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I always head canoned that the farmer didn't have a bathroom/shower/kitchen until the upgrade (which I didn't get until winter,) so she dug around in garbage cans for food and bathed in the old bath house. To that end, can I have a F!Farmer being caught by a bachelor (I love Shane the most but whoever!) living like that and, idk, sympathizing with or helping her? (That's a wordy ask, sorry!!!)

(HAHAHAHHAH SHANEEEEE. in all seriousness i really like this ask and it wasn’t wordy at all i love very detailed asks)

After a long day of tending to the farm, feeding the animals, sowing seeds, watering crops, the farmer was covered in dirt. Her hair was a tangled, greasy mess since she neglected bathing until she really needed to. She needed to.
She took the short-cut behind her farm to the bathhouse, so she could avoid any watching eyes. Well, since everyone would either be at the saloon or at home soon, she might be able to get some dinner out of the trash cans. Ugh, she never lived like this in the city! Maybe she should just move back…
After arriving at the bathhouse, she stripped down and put on her bathing suit. She didn’t know if people still used this bathhouse, but she didn’t want to be caught with no clothes on.
After bathing, she changed back into her clothes-now a bit cleaner thanks to the steam-and went on her way through town. She got some cookies from Alex and his grandparent’s house, and bread from the saloon. She was tired, but needed more. Making her way to Mayor Lewis’s house, she saw him. Shit! She thought everyone was away! Oh crap, it was Shane. He hated her, and she knew he’d be one to tell the others what she’d been doi-
“Hey” a gentle voice said, accompanied by a hand on her shoulder. “Oh! Yoba-I didn’t see you there. Um…” stuttered the farmer.
“Uh, why are you wet?” questioned Shane.
“Oh-well, I was, bathing, uh, in the old bathhouse…”
“What? Nobody’s used that thing in years! And why are you carrying food?”
“I…got it out of the trash…my crops aren’t selling well, and I can’t really afford food, foraging is scarce, I’m sorry it-”
Shane interrupted, “No, it’s okay. I know life can be really hard. You got dealt a bad hand. I know how that is. It’s really hard isn’t it? Can I help you?”
The farmer was taken aback. Shane? He was showing her kindness? He was the last person she would’ve thought to ask for help. Yet, here he was. Asking to help.
“Are you sure? I’m managing pretty well right now and…” the farmer was trying to maintain a façade.
“Yes, I’m sure. C'mon, I’ve got a frozen pizza calling our names.” Shane gave a sweet smile.
“Okay…” the farmer smiled back.


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Could you do a female farmer and elliott cuddling? (points if it gets saucy ⇀‿๏~ you don't have to thoe)

(why yes i can! i tried to make it saucy but cuddling+elliott is so pure omg )

The farmer and Elliott laid there in Elliott’s cabin by the sea. His down bed was only large enough for Elliott, but the farmer was small, at least compared to Elliott, and fit perfectly. Elliott traced small, delicate circles all across the farmer’s frame. He felt her skin prickle. He loved making her feel this way and took that as a sign to kiss her. But before he did, he felt it necessary to remind her how much he needed her.
“Darling, I love you more than there are stars in the sky or grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. You are my everything.”
The kiss was passionate and warm, a safe place in a cold world. In that moment, Elliott knew he would do anything to protect the farmer. His restless heart was at ease.

The beginning of a friendship.

(I know this isn’t how it happens in-game, but i thought i’d try to give a sample of my writing on this blog :D)

“So! Looks like you’re all set for tonight. I hope you sleep well, and make sure to drop by my shop in the morning so we can see about upgrading that old house of yours. Goodnight!”
Robin bid the farmer goodbye and trotted off into the distance. Exhausted from the biggest day they’d had in a while, the farmer entered the small house, only to fall asleep minutes later.

The farmer was woken up by the clatter of rain on the roof. They’d never been a heavy sleeper…
There was an odd sound among the rain. A scratching? On the door? Fearfully, the farmer tentatively moved toward the door, armed with a hoe. What they saw, they hadn’t expected. A small orange kitten, dripping wet from the downpour outside. Well… now the farmer had a cat.

(I hope you enjoyed this little happy story!)

What Zahrina a Yunkish slaver would wear, Anju Modi

Zahrina is present at the Yunkai slave market auction set up outside Meereen. She bids by usually adding “and one” to the last bidders price which annoys the slave auctioneers but they allow the bids. At the slave market, she attempts to purchase Tyrion Lannister, Penny, Pretty Pig and Crunch, but gives up the chase at three thousand, she later attempts to purchase Ser Jorah Mormont, but is outbid here as well by Yezzan zo Qaggaz

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Welcome! Hooray for amore imagines blogs! Since you referred to sam/seb as your boys and of course they are the #1 best ship... could I ask for a reaction from Abigail when she finds out they're together?

(ahh yes! i’m very glad to be getting so many asks thanks for sending one in! and yes they are my boys i love them!)

“Hey Abi?” said Sam.
“Yeah? Hold on and let me save.” muttered Abigail, not even looking over her shoulder to see Sebastian and Sam nervously holding hands.
“Okay, what’s u- why are you guys holding hands? Are you crossing the street?” Abigail gave a giggle but stopped quickly when she noticed Sam and Seb weren’t laughing too.
“Well, actually, we, um, started to, date?” Sam said slowly.
“Oh. OH! YES! MOM YOU OWE ME 20 BUCKS!” Abigail shouted across the house. She dissolved into a pile of giggles and the occasional snort.
“Wait-you had a bet on when we would tell you we were dating?” questioned Sebastian.
“Um, maybe? I did it in a respectful way because I think you both are so cute together and I was going to buy you a congratulations gift with the money I won? Yeah?”
“Really? A congratulations gift for dating? C'mon Abi, I know you’re a terrible gambler.” joked Seb.
“Okay, okay, but I’m still really happy for you guys! I know you’ll be happy together. Wanna play a tri-player game of ‘The Prairie King’?”
“Hell yeah!” They said in unison.

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In the post about Paul O'Neal being shot you said that body cameras aren't needed and liberals need to shut up about it. You truly belive that cops shouldn't wear body cams.. that's not what I would expect from you.

Almost every single incident of pigs murdering black people for several years has been recorded in some way, from Tamir Rice to Eric Garner and many, many others so the issue has quite obviously, if you’ve bothered to even think about it for half a second, never been that we don’t know what happens in these cases- we do know, we see the tapes played over and over again, we see the photos over and over again. There has never been a lack of proof that these murders are unnecessary.

The problem has always been that we know how we are dying and nobody cares. That all the video in the world isn’t enough, has never been enough, to garner indictments against pigs who murder people because the lives that are lost don’t matter to anyone. This has been a major crux of BLM- we know what happens, have known for years, and have seen all the videos and tapes we could possibly need to firmly establish a trend. Video has never saved us. It will never save us. It is insulting, outrageous, and indicative of you being incredibly lazy to say that pouring MORE MONEY from public coffers (and you wanna know who’s getting pulled over for traffic violations and getting ticketed and having those funds funneled back into these systems? take a fucking guess) into pig departments that have shown, at the VERY LEAST, that they cannot get their “job” done (and this is assuming it is a job that needs doing, a good job, which is bullshit already) or maintain “peace” without killing hundreds and hundreds of people every year. Public divestment from police departments and investment in even meager attempts to study restorative justice on a large scale is more worthwhile than another penny in some pig department’s pockets.

Body cameras are one more tool in the hands of the police. Any tool they wield is one that can and will be used to murder black people.

Also, I don’t know where the fuck you get off coming into my inbox after I reblogged a post about a pig murder in MY city, of another black person, like I don’t consider this shit every single time I walk past a pig on the street. I don’t know how you figured that wasn’t really deeply fucking insensitive and hurtful and ignorant but it is. Don’t ever assume you know what I think about anything, but certainly don’t fucking come into MY inbox acting like I don’t check the news anytime a pig murders someone in a city where I have family. Shut the fuck up.