penny's noodles


Two looks at the sliced chicken with vermicelli noodles, ground peanuts, bean sprouts and green onion from Penny’s Noodles in Northfield, Ill. I always add a liberal amount of hot sauce to spice things up. My only complaint with this dish is that it’s always extremely soupy at the bottom, and those dangling noodles threaten to fling sauce all over my shirt. It’s a dangerous meal, from that standpoint.

Ok so because of the way that Pyrrha died she can either: come back through some anime shenanigans (the ideal)
Or is just. Super dead. Like beyond normal dead. Not even mostly dead just. Just dead. By maiden powers.

Penny will also come back probably because she’s a robit and there’s gotta be a backup of her somewhere.

Basically what I’m saying is I miss my babies and I want everyone to be happy I didn’t sign up for this I wanted kids at monster hunting school not death and destruction.


This is Penny (or Penne Noodle). She has a chair that she has claimed as her own in our house. Although she looks incredibly adorable sleeping in it, she does not appreciate others sitting in it and she will proceed to give you dirty looks from her perch.

(submitted by @kelseyturchyn)