out like the werewolves did when the Nogitsune’s power over those chaos flies failed. Who else did those flies get in to? Who else in the hospital – Melissa?

 Why take Lydia? As a banshee she can sense death, feel it. Taking her to Oak Creek where hundreds died makes her a buffet for a hungry demon.

Why the hell did Deaton just take home a tiny bit of the Letharia Vulpina? Should’ve scraped the moss off that whole fountain. They need tranquilizers loaded with that stuff.

Will we see Berzerkers sometimes soon? They’ve been mentioned twice.

I love Stiles. Dylan is amazing.