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Gorillaz at Disneyland

Headcanons from a Gorillaz fan who also really fucking loves Disney.

- the first time they went to Disneyland, it was a bit of a mess. Just because of the crowds (going in the middle of summer wasn’t the best idea) and the fastpass process. Russel took over planning any park trips after that.

- Murdoc and 2D spend 40 percent of the day in the smoking areas and crowd watching, which is fine because Russel and Noodle like to have the freedom to go on the “lamer” rides.

- Russel is the one most excited to meet princesses but he made it a priority to take pictures of 10 year old Noodle meeting them.

- 2D doesn’t like mascot characters and will stand the farthest away in group pictures. If they came in for a hug, he will do the hand shake block (since he is well trained from fan interaction).

- Murdoc glares at the Pinnochio dark ride and will not go on it, he usually goes on Snow White’s Scary Adventure instead.

- He says it’s just because it’s close by and can kill time, but everyone picked up that Snow White is his favorite princess when they met her and he was genuinely pleasant and smiling.

- Jungle Cruise Skippers kind of hate them since they keep riffing among themselves loudly during the ride. 

- Noodle and Russel have made a special trip to go to a Dapper Day together and they dressed up for it.

- Murdoc has done the vodka-in-sunblock-tube trick and will say it’s one of their birthdays for free stuff. 

- Murdoc is so extra about The Haunted Mansion jfc. He keeps his drug items in a Madam Leotta music box. He has the bat wine stopper too but never ends up having use for it (one wonders why).

- Noodle’s favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain and when she was younger the boys ended up needing to rotate who went with her because she wanted to go again and again and again and again and again and again.

- 2D’s favorite ride is actually the Mark Twinn Riverboat because it’s really calm and he likes the music interludes while looking out at the crowds and Tom Swayer island.

- Russel doesn’t have a favorite ride but likes Disney’s California Adventure more than Disneyland.

- Russel has ran into Walt Disney’s ghost but hasn’t told anyone. He does make it a point to wave at the firehouse window when they’re coming in or leaving.

- 2D has snuck in weed and edibles into the park. He was so high the first time they ate at Blue Bayou, he forgot they were in Disneyland even with the Pirates boats going by (not that I would know anything about that).

- 2D and Noodle are fans of the Disney Ducks and will stop to watch a mother with her babies. They are always looking to spot any of the Disney Cats, but have been unsuccessful.

- 2D started a collection of pressed pennies and Noodle made him a chain bracelet that featured the pressed penny for the Mark Twiann on it.

This went on really long 😬 but I will probably do a Walt Disney World one too, but that really has to be a ‘read more’ because that’s like 4 parks.

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    You walked into the almost empty coffee shop at about twelve in the afternoon.  ”Hey there, Coffee Prince,” you said, grabbing a gourmet brownie off the counter and picking at the wrapper. “Hey, Klepto. Watch it; these things are expensive and my boss would kill me if he thought I was giving out freebies,” Jongin replied, reaching for the chocolaty treat.  You leaned away, smirking as you tossed five bucks onto the counter.  He raised an eyebrow as he picked up the money to put it into the cash register.  ”Since when does penny-pinching, ramen noodle-for-dinner _____ buy gourmet brownies?”  ”Hmm…Since Gi-Gi gave me a raise,” you said, biting a huge chunk out of the brownie.  ”Before the performance?”  ”Yeah, she said it should be motivation for me to do even better, not to mention I get to keep any tips I make.”  ”Well you usually score on tips anyway.”  ”Not nearly as much as the dancers do.  I saw that desperate housewife slide you and extra $25 the other night,” you said accusingly.  He raised his hands in defense and said, “No strings attached and no sexual favors. I’m just eye candy.”  ”And Gi-Gi seems to have quite the sweet tooth,” you teased, taking another bite of the brownie.  ”Yeah, I kinda noticed she has a thing for me,” Jongin replied, taking off his apron and hanging it on a rack.  He hopped over the counter, chuckling at his boss who scolded him.  ”Going on my lunch break, Sir! See you in about an hour!,” he called, grabbing the last piece of your brownie and tossing it in his mouth.  You were about to protest, but he cut you off by grabbing your hand and saying, “C’mon!”.
    ”So, of all the places to work, why’d you choose a burlesque club?,” “Well, you take what you can get.  No other place would hire me and I wasn’t getting any call-backs, so…,” you replied, taking another bite of your sandwich.  ”I don’t understand why, though.  I’ve only seen you practice and I know you’re an amazing dancer.”  ”Thanks…But I don’t know…My plan was to join a company, become a principle dancer, travel the World—,” you sighed before continuing, “but maybe I should just pack up and head back home…”  ”I knew it.”  ”What…?”  "That you weren’t from around here.”  You gave him a confused look, urging him to go on.  "You were never like most of the people in this city who just gave up on life.  You had dreams…goals…ambition.”  ”Well, isn’t this the city where dreams are supposed to come true?”  He let out a somewhat bitter chuckle and shook his head.  ”Apparently, this city is where dreams come to die. I had really high expectations for you, though.”  ”Not exactly the pep talk I had expected…”  ”You don’t want a pep talk, _____; you want a pity party, and I’m not going to give that to you.  If you want to just give up and waste your talent, then go ahead.”  You felt anger rise up to your throat, but you weren’t sure of the cause of it; the fact that Jongin was saying these things…or the fact that he was right.  However, you refused to admit the latter.  ”Well, what about you?,” you retorted.  ”What about me?,” he challenged. “I seriously doubt that a cheap burlesque dancer, barista, and whatever other stupid job you have were part of your dream.  You want to judge me, but you have the potential to be a lead dancer in any company, and  just look at where you’ve been for the past three years!”  He just scoffed with a smirk and stood up, tossing some money on the table.  ”See you tonight, _____,” he said, sticking a fry in his mouth before leaving you alone in the restaurant.
    You sighed, fixing your hair as you stared at your reflection in the mirror.  'Maybe Jongin was right…’  Just then, there was a knock on the door frame of the dressing room.  "I’m coming in, so I hope you’re decent,“ Jongin said with his hand over his eyes.  "About as decent as you can be dressed in one of GiGi’s costumes,” you replied, tugging at the hem of your uncomfortably short shorts.  He chuckled, removing his hand and taking a look at you.  "Eh, she went easy on your pride this time.“  "Gee, thanks.”  "_____, you look great.  Don’t worry about the costume, or anything else for that matter.  Just go out there and do what you love: dance.“  You looked up at him and nodded.  "Well…I only came in here to wish you luck, so..good luck,” he said before turning to leave.  You got up and grabbed his arm.  "Wait…Jongin, I’m sorry…for snapping at you earlier.  You were right.  I just wanted someone to justify me being a quitter. So, thank you for not doing that.“  He just smiled at you and gave a quick nod before saying,  "Break a leg,” and leaving to let you finish getting ready.
    Taking a deep breath, you stepped out on the stage.  You moved with the music, feeling the pure adrenaline pulse through your veins.  The entire room was watching you; women in envy, men in lust…But none of them mattered.  It was just you…the stage…and the music…until a pair of smoldering deep brown eyes met yours.  


This is Penny (or Penne Noodle). She has a chair that she has claimed as her own in our house. Although she looks incredibly adorable sleeping in it, she does not appreciate others sitting in it and she will proceed to give you dirty looks from her perch.

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Two looks at the sliced chicken with vermicelli noodles, ground peanuts, bean sprouts and green onion from Penny’s Noodles in Northfield, Ill. I always add a liberal amount of hot sauce to spice things up. My only complaint with this dish is that it’s always extremely soupy at the bottom, and those dangling noodles threaten to fling sauce all over my shirt. It’s a dangerous meal, from that standpoint.

Ok so because of the way that Pyrrha died she can either: come back through some anime shenanigans (the ideal)
Or is just. Super dead. Like beyond normal dead. Not even mostly dead just. Just dead. By maiden powers.

Penny will also come back probably because she’s a robit and there’s gotta be a backup of her somewhere.

Basically what I’m saying is I miss my babies and I want everyone to be happy I didn’t sign up for this I wanted kids at monster hunting school not death and destruction.