06.02.18 // hey y’all!! i just ordered the first proof copy of a project i’m working on and i’m so excited!!! it’s a poetry book but it’s just gonna be a gift but i can’t wait to see how it turns out :) anyway school is p much out!!!! rly excited for the summer and all the new adventures it’ll bring :)!!!

7.13.18 // 11:00am // jump

idk i just wanted to make some art. i also listened to the acoustic version of jump by julia michaels about 100 times. seeing that i’ve never been in a relationship, i can’t really relate much but it. is. so. good. ok bye now. xoxo, m

also why does tumblr kill the quality of my photos every. single. time.

i’ve compiled a masterpost of tips that i have reblogged over the past few months and i thought it would be easier to have it all in one place. none of these posts are by me! huge thanks to everyone that has created these tips.


how to



study tips



09.29.18 // hello, everyone!!! i’m back from my accidental, like, month hiatus lmao!! changing up some things because everything is changing but usually in good ways & i’m very glad to be back! i’m already really busy but i still really want to keep creating things so. stay tuned i love u all

12.30.17 // 5:30 pm // new year’s resolutions!

i know i’ve been super mia recently but school was crazy busy and then there were the holidays and stuff but i’m back! i’m usually not really one for new year’s resolutions, but i’ve been thinking of making for for 2018 so @thank-yew‘s suggestion was perfect! i’ll be sharing my resolutions and some resolution suggestions if you’re looking for any resolution inspiration! xoxo, m


1. have my middle split by the end of the year (stretch at least 3x a week)

2. draw/letter at least once a week

3. drink more water!!!

4. moisturize after every shower + apply lip balm at least every day (i have really dry skin + lips whoops)

5. exercise (outside of dance rehearsal) at least once a week

6. read at least 1 book a month (tb to when i’d read 1 book almost every day)



- drink more water 

- eat healthier (more specific goals: eat more fruits/vegetables, eat less fried food, eat fewer sweets)

- take your vitamins every day (vitamins are good for you!)

- exercise more (specific goals: 30 min of yoga/pilates every other day, run # of miles a week, # of crunches every day etc)

- meditate every day when you get up/before bed

- journal every day when you get up/before bed (or even every week)

- turn off all electronics 30 min before bed

- wake up/go to sleep at a certain time every day

- save # of dollars a week/month (you could use it for purchase to reward yourself, a trip you’d like to take, or just to have in case of emergencies)

- clean your room/desk once a week

- read # of books a month

- take 30 minutes of “me time” at least once a week

- create less waste (fewer takeout boxes/plastic bottles/plastic utensils etc)

- cook a new recipe (or just cook) once a week/month


- start studying/reviewing for a big test 2 weeks in advance

- make flashcards/review notes the day after the lecture (or you could wait a week for example if you feel like relearning after a while is more helpful)

- file away old homeworks/tests when you get them back instead of just tossing them somewhere random

- keep your notes organized in a designated binder/notebook for each class 

- annotate/correct your homeworks + tests when you get them back using *your thought process* instead of just copying from a key

- form a study group in the first few weeks of class for each class

- don’t be afraid to ask for help (go to office hours, peer tutoring etc)

- start your homework asap (or at least look over it so the amount of work required for it doesn’t surprise you the night before its due)

- watch tv shows/read books in your target language (ex: one of each a month)

- interact with your target language (flashcards, duolingo, talk to someone) at least once a week

bullet journal/art:

- open your bujo at least once a day (and yes this is something i struggle with)

- sketch once a day/week

- try a daily/weekly art challenge

- try a daily/weekly lettering challenge

- review your bujo set-ups/spreads once a week/month and change what isn’t working

- draw something new/out of your comfort zone at least once a week/month

things to learn (practice them once a day/week):

- coding (java, python, c++ etc)

- CAD (fusion or solidworks)

- an instrument (ukulele, piano, guitar, etc)

- drawing

- sculpting (w/ polymer or full on ceramics)

- the adobe creative suite (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, audition etc)

- dance (ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, hip hop)

- photography

- needle felting

- beading

- cooking

- sewing/knitting/crocheting

- a new language

** there are so many resources online to help you learn so honestly all you need is the internet and some determination!



hi everyone!!!! my super talented friend made a video where she annihilated procrastination i hope you enjoy it :) 

[check out her channel here!!!]

7.24.18 // 9:30am // starting a semester without shooting yourself in the foot

hola! recently got an ask from an anon about how to start the new semester so here it is. (sorry for the early back to school posts but like? winter is coming? yeah sorry donโ€™t watch game of thrones) xoxo, m

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Hey everyone! We’ve seen a few studyblr directories lately and some awesome pages with a recompilation of the tracks some blog track, and we thought it would be a good idea to combine these concepts and create a page when you can find studyblrs from your same country, same studies or just find some tags to tag your posts!

How to be in the directory:

  • Fill THIS form with the info you want to be shown in the directory
  • Reblog this post to spread the word

Easy right? We’ll be doing the page in the next days and updating it at least once a week, so if we get more than 10 people interested we’ll publish the link soon! If you have any doubts feel free to send us a message!

UPDATE: Since we’ve already received a lot of requests, we’ve started making the page right now! You have the link HERE if you want to check it out!

Credits to @pennyfynotes for the amazing graphics of the banner, we love you Maria 💕

Hi there! As a senior in high school now, I thought I’d make an advice post for upcoming freshman. High school was definitely not what I expected it to be, and I wanted to share some of my own advice with you all! All of it may not apply to you as you enter your first year of high school, but maybe some of this will calm your nerves or help in some way! :) (P.S. Not all of this is academic related. Most of it is actually personal advice that hopefully can help you out. :D)

Try to challenge yourself academically

  • But!!!!! Take classes that you believe you can handle. DO NOT TAKE SEVEN AP CLASSES AT ONCE IF YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN’T HANDLE IT!!! Take classes that you feel like you can do confidently. Take classes that you’re interested in. All those AP classes will not be worth the mental breakdown you might have when you have 3 essays, 2 powerpoint presentations, and 2 tests all on the same day. But, if you are confident that you can take those 7 AP classes, do it! People can and have done it. That doesn’t mean you have to though. Think of your sanity! School is NOT worth screwing up your mental health. Trust me. It’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

You’ll make friends…and you’ll lose some

  • I went into high school with quite a few good friends. I had my own little clique of nerds with me. I made a bunch of new friends. Now that I’m in my senior year, I’ve got maybe one or two friends. And that’s okay! Don’t feel bad if you start to grow apart from people you thought you’d be best friends with forever. It totally happens! Things happen and maybe you start to realize that the people you’re hanging out with are pretty toxic. Save yourself and get away from them! I had to do the same. It might hurt, but it’s best for you in the long run. I promise.


  • It’s perfectly fine to have a relationship in high school! I’m not saying “DON’T DATE ANYONE AT ALL!!! YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON SCHOOL AND ONLY SCHOOL!!!” I’m not saying that at all. Relationships can be fun! Sadly, that is sometimes not the case. I found myself caught up in an emotionally abusive relationship, and I was throwing myself away for this person. You’re never too young to experience this kind of thing. I was fifteen when it began, and I ended it for good just before I turned seventeen. Do not EVER give up your happiness for someone else. Do not EVER believe that someone who is hurting you and encouraging harming behaviors on yourself truly loves you. I thought this person loved me like I loved them, but this clearly wasn’t the case. Promise me that you don’t waste your youth on someone who doesn’t deserve you and your amazingness.

Join some clubs!!! Or don’t.

  • See if your school offers any clubs that pique your interests! I joined HOSA in my freshman year… and absolutely hated it. Don’t join clubs just because you think they’ll look good on a college application! That’s SO not worth it! Maybe you’re really interested in anime. See if your school has an anime club. If not, see if you can start one! Maybe your school has a GSA club, or drama club, or chess club. Try to find one that you like! And if you don’t like any of the clubs they have, see if you can start your own. But, if you don’t have any interest in clubs or socializing (same), it’s fine not to join any. I was literally in one club my entire high school career. And that’s fine.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

  • Cliché, I know. Sorry. I had to put it in here. But seriously! BE YOURSELF. Being someone who isn’t you is lame and really boring. Like, I used to pretend that I didn’t like anime because other people around me thought it was stupid or called others “weeaboos.” Who literally cares? If you like anime, be proud of it! Dress how you want to. Wear makeup (or don’t) how you want to. Do your hair how you want to. If wearing all pink and pastel colors is you, go for it! If wearing all black all day every day is you (same), go for it! Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t just to “impress” other people. If they were good friends that you deserved, they would like you for all your lovely little quirks, NOT make fun of you for it.

Talk about your mental health with others

  • Here’s some SRS BUSINESS (what is this, 2012? :P). I think mental illnesses tend to begin to show up in your teen years (I’m not totally sure on this but this is based on personal experience so if I’m wrong please forgive me k thnx bye). This is a hard enough time in our life as it is, so with mental illnesses piled on, YIKES!!! 1. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Let me put that out there right now. You don’t have to be ashamed of something that you can’t control. 2. If things start to get really tough for you, PLEASE reach out. As someone who has struggled with a few mental illnesses since I was 12 years old, I understand how scary it feels to reach out to someone. I understand that you may feel like no one understands and no one can help you, but REACH OUT. To a friend, to a teacher, to a counselor, to a parent/guardian. Reach out to someone. Again, you are never too young to struggle with something like this. Someone can try to get you the help you need and deserve. No one deserves to struggle all alone with a mental illness. Some people might not understand, and they might get upset at you (I had an experience like this), but reaching out is the first step to someone else understanding some of what you’re going through. There is always someone out there who does genuinely care about you and your well being, so if you’re thinking about harming yourself/others or considering suicide, please reach out. Here is a link to my mental illness tag. There are some resources there for studying and dealing with mental illness (plus some memes), so that may help you. The national suicide hotline number is 1-800-273-8255 if you need to talk right now. Please stick around.

Don’t stress!

  • High school is only four years. If you often feel overwhelmed about the prospect of it, remember that it’s literally just school. “JuSt sChOoL yOu sAy???” Coming from a studyblr, this might sound absolutely insane. But hear me out. From the time I started school to 9th grade, I had never made a grade below an A in a class. I honestly thought that getting anything below would ACTUALLY KILL ME. But guess what? I got my first C in 10th grade. Most of my classes that year, I got a B in. WILD, RIGHT? My mental health went totally down the drain that year with all the toxic friends and the abusive relationship and dealing with a lot of things that happened to me years before that I was just going to therapy for. School started to mean nothing to me. I didn’t care whether I failed or not. With that being said, always try your best. But if your best is straight Cs in all your classes, then awesome! You did your best. You did what you could, and you passed. So what if you fail one class in your entire high school career? You’re going to be fine! Grades matter, but if you end up with a “terrible” grade in a class, it’s not the end of the world! You’re doing awesome and I’m proud of you. Everything will always work out in the end.

Have fun!

  • You’re youthful, kid! Live it up! Enjoy how young and free you are now! When I was 14, I couldn’t wait to grow up. Now that I’m 17, I miss the days in which I was so young. I regret growing up so fast. So, stay young while you can! It won’t last forever. Enjoy yourself! Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t do drugs! Be careful! Enjoy the next four years of your life. And if you don’t, those four years will fly by and they’ll just be a distant memory one day.

I hope at least some of this advice helps you. High school can suck really bad or it can be the best four years of your life. If it sucks, at least it’s only four years and you have college to look forward to (yay!). If it was the best four years of your life, awesome! I’m glad you had such a good experience. Personally, high school hasn’t been the best for me, but don’t let that scare you! Everyone has different experiences and you may have wonderful ones! Don’t sweat it and good luck my lil freshies!!!!! I wish you the best of luck!!


“wear your dresses like armour of steel”

I believe that clothes express us in a way. My style changed over the years, especially when I discovered that you’ll be left in peace if you dress smart (but not too smart). Including accessories that are potential weapons (sharp edges and pointy ends~) makes me feel safer when I am out after 8 p.m.
Also, high heels are apparently intimidating? But they’re a pain to wear

3.5.18 // 8:00pm // week of feb 5

yeah i haven’t been super active lately (sorry…) but here’s a super old spread to give you something new until i can get my life back together (is it ever really together tho?) anyway, thank you for your continued support even when i drop off the earth <3 xoxo, m


Heya there, it’s Aly! I’ve used all the hashtags that you’ve been giving me on this post, feel free to reblog with your own if you didn’t have time to be added on it. All the people in bold are my favs and popular ones so that small studyblrs can use them to be seen by the world. Mine is #heyaly and I check it daily so feel free to tag me everywhere I’ll be glad to check your posts!  ✿

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hiya!! my name is malvika and i’ve finally made it back to tumblr! 

a little bit about me:

  • I’m 20 
  • I’m currently going into my 4th year of Medicine
  • I’m taking a year out to do an Intercalated BSc in Anatomy 
  • I’m currently obsessed with Avatar and now watching Legend of Korra (I’m extremely late I know :( ) 
  • I’ll also be taking the USMLE sometime this year, so if anyone has any advice or would like any don’t hesitate to ask! :) 
  • I also sing! 

some studyblrs I am in love with:

@pennyfynotes@leakyblr - @anatomyandcappuccini - @drwestcott - @warmhealer - @emmastudies@macrolit (not a studyblr but i’m obsessed!) - @medemedemed - @medicinewithcoffee@markiveelle - @ourstudyworld 

a long time ago I was a fashionblr, or minimalistblr (honestly have no idea) but i met some amazing new friends who i’m still in touch with after 7 years! and i’d love to do the same here :) hopefully with help from all of you guys here i’ll be able to trudge through med school and improve my study habits and motivation!! 

i can’t wait to meet all of you! please like/reblog this if you’re a studyblr! <3

i’d like to give credit to both @annistudio and @aestudyque for their drawings (that i’ve also used for my icons!) 

Masterlist of Studyblrs

Hey guys! I have compiled a list of studyblrs and organized them both by year and major (if theyโ€™re in university or college). The studyblrs with * by the urls are the ones that I currently follow!

As you can see, this ย list has gotten quite long ย and for those who donโ€™t know i go to school in Canada meaning I donโ€™t understand how grades work in the UK or other countries so when it comes time that i post this masterlist and I put you in the wrong year please feel free to message me and ill change it to the proper year asap!!

If you reblogged the post with the information and I did not add you, I apologize but I lost track sometimes where I was in the lists and might have skipped you.

Feel free to add what year you are or what youโ€™re studying in the reblogs or tags!! Follow those who are in the same year as you or studying the same subject, or follow anyone if youโ€™re looking for new people to follow.

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Since back to school time has arrived, I thought I should make a stationery faves/back-to-school essentials sort of post! I will be linking to the specific ones that I own. So, let’s begin! :)

Notetaking “Essentials”

I put “essentials” because obviously, you don’t need all of these to take notes for school. To be honest with you, I care more about my pens than I do about notebooks and such. I honestly use cheap notebooks I find at the dollar section in the school supplies sections at like Walmart, but I’ll link some notebooks I’ve used and like.


  • Mead Composition Notebook (5 Pack)
  • Five Star Notebooks
  • I also tend to use sketchbooks to take my notes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact sketchbooks as I buy them at a local discount store, but here is a one that looks similar to them. I typically get mine for about $1.29. 
  • I like using Quadrille Pads to take notes on as I find they make my handwriting neater, so here is one as well. Here is one in spiral notebook form.

I hope that this list can be helpful for you! I really only use notebooks and don’t like utilizing binders because they tend to get very messy for me. And just a reminder, you don’t need all of these things to study or be a studyblr! You can literally just have a pencil and paper, and BOOM, you’re a studyblr. These are just my personal recommendations based on the stationery I own. I wish you all the best of luck this school year!