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What Jewish Children Learned From Charlottesville
I thought this generation was free of the anti-Semitism I knew. On Saturday, that changed.
By Nathan Englander

This dirty Jew remembers every penny thrown at him.

The ones thrown from above, as we waited to be picked up from the public pool in my hometown on Long Island, our yarmulkes pinned to wet hair. By then, I was big enough to feel shame for the younger kids, who knew no better than to scurry around, as our local anti-Semites laughed.

I remember walking home from synagogue at my father’s side, in our suits and ties, and seeing a neighbor boy crawling on his hands and knees, surrounded by bullies, this time picking up pennies by force. I remember my father rushing in and righting the boy, and sending those kids scattering.

I remember when, at that same corner, on a different day, those budding neo-Nazis surrounded my sister, and I raced home for help. I remember my parents running back, and my father and mother (all five feet of her) confronting the parents of one of the boys, who then gave him a winking, Trumpian chiding for behavior they didn’t care to condemn. Even if it’s “kids with horns,” they told their son, he should leave other children alone.

If you are someone white who is at all interested in trying to learn more about the trauma of living a childhood as a racialized person, or trying to learn more about how antisemitism affects Jewish people on a basic, human, individual, and emotional level- having come to understand that systemic antisemitism exists and how crucial it is to white supremacists according even to themselves- I think this is an excellent read for you.

I am not Jewish myself, but it absolutely mirrors many of the problems and traumas of childhood as a black person that I experienced myself, and I think it is important, in these dangerous times, that we find all the sources of solidarity that we can, so if you are someone who already experiences racial subjugation every day but who doesn’t know much about antisemitism, I would recommend this to you as well.


season ten meme
four/eight episodes → The Birthday Synchronicity

It’s hard to believe Howard’s having a kid. I mean, look how far we’ve all come. You two got married. Sheldon and I are living together. Penny was a struggling actress when we met, and now she’s a successful pharmaceutical rep. Howard went to space. Bernadette got her doctorate. Sheldon, Howard and I are working with the government on our quantum gyroscope. We’ve all come a long way. There’s a lot to be proud of.

Hate To See You Go (Grayson)

Summary: Based off of this ask. You’re a teacher at Grayson’s daughter’s kindergarten and it’s Mother’s Day.
Word Count: 4,463
Warnings: Actual daddy!Gray. Daddy kink (if you squint).
A/N: I swear, I received this ask 3 weeks ago and it’s still stuck on my mind. So I hope you like this, leave feedback if you want to!! This turned out to be longer than intended, yikes xx

The first time you saw Grayson Dolan was when his daughter, Penelope fell off a swing during recess and scraped her knee. She’d cried as you stroked her hair, pointing at her bloody knee while telling you of how she’d tried to stand up on the swing, her foot slipping in process which had caused her to fall off. It wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was a small scrape but it still made your heart squeeze in your chest when you looked over her tear-stained face, her hand squeezed into a small fist as she rubbed her eye.

You’d taken her to your own classroom, calling her father in the process. His voice had sounded deep and it kind of shocked you for a moment. It had been two months since the term had started and Penelope had been brought to kindergarten by her Aunt Cameron. You’d been so curious as to why her father was never around, but Penelope had explained how her father was working early hours and he never had time to take her to preschool; which, you never frowned over that because there were plenty of parents who worked their butts off, having a relative or even a nanny drop their children off in your classroom.

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I see the “Sport and Robbie adopt and raise Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, Stingy, Trixie, &sometimes Rottenella”

and the “Ithro and Glanni raise Sport and/or Robbie (together/separately)” domestic set ups

BUT where’s my fic of Sport and/or Robbie telling Ithro and/or Glanni they’ve practically adopted a bunch of kids and not expecting them to be like “neat, we got one of those too!” And introducing them to this preteen/teen named jives who loves to garden with Ithro and drives Glanni insane with his fashion sense and dirt while also being quite fond of him for some reason.

(And maybe they’re in the process of picking up another stray named Penny who is a cunningly charming girl that has Glanni more wrapped around her finger than not and who Ithro has proudly watched Glanni teach to actively pursue her wants rather than just beg and whine, even if that means Ithro now has to fondly keep their get rich schemes from getting out of hand)

Also acceptable would be if It’s Glanni and/or Ithro who decides to tell Robbie and/or Sport about the kid(s) they’ve found themselves parenting and Robbie and/or Sport are like “You should try raising this many” *gestures to the group of kids actively getting into mischief* and “Oh yeah, that reminds me, did I ever remember to tell you that I have my own kids now? No? Oops, well, to start with there’s 5 of them…”

Also imagine Sportarobbie and Glannithro comparing parenting stories, exchanging advice, and silently competing at who can be the “better dad.”

Robbie and Glanni are totally the dads who find ways to place bets on their kids against each other. Sport and Ithro are the type to find out, act disappointed and reprimand them while secretly also putting bets on their partners and on their kids.

MOSTLY I just want Jives (&penny) included and raised by the glannithro (the forgotten play children for the play versions of sportarobbie)


The one with the penny

A Long List of Ninjago Headcanons For the Heart and Soul

- Can’t stop dabbing
- Always warm or hot
- Hair is naturally spiked
- Swears all the time
- Terrified of Christmas elves and gingerbread men (kinda cannon)
- Hates getting in water because it messes up his hair (why he can’t swim)
- Like he always held Nya as a little kid and played with her 25/8
- Smells like a mix of cinnamon and a fireplace
- When he gets angry steam comes up from his head
- Sucks at giving advice
- Kids hate him
- Best subject is history
- He’s obsessed with Hamilton and recites every line at some point or another
- Is actually sweet af
- Doesn’t know when to stop. Ever.

- Picks up pennies on the streets during every mission
- Actually owns a fidget spinner
- Gets yelled at every time he pulls it out
- Smells like paint
- His room is always a f***king mess
- The shortest of everyone (except Nya)
- It makes him so angry
- Has the loudest, most obnoxious laugh
- And once he starts, he can’t stop.
- Lives for cuddles
- Has to cuddle someone or something to go to sleep
- Is literally allergic to everything
- Like in elementary school he was the kid that ruined special treats for everyone because he had so many allergies (poor bean)
- Is the one that gets sick all the time
- Best subject is math (especially algebra)
- Loooves kids and wants a few when he gets older

- Has a name for every cooking utensil in the kitchen and treats them like people
- Tries to treat them all equally
- Is literally a pianist
- Can basically play any piece without looking
- Smells like metal (wonder why) and laundry detergent
- Wins laser tag every time the ninja go play it
- Always uses ‘Delicate Flower’ for his name
- ‘Cause he loves dem flowers
- Heck, the bean loves everything
- Will sometimes randomly beep
- Things get a little turnt on the bounty
- Always comforts everyone when they need it
- Best subject is everything
- Is often nicknamed Tin man, Robocop, and Iron Man

- Is actually the best dancer on the face of the planet
- Does soft shoe around the bounty
- Also great at singing but is too self conscious to do it for anyone
- Knows and can recite parts of every broadway musical
- As a kid his father put him on a major diet for dancing and never let him have sweets (thus why he is so obsessed with cake and food period)
- Loves the taste of cough drops
- Smells like leather and french vanilla
- Everyone loved him in school
- Best subject is english (aye)
- Can’t stand fidget spinners (aye) and tries to get rid of Jay’s every time he sees it
- Everyone’s jealous of that perfect body of his
- Wants a partner that will truly understand and respect him
- The go-to for advice
- Has swearing contests with Kai

- Never really ate too much as a kid
- Loves soft things, so he owns a lot of soft clothing
- Has trouble catching up in learning
- Understands other people well and therefore knows how to treat them
- Hates savory foods
- Has headaches ALL THE TIME :,(
- Smells like cotton candy
- Shy at first but warms up really quick
- Feet are always cold
- So he wears socks. All. The. Time.
- Has a lot of 'friends’ that are girls but is too naive to realize they are all just crushing on him
- Loves taking him some naps
- When he’s not napping he’s probably training

- Usually tries to stay away from the guys because they’re so obnoxious
- Can’t stand swearing
- So she shuns Kai all the time
- Is literally done with everyone’s crap 25/8 (girl same)
- Very friendly and open to everyone but has trouble truly opening up to people
- Is hesitant on cuddling but will if necessary
- Obsessed with lipstick
- Like owns every shade imaginable
- Best subject is foreign language
- Is easily triggered by rude people
- Like she will separate herself from everyone when she’s upset
- Never really cries because she thinks it makes her look weak
- But when she does she will cuddle with Jay (aww)

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Comfort (Pennywise x Reader Fluff)

(A/N: A bit different than the other stuff. Hope you like!) 

The day was dreary, rain pouring down, splashing on the windows of your home. You were in your room, typing away at your computer. You had your headphones on, music blaring as you messaged a friend. To be honest, you weren’t feeling your best. You were having a bad self esteem day. People, or should you say, family, hadn’t been the nicest to you today, and you were just hoping with all your heart that you would see him…

It had been almost two whole weeks since Pennywise had shown up at your door the last time. To be honest, you missed him a lot. You wanted to hold him, and cuddle. There was something about him that drew you to him, and he always told you that you were intoxicating to him as well.

As you thought of him, you sighed, turning your music off and closing your laptop. You sat it down beside you on the bed, taking your headphones off and swinging your feet off the bed. Looking out the rain-covered window, you groaned when you heard the doorbell ringing.
“Who the fuck? If that’s family…” You whined, not wanting to really see any of your rude family at the moment. They had been harassing you all day with stupid stuff. What could they want now? You were tempted to just leave them out in the rain.

As you walked down the stairs, you saw a tall figure’s silhouette outside on the porch. It didn’t look quite like Penny, but you went to answer anyway. Opening the door, you were faced with a tall, handsome man hovering over you. He gave you a small grin, and waved.
“Hiya, (Y/N),” He said to you in a slightly deep, yet squeaky voice. You giggled, relieved to see who it was.
“Hey, Robert!” You smiled, hugging him tightly.
“Not for long…” He whispered to you, and you could feel his form changing already.
“Well,” You said to him. “Get inside first!”

Laughing softly, he walked inside. You closed the door and locked it, your heart beating a mile a minute.
“I missed you, Penny,” You told the man, who, as you turned around, had turned into an extremely tall clown who stood over you, grinning widely. He let out a soft growl as he nodded.
“I missed you, too!” He giggled. You walked over and hugged him, feeling his long limbs wrap around you.
“Where’ve you been, anyway?” You asked. He shrugged and booped your nose.
“Places,” He laughed. You nodded.
“As usual,” You said as you stuck out your tongue. “You wanna watch a movie?”
“Hmm?” He asked, looking around. “Why? Do you have one in mind? Oh! Can we watch that one that makes you laugh?”
“Yeah! We can watch that…” You smirked, going over to your collection of DVDs. Penny clapped happily.
“Hehe! I love to hear you laugh…” He told you, stomping his way over to the couch and sitting down. You put the DVD in and grabbed the remote, laying down on the couch with your head resting on Penny’s lap. He hummed happily, running his gloved fingers through your messy hair.

As the movie progressed, you felt yourself getting even more sad than you had been. Penny started picking up on this when you didn’t laugh at your favorite parts of the movie. He cooed at you, tapping your head with his finger.
“Little one, what seems to be the matter?” He questioned. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes, and you turned from the tv to look up at Penny. “Well?”
“I just…my sister and others…were…they were just on my case, and I’m so tired of it…” You started crying, causing Penny to pull you up off his lap and into his arms.
“Don’t cry…” He told you quietly, kissing your hair. “Want me to kill them?”
“No!” You yelled, holding onto his shoulders and burying your face in his ruffly collar. You sniffled and looked up at him. “Do you love me?” You asked.
“Hmm?” He asked. “Sure!” He said with a smile. You were sure he still didn’t quite capture the meaning or feeling of love, but you believed him nonetheless. He was just trying to make you feel better.
“Penny…” You said to him. He tipped his head and looked at you.
“Yes?” He asked, brushing a hand over your cheek.
“I love you…” You told him.
“Hehe!” He started giggling uncontrollably. “I know, silly…I know…”

witchy tip

you know how if you find a heads up penny on the ground it’s good luck? like the saying “find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”? well, share your good luck with the goddess and god and other wiccan beings by placing your penny you find on your altar for the day.

Saved By The Clown

Request: “Pennywise x Reader: One where she is stabbed in a mugging attack while walking under the kissing bridge. Pennywise comes out the water drags her from the side and into the water to heal her. 🎈 BASICALLY FLUFFY, AN EMBARRASSED PENNY WHEN SHE KISSES HIS CHEEK TO SAY THANK YOU.”

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of blood and slight profanity

Originally posted by vourdalakpriest

It was a beautiful afternoon and you had just finished hanging out with your best friend. She had offered to take you home so that you would get there safely but you politely declined. Nothing had ever happened to you when you walked home alone so you thought the same today. Boy you were wrong.

You started to walk on a bridge mostly known as the “Kissing Bridge” it was nice, the water under you calmed your nerves. That was until you heard footsteps behind you. You quickened your pace but so did the person. Taking it as a sign you started to sprint. You almost made it off the bridge when the person grabbed you and slammed you on the bridge’s railing.

Little did you know your neighborhood clown Pennywise was watching the whole scene unfold. He became angry as he saw the man lay his hands on you. If he could he would’ve ripped off every single limb off his body.

“Give me everything you’ve got little lady or I’ll put a bullet through your pretty little brain.” The guy told you.

He grabbed your collar with his hand while he had his other hand on his gun pointing to your head.

“I think not.” You stated.

You punched the man’s face and then kicked his hand making the gun fly out of and land in the bridge’s water. The man then pulled out a knife and raised it over his head about to strike you but you raised your arm and blocked it.

Pennywise was impressed at your fighting skills and secretly he was hoping you would walk away from the fight safe and unharmed. He was rooting for you, he was happy thinking you’d be okay until his heart sunk.

He watched as the man quickly switched the knife from his left hand to his right. It took you off guard and next thing you know Pennywise witnessed as the man plunged his knife into your abdomen.

Pain rushed through your entire body. You held onto the railing of the bridge as you squeezed your eyes shut in pain. You put your right hand over your abdomen feeling your warm blood seep through your clothes and fingers.

“Now I’m going to finish you off.” The man said.

The man raised the knife over him again but quickly without thinking you threw yourself over the bridge landing in the water.

When you looked up he ran away feeling from the scene. You walked trying to make your way out of the water. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. You looked down at your wound, tears poured out of your eyes as you realized that you would probably die.

Cold, wet, alone and with a stab wound in your abdomen. You remembered your last goodbye to your parents when your best friend picked you up. And your last goodbye to your best friend when you left her house.

Your thoughts were interrupted when a wave of dizziness hit you. This was it this was the end. You were right because in a matter of seconds you fell to your side and blacked out. Your hair covering your face, your wound still bleeding, and your hand stained with your own blood.

Pennywise noticed as you went limp on the grass. He quickly swam/walked over to you. A puddle of blood now surrounding your body. Pennywise knew he had to do something quick. Worried, he laid his head on your chest and thankfully you were still breathing but it was faint.

“Come on Y/N don’t do this to me. You can’t give up I’m going to help you.” He said even though you couldn’t hear him.

Penny picked you up and set you down in the water. He didn’t let go, he had his left arm under your back making sure you didn’t float away or drowned.

Carefully he placed his right hand on your wound it started to glow. Yellow light shined from it and the energy flowed inside your wound. Penny could hear your muscles being put back together. Your outter layer of skin was now stitched back up and it looked like you hadn’t even stabbed.

Soon enough the glowing stopped. Penny kept staring at you hoping that it worked. But you gave no signs and he started to become worried. When all of a sudden and you opened your eyes.

“Welcome back Y/N.” Pennywise smiled lightly.

“Feels great to be back.” You smiled.

Then you remember what happened. You stood up quickly in the water trying to check your wound.

“Careful there you just woke up and lost blood.” Penny said.

You lifted your shirt a little and noticed that the wound was no longer there. It looked like you hadn’t even been stabbed.

“What? But how?” You asked Penny in shock.

“Let’s just say I used a little bit of magic.” He winked.

“Ooh thank you Penny.” You kissed his cheek and then hugged him.

Pennywise felt as his face became hot. If it wasn’t for the makeup you would’ve noticed his crazy blushing.

“You’re welcome. Y/N you’re welcome, I’d do anything for you.” He said as he continued to hug you, not letting go.


Gif Meme :: @tragiccomedydivine asked: Penny Dreadful + Favorite Minor Character
↳ Ferdinand Lyle

“Never underestimate the power of a queen with lovely hair, my dear.”