penpals (game)

ID #59436

Name: Chloe
Age: 17
Country: United States 

Hiya! I’m Chloe and I’m pretty much a high school drop-out. My interests are all types of punk music, road travel, tattoos, games, and drawing! I like to make mix CDs of my favorite songs as well.
My favorite bands at the moment are Crywank, Fox Academy, and Man Overboard. My favorite game is Life is Strange (and it’s basically my favorite thing in general).
I’d love to get a penpal to send some cute drawings, mix CDs, and other cute lil things that can relate to what’s happening to me at the time!

Preferences:  17 or older, please! A given but would prefer similar hobbies and interests! I’m very open to people who are learning English as a second language! Very preferred to be a pen-pal via mail!

ID #89466

Name: Kat
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m a night owl who loves to read. I love going out and exploring new places and taking aesthetic pictures of my surroundings, bullet journaling, academics, and finding aesthetic new shops I can hang out in and just read. I love to watch different movies and TV shows, it doesn’t really matter to me if its not in english so long as it has subtitles. A few of my favorites to talk about are politics, tv shows, books I’m currently reading. I’m always looking for something new and interesting to start. Some of the new activities I want to get more involved in are gardening, hiking, baking, playing video games, pixel art, and immersing myself within Latinx-american culture. I basically love trying new things.

Preferences: I’d prefer to talk to someone 18+, who isn’t necessarily conservative, and who’s okay with snail mail and packages being sent to them

ID #91674

Name: James
Age: 9
Country: USA

My name is James and I am almost 10 years old.

My main interest is in YouTube.
I would love to make a channel and become a pro YouTuber.
Another thing I like is…. CATS. I LOVE KITTIES. I have a cat of my own named Elliott (Male). And my sister has a cat named Tipsy (Female).
I like to watch movies. My favorite movies are Moana and like every Marvel movie ever made.
I do Online school in the 4th grade as of right now so I have plenty of time to send letters.
I LOVE food and music. Some of my favorite bands are One Republic, Hollywood Undead and PLENTY of more.
I love Gaming and my favorite games are Minecraft (on my laptop) and Ratchet And clank (on the PS4) and ALOOTTTT of other games oh and i have a cute little Blue laptop and I have Three sisters.

Preferences: Any age, Any Gender, Anyone who isn’t hateful.

ID #84785

Name: Florencia
Age: 18
Country: Argentina 

Hi, I’m looking for someone who could help me to practice and improve my English because I’m not longer taking classes and I don’t want to forget what I learnt. I’d love to help with Spanish!

I’m kind of a introvert, but when i get to know someone I talk a lot. I don’t have many hobbies but I enjoy reading, playing video games (mostly Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm) and watching series and anime. 

Preferences: Any native speaker between 17-25yo. I would only like to talk online.

ID #67661

Name: Shasta
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m from Alaska. I love hiking, camping, pottery, video games and traveling. I want to meet new friends and hopefully do snail mail.

Preferences: I would like people around 18-26

ID #36850

Name: Ryann
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey! My name is Ryann and currently, I’m trying to learn French and German. I do have a bit of knowledge in German but I’d like to become fluent in both languages. Some of my interests include: drawing, painting, traveling, learning new things, playing video games, looking at cute pets (or animals in general XD), watching new shows on Netflix and Hulu, and meeting new people. Oh, I also plan on attending university in the fall to study international business. I wouldn’t mind texting or video chatting anyone. However, if you’d like to send letters and gifts that wold have to wait until I finish moving, wich will be happening in the new few months. Either way, I’m excited to hear from you!

Preferences: I really don’t have many preferences. I would like my pal to be in my age group (17+). But when it comes to other things like race, religion, sexuality, and etc I’m not picky. In all honesty, I welcome people who are different from me, I absolutely love learning about different lifestyles and cultures.

ID #72398

Name: Hope
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello, I’m Hope (but my friends call me Hopeless). I love art, reading, and video games. The rock genre has a special place in my heart. I love everything from Alternative to Heavy Rock. I’m currently getting ready to graduate high school and dealing with learning how to properly adult. I’ve had a few pen-pals before, but since I’m leaving high school soon I would love to get to know more people. I also love to travel and have great adventures with friends, so I would appreciate someone with the same sense of adventure as myself.
Thanks for even taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from someone soon!

Preferences: I would prefer someone 15-20. I’m looking to email or message for a while before eventually exchanging addresses and snail mail.

ID #46334

Name: Sara
Age: 17
Country: Italy

I’m Sara, I’m 17 and I’m the weird kid.
I’ve always been kind of a loner but I’d love to meet new people from all around the world.

I’m really into music and books, I try to be the most open that I can be about different genres so I don’t have a favourite one.
Also, I follow many tv series, including Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Don’t trust the B. in Apt 23 and AHS (I totally adore RuPaul Drag Race as well).
I like videogames too, but I’m more of a casual player (sure thing is I’m not a pro-player). My favourites are RPGs and graphic adventure games.

I’m a language student, so it would be awesome to be albe to talk in different languages. I can speak Italian, English, Spanish, French and I’m up to a bit of Chinese (I’ve been studying it for six months now and I’m eager to learn more).

Preferences: Any age, country, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity and all any other personal preferences you might have are welcomed, just be kind and open-minded.
You can get in touch through e-mail, Tumblr or Facebook

ID #23565

Name: Justyna
Age: 19
Country: Poland

Hey! My name is Justyna and I’m from Poland. I’ve never had a penpal before so I’ve decided to give it a try.
About me? I suck at introducing myself. I’m rather a shy person but after some time I open up to others.
In free time I enjoy watching random tv series, playing guitar, playing games or just sleeping :D
English is not my first language. I’m trying my best not to make any mistakes but I hope you’ll understand me.

Preferences: I’m looking for anybody age 16-28. I’m not interested in snail mail because I’m broke af.

ID #24193

Name: Alan
Age: 19
Country: China

well, i’m in my first year of college and always looking forward a pen pal. i like to exchange my experience with you. i like to travel (i’ve been traveled lot of domestic places ) i like to read (mostly novels ) i like american series (GOT, House of cards, bigbang theory, balabala) i also like movies ….but i believe we can talk more than these .

Preferences: i hope we can talk with english unless you wanna learn Chinese…

ID #63778

Name: Olivia
Age: 15
Country: United States

Hello! Never done this penpal thing before, but it seems cool. I’m 15, your average dog lover, over enthusiastic bookworm, avid Game of Thrones fan, and would love someone who I could practice my French with, or just to be friends!

 - no one over 18 please!
- if you’re anti- LGBT, pro- Trump, or anything similar, please don’t bother

ID #96287

Name: Carolina
Age: 22
Country: USA 

Hi, i’m currently a senior in college with a major in International Studies. My biggest interests are probably anime and video games, it’s because of that that i’ve actually chosen to study Japanese. I watch a lot of american tv (particularly shows based on comic books), and listen to a lot of Korean and Japanese music (tbh I know more about that than I know about American music). I’m also a second generation Latina so I also know Spanish but i’m not very good at it. I prefer speaking or reading it compared to writing it! Unfortunately i’m not the most artistic person so any letters I write probably won’t be the prettiest but I love stationary so there’s that lol

Preferences: I’m going to say i’m fine with anyone choosing to contact me as I assume everyone that looks on here is lovely, I prefer people close in age to me (2 years on either side) but that’s not a breaking point if you’re not!

ID #24090

Name: Kayln
Age: 22
Country: Canada


I’m not entirely sure what to write but some of my interests are: food, games and art. I’m currently in college and hope to work for a taking company one day.

I’m very open minded, honest and a good listener. I’d like to find someone I could talk to daily. Either through text or hand written mail.

I really like to talk about anything. I especially love learning about new things and teaching others all the random information I know.


Preferences: 18-27 is my age preference. I’m okay with all people otherwise (: