penny x gumball

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to post or finish this yesterday, so happy belated Valentine’s Day!!


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!!! For this occasion, time to bring in my favorite couples from the animated tv series The Amazing World of Gumball: GumballxPenny and DarwinxCarrie! The last was the Valentine’s Day gift for us fans of this show and who have seen in previous episodes how Darwin and Carrie started to fall in love for each other. Each one of them had their own way to celebrate this special day, and I’m sure that they enjoyed it.

Gumball, Penny, Darwin and Carrie belong to Cartoon Network

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just curious, glitchy bombs is awesome, but do you have any TAWOG ships other than glitchy bombs?


- Gumball x Rob
- Gumball x Penny
- Gumball x Rob x Penny
- Larry x Steve Small
- Alan x Leslie
- Alan x Carmen
- Alan x Leslie x Carmen
- Bobert x Ocho
- That Hexagon Girl x Jazelle
- Richard x Nicole

Main Ship List

So, I wanna start reblogging the ship writing/drawing prompts you could give (insert here) + ship, but I realized you barely know my ships, so here is a list of the main ones:
Katie x Kyubi
Katie x Venoct
Ot3: Venoct x Katie x Kyubi
Ot3: Penny x Gumball x Hot Dog Guy
Rose x Karkat
Dave x Jade
Ronnie Anne x Lincoln
Sans x Alphys
Ichimatsu x Nyaa Chan
Isabelle x Mayor (one sided)

Plz don’t give me nsfw prompts though

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Thanks to @mlgshipping for tagging me! 😊❤️🌹

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1. Qi x Liang (nanbaka)
2. Leggy x Padparascha (Steven Universe)
3. Tatsumi x Wakasa (orenchi no furo jijo wa)
4. Penny x Gumball (tawog)
5. Finn x Rey (star wars tfa)
6. Kyouya x Haruka (nms)
7. McCree x Hanzo (overwatch)
8. Sunati x Austen (always human)
9. Rolly x Ace (rock and riot)
10. Planchette x Pinyon (unfamiliar)

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Well, there is how I did “I always by your side” step by step.

I’m doing this because I wanted to make a speedpaint of this draw, but the PC just recorded the first 20 minutes. >:c

Whatever, hope you like it.

1. Sketch.

2. Cleaning.

3. Base color,

4. Gumball.

5. Penny.

6. Background and other effects.