This clown has been seen over the past few weeks around Mansfield, Chesterfield and Doncaster, I haven’t seen a post about it on here and I really want people to know about it.

Okay so first of all besides it being really frickin creepy to begin with (designed to look like pennywise the clown) it has been roaming the streets at night time, it was started out by a student film director who was doing it for fun, but it has sparked a few people to take it farther.

Some of the clowns have been tapping on windows, trying to get children out of the house (Reportedly) also it is believed that some of them have knives and are marked as dangerous.

Please please please if you live in these areas or know someone who does, especially of they have kids, could you signal boost this? I just really want people to be safe!!


Horror Movies Art by Cristiano Siqueira aka CrisVector