pennyroyal tea

hippieto asked:


Send me “Hey” and I’ll put my Itunes on shuffle and make you a 10 song playlist.

  1. Dreams - Fleetwood mac
  2. Cryin’ - Aerosmith
  3. Knockin’ on heaven’s door - Bob Dylan
  4. The scientist - Coldplay
  5. Smoke on the water - Deep Purple
  6. Gotten - Slash ft. Adam Levine
  7. Pennyroyal tea - Nirvana
  8. Always - Bon Jovi
  9. Imagine - John Lennon
  10. Miss world - Hole

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love perform at the Rock Against Rape Benefit at Club Lingerie in Hollywood. September, 1993.

Love played two new tunes, “Doll Parts” and “Miss World,” on heavily fuzzed electric guitar and was then joined onstage by Cobain, whom she introduced as “my husband, Yoko,” and later quipped, “Kurt is leaving me for Winona.”

The pair played an intense acoustic version of “Pennyroyal Tea,” off of Nirvana’s new album, In Utero, and then closed with a rousing cover of folk-blues legend Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

Watch a small clip here. Listen to ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ & Pennyroyal Tea here.