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Name: Leila
Age: 18
Country: Argentina

Hello, everyone! My name is Leila and I’m a college student in Argentina that’s trying to find out what to do with her life.

I want someone who I can talk to about everything and the other person feels the same with me; since starting college I haven’t been able to make friends because of how shy I am, but it’s easier for me to write to someone instead of speaking; but I love when people write to me to tell me how their day is going.

→ I’m a pretty average teenager, I love to sleep, eat and spend my entire day watching my favorites series, but I love having serious conversations with people about relevant topics.
→ Some of the things I love are: HP (also, I’m a Gryffindor), GoT, Grace & Frankie, Marvel, and honestly a hundred more things but I can’t remember. I also enjoy watching youtubers, (and do some serious shipping)
→ I love animals (sadly, I’m not a vegetarian/vegan) so if you are up to spend some time talking about animals, I’m down for that.
→ I would love to learn about different cultures, hearing how a daily basis is for another person from other country and also tell people about my life in my country

There are a lot more things about me but it would be a lot to just put it in here, but, to summarize everything; I would love to have a penpal who is willing to be my friend!

Preferences: → When it comes to gender/sexuality/race/religion I don’t really care about those, I’m pretty open minded.
→Age: from 15+ would be ok.
→I would like if we talk through email/social media and even send a couple of letters (even if it takes some time because argentinian mailing system kinda sucks)
→I speak fluent Spanish and I’m studying English as well but I can hold up a conversation, just know that sometimes I can mess up my grammar.
→I don’t need any homophobic/racist/islamophobic/etc people in my life, so don’t even bother.

I’m obviously a huge fan of snail mail (as I’m finally replying to all my letters!). I think it’s a fantastic way to interact and connect with other people

You can use any combination of the 50 suggestions below to give your penpal a better idea about who you are. It’s all about sharing and connecting!


  • States and countries you’ve been to
  • People you’d invite to a celebrity dinner
  • Your family members, and something they each like and dislike
  • What you’d put in a time capsule
  • Parts of society that you’d like to change
  • Things you’re really good at
  • Everything you’ve eaten in the past twenty-four hours
  • Things that you do every day
  • Your favourite TV shows, movies, bands, or books
  • The things you’ve dressed up as for past Halloweens
  • Unusual facts about you
  • Things that make you happy
  • Your duties at work
  • What you’re currently seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and feeling
  • What you collect
  • Goals lists for this month or year
  • Times you’ve performed for other people
  • Awards you’ve won
  • Nicknames you’ve had (and how you got them)
  • Sports you’ve played and/or hobbies you’ve had


  • Your favourite colour
  • Your favourite cuisine
  • Your favourite beverages
  • Your favourite season
  • Your favourite word
  • Your favourite number
  • Your favourite holiday
  • Your favourite quote
  • Your favourite blog
  • Your favourite superhero
  • Your favourite Disney movie
  • The type of letters/mail you like to receive
  • The most adventurous thing you ever did
  • Your preferences: hot vs. cold, cats vs. dogs, ketchup vs. mustard, etc.
  • Whether you believe in God, ghosts, aliens, and/or magic
  • Your main mode of transportation
  • How tall you are
  • When your birthday is
  • The last movie you saw in theatres (and how it was)
  • How you would describe your fashion style
  • Your life story in six words
  • What shoes you wear the most of
  • Any fears you have
  • What you were like in high school
  • Weird/awkward dates you’ve been on
  • Something illegal you’ve done
  • Why you like mail and how you got into it
  • The silliest thing you did in the past week
  • What you would wish for right now
  • Something funny or cute your pet did

20082017 • 3rd week of Aug • 🎧 : Walk You Home - NCT Dream》
This week hasn’t 🐝n the best but I’m determined to make next week better! This week’s spread ft. some Polaroids and my mini package for bonie 🙈 (open for better quality xx)

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Drarry AU idea

Ok so like…. imagine if Draco had gone to Beauxbatons for real

  • he and Harry still meet at Madam Malkins, but instead of talking down to Harry, Draco is just rambling about how excited he is to move to France and go to his fancy new school
  • “Wow, Beaxbatons sounds much better that Hogwarts.”- Harry “Oh, it is. But it should be fine at Hogwarts. As long as you’re not sorted into Hufflepuff.”- Draco
  • And when Draco has to leave Harry asks his name and Draco, of course, responds, “Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” And Draco holds out his hand and Harry takes it. Harry introduces himself as well and Draco is freaking out internally because “Ohmygosh it’s Harry Potter, my celebrity crush and hopefully future husband” but to Harry he just says “Nice to meet you, Harry.” and then runs off to tell his mother all about it
  • Harry and Draco don’t meet again until the next summer in Diagon Alley. Draco watches silently as his father insults Harry’s friends and secretly gives Ginny the diary, but once Lucius leaves, Draco says “Hi, Harry. Sorry about my father, he can be… high strung. We’re still friends aren’t we?” Harry’s ambivalent, but he agrees, “I guess so.” Draco smiles like it’s Christmas morning and tells Harry, “Owl me.”
  • Harry doesn’t plan on writing to Draco- he’s still wary from seeing how awful Lucius was, but Draco writes him so often (Like, once a week) that he eventually gives in and writes back.
  • Harry and Draco become close friends through their letters and remain penpals through third year
  • Both are ecstatic when they realize they’ll get to spend fourth year at the same school
  • Harry being jealous when Draco flirts with Durmstrang boys
  • Draco being concerned and comforting when Harry is chosen as the fourth champion
  • Neither willing to admit that they have the biggest crushes on each other
  • And then, when yule ball comes around, Ron is talking about how he heard Oliver Wood and Marcus Flint were going together, and Harry’s like, “You mean two boys can go together?!” and immediately runs off to find Draco and ask him to the ball
  • Draco says yes and offers to lead since Harry is terrible at dancing
  • They have their first kiss under some mistletoe the day after the dance
  • They date for the rest of fourth year
  • Draco is Harry’s person at the bottom of the lake
  • Draco feels awful about leaving at the end of the year, especially after what Harry’s been through, but he has to go
  • Harry insists that it’s fine, that they’re fine, that he’s fine, but after that his letters are less frequent and never include anything too personal
  • By the end of fifth year, Harry stops writing altogether 
  • They don’t meet again until Harry is brought to Malfoy Manor during the war
  • Draco, who’s home on break, is asked to identify Harry because “You were friends in Fourth Year, weren’t you, Draco? Go ahead, look at him.” But Draco lies, “I have no idea. Potter and I were never very close.”
  • At the battle of Hogwarts, Draco sees Harry go into the room of Requirement and he follows him. He tries to convince Crabbe and Goyle that they’re in over their heads, but Crabbe still casts the Fiendfyre and Harry still has to save Draco
  • Draco formally thanks Harry for saving his life after the war, at his father’s trial, and Harry reminds him that he did the same for Harry. Draco nods and is about to walk away when Harry catches his arm and says, “Owl me.”
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Name: Damian
Age: 21
Country: Mexico

So… I don’t know exactly how to do this post… I’m Damian, 21 years old and I like musicals, I speak Spanish and English and do what most 21 years old do…
Seriously though I love musicals! If you want to hit me up with musical rants and musical love or theatre in general I’m all about it!
Also, I LOVE politics, seriously ask me about mexican politics, tell me about politics in your country… PLEASE.
Also I start talking a little but when I get confident, get ready for essays about why I love yogurth.

Preferences: I’d prefer online mail, and I have no problem with age! I’m LGBTQ friendly.

ID #42285

Name: Elizabeth (Liz)
Age: 17
Country: USA

Well I’m a pretty geeky person. I like reading,(although I don’t do much of it anymore)playing video games,(Xbox one and Pc) watching anime,(in need of new suggestions) and I also love to draw, it’s my passion. I doodle almost every day.(or at least try to lol) I craft and all that fun stuff. I’m a senior in high school who is trying to be less awkward. I’m new to the whole pen pal thing but I think it’ll be fun and help with my awkwardness. I’m also bi, so that’s a thing lol. But yeah that’s pretty much it.

Preferences: I’d say 15+ and any gender


So I’m looking for a long distance book buddy, like a pen pal, but instead, we send fantabulous reads to each other, with cute hand written letters. Send me a message if interested and we can be friends! ☺️💕

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ty for 2k loves!

guess who got a kankennnnn~ im so in love with it and im so happy heheheh

i was hoping for another typhoon but i guess not, maybe there will be one tmr morning?

i spent the day at my tutor then at home finishing math and design tech homework (tho tbh i just wrote letters to my pen pals and watched a show)

OH YEAH if you’re interested in becoming my pen pal hmu! i have a instagram for it, its @staemail 

so find me there if ya want, or just dm me im fine with anything 

ID #32859

Name: Smilte
Age: 18
Country: Lithuania

hello there, I’m Smilte from Lithuania and I would love to have a pen pal because I haven’t done this thing before!
I’m an open-minded, tolerant and positive person, so I really like meeting new people from all over the world!! next year I’ll finish school and I like doing sports (basketball, volleyball), reading books (I’m a big fan of HP), traveling, climbing to the mountains, spending time in nature, taking photos, learning new languages, watching movies and tv series (GOT!!) and I’m trying to play guitar. I love watching sunsets or the night sky and listening to music - I listen different kinds of music but rock is my favourite one.
In this time of my life I’m trying to find myself and a path of my life, I have plans to study at university in Denmark but not really sure about it, I’m just sure that I will try to do my best to reach my dreams!
I’m a happy person because I won a battle with my depression and anxiety, so if you have any problems, we can also talk about it. Anyways, you will get to know me better when we will start communicating:)
I’m looking for friends to have deep conversations with, we can talk about anything (space, culture, politics, fashion etc.), soo I’m really excited to make new friends, feel free to write!!

Preferences: don’t have any, just someone around my age (16 and more). I’m open to all nice people here!


recent snaps of my productivity challenge from my studygram. sorry i’ve been a little inactive in this blog, been making plans and doing a lot of homework lately but i’m okay 🌻

have you heard? @penfriendco’s accepting membership applications until june 30th! it’s what i’ve been setting up this past three days and it would mean a lot if you joined. who knows, maybe you’ll find a new friend to keep by using my platform :–)

how’s your week so far?