Until your mid-twenties, you’re still growing up mentally. It’s fair to say there’s a bigger difference between twenty and twenty-five than between twenty-five and forty in terms of who you are, how you relate to your work, and what you want out of it. Playing Pennywise will change my life and career forever. It’s going to change my path. And who knows where that path might lead me?

Happy Birthday Bill Skarsgård! (August 9th, 1990)

bill denbrough, probably: these are my boys. trash boy, noodle boy, farm boy, wheezy boy, squishy boy, boat boy,,

bill, gesturing vaguely to beverly: tiddy boy


Bill Skarsgård for GQ Magazine, July 2018 issue | credits to @GifsOfSkarsgard on Twitter for the photos 

IT / The Losers Club: (1990) / (2017/19)

> Bill Denbrough

• Jonathan Brandis / Jaeden Lieberher (Young)

• Richard Thomas / James McAvoy (Adult)

> Beverly Marsh

• Emily Perkins / Sophia Lillis (Young)

• Annette O'Toole / Jessica Chastain (Adult)

> Ben Hanscom

• Brandon Crane / Jeremy Ray Taylor (Young)

• John Ritter / Jay Ryan (Adult)

> Richie Tozier

• Seth Green / Finn Wolfhard (Young)

• Harry Anderson / Bill Hader (Adult)

> Eddie Kaspbrak

• Adam Faraizl / Jack Dylan Grazer (Young)

• Dennis Christopher / James Ransone

> Stan Uris

• Ben Heller / Wyatt Oleff (Young)

• Richard Masur / Andy Bean (Adult)

> Mike Hanlon

• Marlon Taylor / Chosen Jacobs (Young)

• Tim Reid / Isaiah Mustafa (Adult)


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