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Okay so, I have been waiting for the new IT movie for probably over a decade (whenever they first started rumors of remaking it), so the fact that part 1 is coming on September 8th gives me massive feels. The original TV movie is one of my all time favorite movies, and I have probably seen it hundreds of times since I was like three.

I had it taped, and watching it was always an awesome experience because not only did I have the movie, but all these nostalgic commercials from 1990. God, I wish I still had that tape!!!

Anyway, I love the movie and the book. I am a sucker for camaraderie stories. And the fact that Finn Wolfhard is in it makes me want to cry because he was so great in Stranger Things.

I really, really hope the movie translates well onto screen (because let’s face it, as terrifying as the TV movie was, the ending was awful). I also hope the new Pennywise lives up to Tim Curry’s portrayal. I really don’t think anyone could top that performance.

Ugh, I cannot wait!!! Five more months!

30 Day Challenge - Stephen King (catch up part 1)

So I’ve been having loads of work done at the house so I’ve not actually been able to update this for a few days! But without further ado - here are about 4 days worth of questions and answers!!

DAY 20 What is your favorite King movie or mini series? Your least favorite?

Pretty easy this one as I only watched it the other day. The Mist. It’s just got EVERYTHING right! Even expanding on the ending and just ripping the feels right out of your chest. Least favourite… It. I can hear a collective GASP! But hear me out - I LOVE IT. The book. I love everything about it, easily one of my favourite books (currently having a re-read as well.) Before I’d read the book, I loved the mini-series. Now…. not so much. I like what the did a little, but I generally just get quite pissed off at how much they changed. I’m a total purist and I am definitely one of those people that want a 300 hour mini series, with EVERYTHING  from the book :P

Will say though - they got Pennywise The Clown right with Tim Curry and the kids are all brilliant actors, sadly the rest of the miniseries just really really annoyed me. 

DAY 21 What King story would you love to see made into a movie (or remade)? Any cast ideas/wishes?

I’d love a Rose Madder movie. I think with a 3.5 hour movie (or a 3 part mini series) they could do wonders with it. I’m not sure who would be a good casting for it, but I think with the right visuals that it would make a seriously epic fantasy movie. 

DAY 22 King likes to pop up in his movies/mini series; which of King’s on screen appearances is your favorite?

Oh the one in Rose Red. Seriously just made me chuckle.