Hi! I’m Isaac I’m 17 and looking to talk to new people and possibly make new friends. I live in Canada and am very friendly. My interests are sports fixing cars watching tv video games and food. I sometimes ramble and will talk about anything that comes to hand from tv to world news. My perfect pen pal would be literally anyone who will actually talk to me.
You can talk to me on kik- isaacmarsalis and snapchat- isaac_marsalis!
Thanks for reading and I hope you say hi!


Today in: things I can’t imagine not doing anymore: sending snailmail

I also need more penpals. I already have one from Canada and one from US so I would prefere someone from another country but I’ll be glad if anyone writes me so yeah 😊
I’m 20 and from Czech republic and I can write in english, french or czech. If anyone is interested, please, send me an ask or DM!

Hey, I’m 23, and from NJ, looking for a pen pal to write snail mail, maybe send things, depends on you. I like writing and it just is different on paper. I like key boards aswell, but I find myself on touch screens more and more, so snail mail is a nice break.
I like hiking, kayaking, music (I sing and play guitar) painting and all art forms, and way way more, message me if you want to talk a bit and see if we can get a penpal relationship going


two sides of the same letter 

sent to @glitterrpeachh, who is the most adorable and loveliest penpal I could ever ask for and you should all go wish her a happy birthday since she’s 16 today!!  ❤️


lol, I submitted here quite a few months ago, and alot has changed. And, I didn’t really meet that many people so I’m gonna submit again!

Name: Lili (not my real name but if you ask, I will be happy to share it (: )
Age: 13
Gender: Non-Binary (any pronouns are chill with me)
Sexuality: lesbian

My Personality: honestly, I’m a little weird lmao. but I’m known for being hella funny, and I’m extremely mature. Also, I have depression (and other mental illnesses but I do not feel comfortable enough to share them.), so, if you can’t handle that type of thing, please don’t contact me lol. (And oh yeah, I curse alooot. If your not into that type of thing, I will try to tone it down but it will be hard aha.)


Anime/Manga (I love all kinds of anime/manga, so I don’t have specific faves lol)

Music (my music taste is all over the place, but my main ones are J-Pop/K-Pop and anything made in the 80/90/2000’s.)

Youtube (Onision, The Anime Man, Nigahiga, Jose Ayala, Buzzfeed)

And that’s pretty much it.

I just hope to find someone who’s a fan of ATLEAST one of the things I’ve listed, if not, that is fine. I just want some one who’s loyal, funny, caring, mature, non-judgemental, and overall a good friend. (And I prefer any gender, race, sexuality, etc. but 13-18 year olds please.)

Here’s where you can contact me at:

Snapchat: phantomhiveborn (ignore the name lol)
Tumblr: sailoryour-an-anus

I hope to hear from one of you guys soon! :)

How to find a penpal!

If you’re looking for a penpal, you are not alone! There are a lot of people out there trying to find a penpal! But how do you find these people? 

Well it’s actually kinda easy, if you know where to look! So I’ve made a small list of where to go when you are looking for a penpall!

• I found my penpalls @ InterPals , you can easily create an account and start looking for someone you like to write with! You can even search for age and country, so you will find someone who is exactly what you are looking for!
• There are special blogs on tumblr where you can place an add when you’re looking for a penpall, just have a look at: findapenpal, penship or theplaceforpenpals
• There are lots of people trying to find a penpal asking on there own tumblr blog, try looking for the tag #penpal

Ofcourse there are numerous other ways to find a penpal (if you know a really good one you can name it in the comments) but I think you will find your penpal soon enough with one of the options above!