penny scavo

You Make It Real | Brad/Penny

‘There’s so much craziness, surrounding me, there’s so much going on, it gets hard to breathe, when all my faith is gone, you bring it back to me, you make it real for me, when I’m not sure of, my priorites, when I lost sight of, where I’m meant to be, like Holy Water washing over me, you make it real for me, and I’m running to you baby, you are the only one who saves me, that’s why I’ve been missing you lately, cause you make it real for me…Everybody’s talking in words I don’t understandYou’ve got to be the only one who knows just who I am, And you’re shining in the distance, I hope I can make it through, 'Cause the only place that I want to be is right back home with you…’

Music played in the background as Brad finished showering. He knew this song really well. It was how he felt about Penny. Well, one aspect. He didn’t know if he could pick just one song that totally covered how he felt about that girl; how he had felt about her since the first day of meeting her. She was a bright star in a dark sky. Everyone loved Penny. He knew that and he had come to accept it, even if it did bother him sometimes. He wanted her for himself but everyone else did  too and he had to share her attention a lot. But Brad would rather do that than give up on the one really good thing in his life. 

He jumped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around his waist as he began to shave. Once that was done, he pulled on his jeans and quickly ran the towel through his already drying hair. Brad made his way to the closet and picked out a button up and a white undershirt. Once both were on, he put on some cologne, his shoes and finished combing his hair. He was ready. After telling him mom where he was going, he got into his truck and sent a quick text to Penny, telling her that he would be there soon. He drove to the Scavo residence, happy that Parker was back and they would be getting the new house. Having a place to go without parents was every teen’s dream. Plus the lady of the house was his age which made things fun. Not that Parker didn’t act their age normally. 

Brad got out of the truck and smiled as he felt the small box in his pocket. With his saved money from working at the cafe he had bought her a charm bracelet. He had seriously thought of different things but he knew that something like this would make her smile. It had a megaphone for cheerleading, a heart with their initials engraved in it and the Eiffel tower to signify that he would take her there some day. He walked up to the door and knocked quickly, standing back for someone to open it.