Request: Okay…I’ve been saving this request since yesterday lol. Here it is: Instead of Lily, you’re the creation that Victor brought back from the dead. When you start to have memories of your life before you died you freak out and Victor like explains to you what happened and then you can figure out the end. 

Requested by: @collecting-stories

Form: one shot

Notes: I hope it’s alright - I feel like it’s missing something and too repetitive. I’ll take a look at it later with fresh eyes and see what I can do :)

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Lightning cracks and you bolt upright, covers clutched to your chest and breath coming in short gasps. Rain patters against the window pane and you can’t help but shudder. Another bolt flashes and you shove the duvet to the end of the bed and hurry down the stairs.

“Victor?” you call out softly. There’s no response, so you try again, a little louder, “Victor?!”

There’s a rustle and then a hoarse, sleepy voice calls from the darkness. “(Y/n)?”

The sound you make in affirmation is so small it sounds more like a squeak. Though you can’t see it, the young doctor frowns in concern before hoisting himself out of bed. Another rustle, the creak of bare feet on the floorboards, and then he is beside you, hair mussed and sleep in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he rasps, stepping towards you. “Are you hurt?”

Wisps of hair fall over your eyes as you shake your head and Victor’s hand shoots forward to brush them aside. Suddenly remembering himself, he clears his throat and takes a half step back. His mouth opens to speak when you interrupt him.

“I-I… I had a dream.” You pause, trembling in the cold. “No, not a dream.”

Victor steps towards you again, this time holding your forearms in his large hands. He knows he’s awkward, but he hopes his clumsy attempt at affection will be accepted. You close your eyes and lean slightly into his touch before continuing.

“It was so much more than a dream, Victor. There was rain and lightning, and -“ thunder rumbles overhead and you shriek, launching yourself into his arms.

Your creator stumbles backward but holds you to his chest as he rights himself.

“Sh,” he whispers, stroking your back. “It’s alright, it’s just a storm.”

“No!” you wail. “No! In my dream, I couldn’t breathe. There was water everywhere, over my head, in my lungs. I was screaming, but no one came, Victor! There was nobody there!”

Violent sobs wrack your body as Victor’s jaw clenches. You weren’t supposed to remember, not so soon anyway.

“(Y/n),” he begins carefully, “You were right…it wasn’t a dream..”

He sighs deeply and guides you over to the bed, sitting you down and wrapping a blanket around you. He runs a hand through his hair, then joins you.

“You were not born here, as I led you to believe. Not really. Your body was born somewhere else. I…I found you on the beach. Washed up. You must have drowned in the storm…I think…I think you’re remembering who you used to be.”

His hands are shaking slightly as you grasp them, trying to hold onto something familiar as the truth washes over you.

“I-I was someone else?”

A fresh flood of tears flows down your face. The sobs come again, harder this time and suddenly you’re falling sideways. Victor just manages to catch you and slips a pillow under your head.

“(Y/n)-“ he begins, but you shake your head.

“Please, Victor, just hold me. I’m so scared. Please, just…” You can’t find the words and instead, you wail.

Victor sits frozen, unsure of what to do, how to take away your pain. He thinks back desperately. What would his mother have done? Slowly, he pulls back the covers and bundles you under them. Hesitantly. he slides in beside you, gently enveloping you in an embrace. He doesn’t know what to say so he’s quiet as you cry. The minutes pass, and finally your breathing evens. Soon, you’re snoring softly. He breathes a sigh of relief and leans closer to press a kiss to your temple. For now, you would be alright.


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