two dorks peno+punchnello // olltii + hash swan height difference // ignito just like “can i go home”

Producers Roles on SMTM6 pt.2
  • Tiger JK: The uncle who threw the party and is very proud of the party but not the guests.
  • Bizzy: Akward uncle that wishes to leave the party before it even begun.
  • Choiza: Strong enthusiast of the strong contestants.
  • Gaeko: Hypes himself up???
  • Jay Park: Small and bitter and salty- he was forgotten.
  • Dok2: War Veteran of 3 years now... Life is tough for him, but he seems to enjoy it
  • Zico: Peno-oppar
  • Dean: An unexplained marriage occured between him and a couch- people don't talk about it.

171001 ZICO’s Instagram Story

Zico: “Dean got new whip. Peno got new whip. SKRRRRRRRR”

*that piece of paper tells us fanxychild (ALL 6 OF EM YAS refer to the other 171001 ig story post) met last night to hang out and plan for the song lineup for The Cry on Oct 14 ITS GONNA BE LIT, FINALLY FANXYCHILD COMPLETE ON STAGE

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Hey mama-peno, have you listened to any good songs that remind you of seven or jumin lately? I want music and I'm missing my boys lol. Hope you're doing well

Mmmhm! Always haha. You can find more on my MM themed spotify where I have playlists for each character I keep adding to—> HERE 


  • You Fckn Did It (live)- Jason Mraz***this a good one!!!! LOL
  • Caroline- Aminé
  • Disc Space- CVLTVRΣ
  • We Can’t Be Friends- Dream Koala
  • Pull- Spooky Black ***this a good one!!!! 


  • I’m Better (feat. Lamb)- Missy Elliot, Lamb 
  • Let Go (feat. Veronika Redd) [Original Mix] - Ark Patrol, Veronika Redd
    • I have become obessed with this song lmao 
    • Step out of the car
      Head into the bar
      It’s nothing new as far
      As you’re concerned

      Wonder who to blame
      Your father was the same
      Always playing games
      And never backing down

      You stare at her face
      Wondering how to phrase
      Your invitation home
      You’re just a little boy

  • The Way She- Tomppabeats
  • Long Espresso- o k h o, Saito
  • Better Man- James Morrison
  • Passcaglia- Jóhann Jóhannssen 



  • I’d like to walk around in your mind- Vashita Bunyan

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Mama peno I need your help omg I've found out that there is a very attractive boy going to my new school next year and I'm honestly so in shock because this boy fucking looks like the concept version of yoosung how do I even react to this I have no idea how I'm supposed to deal with this situation

c-concept…..yoosung.….my weakness……….my friend if you do not approach and ask him for coffee or froyo or something I will be disappointed hahaha TALK TO HIM! 


Person: Penomeco

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 642

requested by anon

The sun was out and shining yet you were still in bed, cuddling and snuggling with a stuffed duck. You checked the clock to see the time, 11:30 am. 

 "Oh sh*t!“ You scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and washed your face like a mad person, then you ran back into your room to get changed. You changed into a white t shirt and jeans then slipped on socks. You checked the time once again, WOW high score, all that done in 10 minutes. You grabbed your makeup bag, phone, and went to wear your shoes then out you went. 

 10 minutes later- 

 You were waiting for your order at Starbucks. Finally 5 minutes passed and you got you order, 2 different drinks. You checked you phone, it was 11:56, only 4 minutes to get to the studio. You went to the next building and started running up the stairs luckily it was only on the 2nd floor, so you could get there on time. You promised you’d meet the Dongwook at noon in his studio, yesterday. 

“Hey oppa!!!” You yelled out to the bodies in the room. 

 "Oh Y/N I didn’t know you were going to come today!“ Zico waved at you. Zico was always the energetic one, always happy to see you. 

“Oh you guys are—ugh I’m out of breath,” You were inhaling and exhaling deeply. Penomeco came over to you and grabbed the drinks, Great, you thought, think about food over your g/b/f who’s soul nearly left their body. You went went over and sat down on his seat. 

 "Why are you sitting on my seat?“ Penomeco exclaimed after picking up his drink. You walked near and started to poke you all over, making you jump around. 

 "Y/n…you only got Peno a drink? Why about us?” Zico walked into your conversation. Before you can tell him the reason, Zico had interrupted,“ oh right you two are an item, of course.”

 "Ya stop flirting in front of us, geez” Crush said, sadly he recently broke up with his S/O, it breaks his heart seeing someone talk about love. 

 "Aww. I’m so jealous, I wish I had a girlfriend who’d have the consideration to buy me a drink!“ Millic said, he can over to you and started patting your head,” You should break up with Peno and be with me. I have more time then him.“ 

 "Ya don’t touch her like that!” Peno slaps Millic’s hand. 

 "Ohhh~~ someone’s jealous,“ Dean yelled out clapping his hands, looking like a seal.(sorry Dean, love you!

 "Millic don’t play with that boys heart, isn’t this his first relationship? he’s still a rookie.” Crush crying-ly laughed. How does he say that type of thing when he’s heartbroken. What am I going to do with these guys, you thought, but you kept quiet the whole time. 

 "Probably a rookie in….you know what too!“ Zico cried out at his comment. It made you choke just hearing it. The other three started laughing too. You turned around to see Dongwook covering his face in embarrassment. 

 "Shut up guys!” Peno yelled out at the boys. 

 "Oh maybe he is since he’s telling us to be quiet,“ Millic laughed like a hyena. 

"I can’t believe you guys, I’m going—” For the second time you got interrupted by Zico. Least don’t go anywhere stay with us.  He came over and gave you a tight hug,“ I haven’t seen you in like years." 

"Okay Zico—-, you saw her two days ago and second, hand off y/n,” Dongwook ripped Zico off of you. Dongwook grabbed you hand and dragged you to the door, and turned back at the boys, “ Don’t follow us, we have a date today. I don’t think I didn’t notice you guys stalking us last week.”

Note: I haven’t wrote anything in the longest time.

Pur ti miro
Pur ti miro

Monteverdi, L’ incoronazione di Poppea, SV 308 - Pur Ti Miro

Michael Francis, London Symphony Orchestra

Natasha Marsh, soprano ; Fernando Lima, countertenor


Pur ti miro, Pur ti godo,
Pur ti stringo, Pur t'annodo,
Più non peno, Più non moro,
O mia vita, o mio tesoro.

Io son tua, tuo son io
Speme mia, dillo, dì,
Tu sei pur l'idol mio
Sì, mio ben, Sì, mio cor, mia vita, sì.

English translation :

I gaze at you, delight in you
embrace you, wind you in my arms.
I strive no more, think no more of death,
O my life, my treasure.

I am yours, yours am I,
my dearest, say it, say
you are the idol of my heart,
oh yes, my love, my heart, my life, oh yes.