Searching for internet friends and penpals!

Hello! My name is Lara, I’m 16 and I live in Croatia. I can speak English, Croatian and a little bit of German. I’d like to meet an internet friend who I can talk to every day and maybe meet when possible. I’m a good listener and I’ll be there for you. I like art a lot. I mainly listen to indie and alternative but it all depends on the song so you can send me your music. I won’t judge you and I promise I’ll be there for you. You can text me on tumblr (stuckinherdaaydream) or dm me on instagram (ich.bin.laraa). Have a lovely day! :) 

I’m returning home for University this weekend so that means I’ll be finally back on Youtube complaining about things, which my three viewers may or may not be happy about AND I’ll be replying to my penpals! 

my mom had a penpal from wales when she was 9 who wrote her:

“when i know a little more about you you will soon be my second best friend. at the moment some unpleasant girl called —– is my second best friend. i dont like her much so please hurry up and take her place”

hey cool cats

my name is frankie, i am 17, and i live in washington state!  i am transmale and pansexual.  i only speak english.

some of my interests:

i love my baebae, but i also love mac demarco.  i also like cooking vegan things, reading, and doing artsy stuff, or even art in general.  i also love indie movies and bands.  and honestly, indie movies are just so unique and great?  like frank (w michael fassbender), electrick children, and a lot more others.  

i guess my perf pen pal would be someone who’s super chill and lives in the US!  also, pleasepleasepleaseeeaseeeee only snail-mail penpalling!  thanks :)

if you’re interested, you can message me on my blog!: mac-demarc-gogh

So I want to give away about 400 Pieces of art

So I have a massive stack of art That I would like to give away to anyone who would like to be a penpal with me. So here’s the deal, I love mail and love to get mail and I figure I can send some back. so:

Send me a postcard, and I will send you 3 pieces of art

Send me a letter, and I will send you 5 pieces of art

Send me a story, and I will send you 7 pieces of art

Send me a Map, and I will send you 10 pieces of art

Send me a photo (artsy), and I will send you 15 pieces of art

Send me some of your own art, and I will send you 20 pieces of art

You can inquire into it HERE

I can send art anywhere in the world, and every piece of mail I get I will send something back.

I will pay for my own postage to send you my response

You only have to pay for your postage to me

I really have all this art, and I would like to send it to you guys!

Make sure you have a return address (preferably in North American style of postage)

anonymous asked:

omg au where dave and karkat become integalactic pen pals at a young age, dave because of a school outreach project and karkat to learn human speak because he wants to live on earth someday, and they become best friends and then during dave's senior year karkat arrives at his high school as an exchange troll and they go to college together and fall in love and all of that beautiful fluffy shit


karkat who has plans to have the striders as his host fam so dave who has his license by then drives to the airport w a big ol sign w some lame alien joke on it like welcome 2 earth take me 2 ur leader or smtn and a bad drawing of karkat on it and o my gosh them meeting face 2 face for the first time like daves coolguy facade is out the window and he fkn scoops karkat up in this big hug like DUDE UR SO TINY and karkat aint even mad bc DAVE ITS RLLY U 

o no the strider apartment is v small and the couch is dangerous so karkat would naturally stay in daves room right,, mb they got a makeshift recooperacoon w sopor in prep for karkat and its like alongside daves bed so they can lay beside each other and just talk about stupid shit and o no

dave laying @ the very edge of his mattress and karkat looking up @ him from his lower sopor trough and the moonlight thru the window catching in karkats eyes and dave is starting to rethink everything bc karkat ur 2 pretty wtf the fuck

karkat who is entirely enamored with daves pale skin and white hair and his freckles and how delicate his everything is and hes so protective of it all bc dave u could get hurt so easily i will be ur strong bf (brofriend) and keep u safe for forever

omg bullies going 2 pick on one of them and karkat TEARS INTO THEM verbally and its so fkn great o my gosh

highschool ends and karkat is told he can go home now and he hides the letter for a few weeks until they call the strider residence like yes hello pls return our troll and karkat who just blurts what if i want to stay? bc he and dave are already doing research on colleges; dave forgot karkat has to go back and karkat was forcing himself not to think about it

so ofc he has to go thru immigration shit but since the world is warming up 2 trolls hes allowed to stay and o man him and dave finding a college that will accept trolls, even tho dave is smart enough to go somewhere way more prestigious, and they bunk 2gether and are just super cutesy and then it starts getting romantic ahhhh

them as kiddies having gotten like one of those best friend necklaces thats in two parts and dave sent half 2 karkat and tHEY BOTH STILL HAVE THEM when they go to college and they hang them up 2gether when they find out the other still has his and its so cute ok theyre so fkn cute and everyone on campus thinks theyre already together when they move in

they banter like a married couple bc they know each other so freaking well and its just,,, bless u anon im so into this rn i love this au so fkn much h el p

Name~ Dakota (this is my online name, I am not ready to give out my real name) 

Age~ 15 (soon 16) 

Country~  USA 

About Me~ I like writing, reading, photography, art, and being with my friends and family.  I only speak English, but I want to learn ASL. One of my favorite things to do is meet new people be it in person or online. Some the best things in the world is a good book and a  good cup of tea, when it rains and I run outside and dance in the pouring rain, finding beauty in the strangest places and capturing it with my camera, and finding writing inspiration in the worlds spoken to me.  I don’t care about your religious beliefs or sexual orientation as long as your open-minded. ^_^

My perfect pen pal~ Some one who is open to anything. Some one who would share their thoughts on my writing/photography and give me advice when I need it.  Who ants to share their experiences with. I would like my pen pal to be 15-17, and from anywhere around the world.  

So contact me on these platforms: 

Kik- DakotaWithBlackWings 

Tumblr- dakotawithblackwings 

Aren’t these just the cutest stickers ever? A close-up of the charming hand-drawn happy mail stickers I received from my very talented friend @craftmakesmile. I got one set to use for my next batch of letters and one set to hoard 😉 Thank you Ann! 😘 #illustrations #doodling #doodles #handmade #crafting #stickers #penpals #happymail #snailmail #pens #sendmoremail #handwriting #handlettering #type #typography #lettering #lettering

karkat not at all understanding human schools so hes attached to dave completely the entire time right. like in class he leans against daves shoulder so he can see what hes doing, reading his notes and asking him to explain english words he doesnt understand (o man esp dave answering quietly in alternian and kids swivel in their seats bc holy shit hes speaking troll)

karkat who isnt rlly asked to do much work himself because its a shitty public school and it doesnt really matter to them??? as long as karkat isnt picking fights or w/e its not their problem

them eating lunch together and karkat actually enjoying shitty cafeteria food bc its closer to what he was served back home lmfao

karkat in gym class in like a hand-me-down outfit from dave and big clunky shoes and no clue how these human games work but like HELL hes going to get beaten by some fuck with pimples all over his face and a bad attitude



It’s official! Haha!

Hey there lovelies!

Here is it - my interview with my pen pal Alyssa who I met on my blog: findteenpenpals! Is this real?! About exactly 2 years ago, I had the idea on this blog now I sit here and infront of there is a video how I met my pen pal through this website! Wanna know a crazy fact about me and my pen pal? We only knew 8 days when we first met! 4 days after we started talking my mom told me that she will take me to New York! An other 4 days later, I was already in New York - only been in the city for about 5 hours when I met my pen pal!

I’ve gotten a few messages through these two years! I am not the only one who met their pen pal on here and who met them in “real life”! If you have a pen pal story - I would LOOVE to hear about it!

Anways.. also make sure to check out Alyssa’s video after you watched mine! Because on her video - I also answerd 10 Questions!  

My video -

Alyssa’s video -


P.S. German Subtitles available on my videos :)