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Season 12 Summary

As season 13 started filming yesterday, I thought I’d do a very short summary (in simple, clear, alphabetical, bullet point form) of what the characters were dragged through over the past year.


  • Spent majority of season being Meredith’s tell-it-how-it-is brother.
  • Asked Jo to marry him, many many times.
  • Held a dead baby and made us all weep.
  • Only punched one person- the whole season.
  • Was mainly put to one side and deserved so much more screentime.


  • Knocked a wall down.
  • Became the mostly-naked member of Lady Chief Trifecta.
  • Broke her sobriety over Mer being a bitch and Owen being a dick.
  • Played with puppies.
  • Gave a lot of wisdom-ny advice to a lot of people.
  • Married Owen after a minor freakout over a slushy.


  • He was relevant for a bit.
  • Then he really wasn’t.
  • Couldn’t handle a woman’s P-O-W-E-R.
  • May start season 13 with a bruise or two.


  • Got stuck in a bubble.
  • Nasty, nasty divorce.
  • Preggo.
  • Pulled a lot of   g r e a t   facial expressions.
  • Was an excellent best man until she became an excellent mother instead.


  • Got drunk and hilariously awkward at a dinner party.
  • Got herself a wingman and scored, a lot.
  • Broke April’s trust and got a lot of hate for it.
  • Went through a traumatic custody battle and won.
  • Gave the win up to benefit her whole family. All-round hero.


  • Hot. Mess.
  • Just kept cutting into people in the middle of corridors…
  • But was forgiven cos he delivered a baby and saw April’s vagina.


  • Taught Maggie how to punch properly.
  • Penny this, Penny that.
  • Arizona wanted her to be happy.
  • Like most seasons, spent the majority of the time saying oneliners.
  • Raised one eyebrow a lot.
  • She left.


  • Tried to meddle. Everywhere, all the time. Bless her.


  • Sat on a rocking horse at dinner.
  • Followed Jo Wilson round like a puppy.


  • Managed to get through the divorce still looking pretty.
  • Gave dating advice to Meredith.
  • Became a DILF.


  • Spent majority of time being cryptic.
  • Got jealous of Stephanie at work.
  • Lived in Meredith’s shadow somewhere.
  • Owned a gun.
  • Actually married and called Regina George.


  • Can’t have sex with you.
  • Had sex with DeLuca instead.
  • Tried desperately hard to keep Lady Cheif Trifecta together.
  • Fell in love with bacon. Oh, and Nathan. But mainly bacon.


  • Was late for work a lot due to carpool.
  • Fought for a salary she actually deserved.
  • Started dating.
  • Took Owen’s side but actually ended up sleeping with Riggs.
  • Just about tollerated Amelia by the time she was her bridesmaid.
  • Got attacked and had her jaw wired shut.
  • Made us all cry over a blanket.


  • Became Chief of Lady Place.
  • Went back to bossing people around. Thank God.
  • Never let her silly husband’s wounded ego get to her.


  • Found out where the scrubs were.
  • Got punched a lot.
  • Bought Amelia a vodka tonic.
  • Riled Owen up without doing much.
  • Accidentally made 2/3rds of Lady Cheif Trifecta fall in love with him.


  • Was missed as chief.
  • Admitted he felt relieved.
  • Punched Nathan. Hard.
  • Became Prince Charming.
  • Realised everything does actually need to be talked about.
  • Got married.


  • Put her hand up.
  • Turned out to be a cracking surgeon.
  • Stole Callie from us.


  • As in all seasons, proved that he will always be the chief.
  • Tried to unmeddle everything Catherine meddled.
  • Found out his biological daugher was a wildcat.
  • Gave Meredith some good fatherly advice.


  • Struggled to deal with a patient in pain because of her childhood.
  • Got put in her place by her boss.
  • Fell in love with Guitar Hero… who’s now dead, obviously.

Willing to add suggestions!

The Callie Chronicles

Someone asked for a flipped version of the Arizona chronicles so here it is.


“Knock knock,” Owen whispered in Amelia’s ear as he slipped his arm over her body and groped her breast twice in unison with the words, “is anyone home?”
“At 7 in the morning?” Amelia queried sleepily yet amusedly, looking at the red numbers on the clock by his bedside table, “I suppose so.”
He grinned and moved around so that he was on top of her now, placing a peck on her lips, “Good morning.” He moved to her neck, giving it the attention that he knew she desired before moving to her chest.
“Morning sex?” she asked aloud, grinning at him, “What did I do to deserve this?”
“Nothing,” he hummed, returning to her lips. He parted his mouth and let his tongue slip into hers, meeting a slow moving, warm one on the other side. His left hand held her face by the back of her neck while his right hand glided along her side, down beneath the covers. She gasped into his mouth when she felt one of his fingers already inside of her and grasped onto the hair at the back of his neck as his tongue mimicked what his finger was doing.
“Well, Sofia and I are off,” Callie said, knocking and walking into the bedroom. She screamed panically when she saw the two and covered Sofia’s eyes, hoping she would never remember this day and not ask any questions about it later. Amelia pulled the cover up over her and Owen, seeing as Owen’s had was preoccupied before, and both looked back shockingly at Callie.
“You didn’t tell me Shepherd would be over,” Callie whined, “now my kid and I are scarred for life!”
“I did tell you, actually,” Owen muttered impatiently, looking down at the amused, icy blue eyes below him.
“Oh my god,” Callie murmured, feeling horridly embarrassed, “was the concert last night?”
Owen simply looked at Callie, not even bothering to say yes.
“Oh my god,” she cried, basically running out of the apartment, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Both the doctors laughed when they heard the front door slam, their embarrassment from before dissipated.

“Up or Cars?” Owen asked the little girl next to him on the floor as they scrolled through a catalog of movies.
“Up, please,” Sofia answered politely, digging her hand into the large bowl of popcorn between her and Owen. He pressed play and then laid back on the floor, his back resting against the front of the couch as they watched the first few seconds of the movie pass by. A question had been pestering the little girl since this morning and, a few minutes into the movie, she finally worked up the courage to ask him.
“Owen,” Sofia said in a soft voice.
“Yeah?” he responded, not taking his eyes off the movie.
“Why were you giving kisses to Dr. Shepherd this morning?”
The question caused Owen to choke on a kernel and he had to drink half his glass of water before he could breathe again without coughing, “Um, because I’m her boyfriend?” He hoped that would answer her question but was slightly nervous when she began speaking again.
“Her boyfriend?” Sofia asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion, “but my mommy kisses girls and has a girlfriend so shouldn’t Dr. Shepherd kiss girls and have one too?”
“Well,” Owen began, not sure how to explain that Amelia wasn’t gay, “girls don’t have to kiss other girls. They can kiss boys too if they want.”
“Does that mean you can kiss boys too?” Sofia pursued further, just to clarify.
“Necessarily, yes,” Owen chuckled, “but I don’t think I like boys.”
“Oh,” Sofia said softly, “okay.” Owen breathed a sigh of relief when Sofia went back to focusing on the movie. A few minutes later, somewhere in the movie where the couple had grown old, Sofia asked Owen, “Do you want to grow old with Dr. Shepherd?”
“I do,” Owen answered simply as if it was the most normal thing he could’ve said. Then after a few seconds, he added, “But don’t tell her that I said that.”
“Because she doesn’t know that I want to grow old with her.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t want to scare her,” Owen admitted to the little girl.
“Why would you scare her?” Sofia asked, raising one of her eyebrows at Owen.
“Sometimes,” Owen sighed, grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl, “sometimes, too much love can scare people away.”
“Is that why my mommy doesn’t live with my other mommy anymore?”
The question caught him off guard and he’d never felt more like his heart was breaking than he did then, “Something like that, yeah.”
Sofia smiled up at him before resting her head against his shoulder, “I hope she doesn’t run away. Her waffles taste nice and she’s pretty.”
“Yeah,” Owen agreed, “she is.”

Owen awoke to the silent whimpers of someone he assumed was crying. Disoriented and confused, he looked over at Amelia in his arms, but she was soundly asleep. Thinking he’d probably just been hearing things, Owen rested his head against the pillow once more and pressed a light kiss against Amelia’s hair, which caused her to unconsciously move closer into Owen’s chest. Then he heard it again, this time behind him.
“Callie?” Owen asked when he turned and saw her. Her shoulders were shaking as she tried to muffle her cries.
“I-I’m sorry,” Callie apologised, “I didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t mean to wake-”
“No, it’s okay,” he assured her, “What happened?”
“Penny broke up with me tonight,” she muttered through ragged breaths. Owen, ever the gentleman, lifted the cover that he and Amelia were sharing so that Callie could slip under. She wrapped her arms around his torso and tears stained the back of his shirt for the rest of the night as he tried to soothe her and find out what happened. The next morning, Amelia awoke with her eyes still closed and flipped over to snuggle into Owen’s chest. She was about to hang her arm over his torso, but she weirdly felt another arm there that had taken her spot already. She opened her eyes wide and looked over Owen’s shoulder with knitted eyebrows.
“Owen,” Amelia said in a curious tone, stirring the red head awake, “Why is Callie in the bed spooning you?” Owen mumbled a few incoherent words before mindlessly placing a kiss in a random place on Amelia’s face and falling back asleep. Amelia laid her head back on her pillow, kept her hands to herself and stared awkwardly, too uncomfortable to fall back asleep and too lazy to come out of bed at such an early hour. She also didn’t want to leave Owen in bed alone with Callie, not fearful that he would cheat, despite feeling slightly unnerved and jealous that she was spooning him, but because she didn’t know what would be weirder, all three of them waking up together or just Callie and Owen waking up together.



In Julia Hutchinson’s One Lucky Bride, Sara suffers through a series of disastrous and hilarious proposals as she tries to find a bride to marry by 7:00 PM in order to earn her inheritance!

In Under The Oak Trees by Sally Jane Thompson, Abby is impressed by Chris’ passion as she listens in on his presentation to the Young Entrepreneurs Summit.

In Walk It Off by Suzana Harcum and Owen White, Penny and Kat soak in New York then hit the road and set out on their cross-country adventure!

vanessabellcalloway: Shot 2 great episodes @shondarhimes Greys Anatomy @greysabc @therealdebbieallen with great cast @chandra_wilson @therealsararamirez @jessicacapshaw @giacomo_gianniotti @samanthasloyanfans @jimpickins directed by @therealkevinmckidd LOVE LOVE this cast! It was a joy to work with them all! Thanks for your warmth & kindness Look out for my episodes tweeples! ☺️


Fresh Romance #9

Publisher: Emet Comics
(W) Julia Hutchinson, Sally Jane Thompson, Owen White (A) Julia Hutchinson, Sally Jane Thompson, Suzana Harcum (CA) Julia Hutchinson

In One Lucky Bride, a charming tale by Julia Hutchinson, Sara, a young entrepreneur on the verge of bankruptcy, discovers that she is heir to a fortune. But there’s a catch-she needs to get married by 7:00 PM!

In Under The Oak Trees by Sally Jane Thompson, Abby, an assistant groundskeeper at a forest lodge in Sherwood Forest, meets Chris, an ambitious compliance office for a large firm with a social enterprise on the side, while leading a nature hike.

In Walk It Off by Suzana Harcum and Owen White, Penny and Kat arrive in New York for a romantic getaway. When Penny surprises Kat by changing up their itinerary, their trip alters course and the pair set off on a cross country trek that will test their new relationship.

Digital Release Date: 25th May 2017

Affection, acceptance and unconditional love. We all want it. We all look for it. But when we find it it’s flat out terrifying. Because just as quickly as we may have found it, it can disappear. And we’re back out there in the cold. Alone.
—  Meredith grey, Odd Man Out

What happens when the gloves come off and you stop hiding behind your mask? What’s your next move? Do you take your best shot and see where it lands, or do you hang back, waiting, and see if you get sucker punched? It’s your move. You can either retreat or go out swinging. So, whatcha gonna do?

Meredith Grey 12x17 I Wear the Face

Things Change Pt.13

True talk, I almost cried while writing this, that’s how terrible this chapter is. I got mad at myself, that’s how terrible this chapter is. Read at your own risk.

Part 12

She was looking at him when it happened. She was turned away from the window; from the car that T-boned her side of the SUV. The look of pure shock on Derek’s face, milliseconds before she heard the bloodcurdling sound of metal colliding, was her only indication that something was about to happen. That was the last clear memory she’d had.

The first memory she’d had after that was when she was taken into the ER. When she opened her eyes, everything hurt. Her head, her arm, her leg and her back. And her stomach…

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So basically, Owen is shutting out Amelia (this is new), Amelia and Meredith are fighting (woah, it was like two episode that this didn’t happen, I missed it) and Amelia is really mad at Penny and Meredith is mean girling the new guy, who’s done something so bad he gets punched in the face by Owen (weird I thought they were friends) 

Never would have guessed


(Sunglasses: Vintage / Earrings: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Denim jacket: Melrow / Pants: Stylist’s own / Bra & Mesh Stockings: Model’s own) 

Photographer: Lee Seung Hoon / Stylist: Jung Min Young / Makeup artist: Jason Choi / Hair stylist: Jang Su Il / Videographer: Cowkite Jun / Translator: Sharon Cho

Exclusively shot and interviewed for Korean Model blog.

(All outfits are Vintage except for earrings from H&M)

Name /  이름:  

Agency / 에이전시: 

  • YG Kplus

Height / 키: 

  • 179cm

Hometown / 고향: 

  • Seoul / 서울

The best thing about your hometown: / 고향에 대해 제일 좋은 점: 

  • 다양한 문화의 변화를 빠르게 느낄 수 있다. / You get to see the rapid changes that have happened to Korean culture.

Favorite musician or band / 좋아하는 가수/아티스트:

  • Ramones, Generation X, the Vibrators, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky

Favorite movie or TV show / 좋아하는 영화나 드라마/프로그램: 

  • Star Wars series, Matrix series, Pulp Fiction, Lola Rennt, Sesame Street

Favorite brand or designer / 가장 좋아하는 브랜드/디자이너: 

  • Hermes, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, 99% is -. (by Bajowoo)

Place you would like to visit / 가보고 싶은 곳

  • London, New York / 런던, 뉴욕 

(All outfits are Vintage except for bikini top from Orangedokkabi)

What song do you have on repeat at the moment? / 요즘 자주 듣는 음악은 뭔가요?

  • I listen to Psytrance often. Other than that, I listen to Korean indie bands. The songs I usually have on repeat are Bad Trip’s “Rain Drop,” Laika’s “Galaxy Express,” and the soon-to-be-released single from ‘Heynam Sin X PATiENTS’ called “Night Flight.” / 종종 Psytrance 음악들을 듣는다. 그외엔 한국 인디밴드들의 노래를 듣고 있다. 특히 자주 재생하는 음악은 Bad Trip - Rain Drop, Galaxy Express - Laika, 그리고 곧 발매될 ‘Heynam sin X PATiENTS’ 싱글에 수록될 곡 '야간비행(Night Flight)’. 

Describe your idea of a perfect day: / 당신의 이상적인 하루를 설명해보세요.

  • I wake up early in the morning and go for a light run by the Han River. After having a coffee, I have a model shoot and get together with my band members in the evening. Then at night, I go to the bar I operate, Club Steel Face, and have a drink with my friends and colleagues. I’d probably think of a perfect day as a day where I can do everything that I can and make the most of it. / 아침 일찍일어나서 가볍게 한강을 뛰고 커피를 마신다음 모델일과 관련된 촬영을 하고 저녁엔 밴드 멤버들과 합주, 그리고 밤에는 내가 운영중인 bar 'Club Steel Face’ 에서 동료들과 술을 한 잔 하는 것. 내가 할 수 있는 모든 것을 해 보는 하루가 되지 않을까 싶다. 

Summer / Winter? / 여름 아니면 겨울?

  • Summer!!! / 여름!!! 

What’s your coffee order? / 커피는 주로 무엇을 마시나요?

  • Starbucks venti iced Americano. There’s nothing better in getting rid of face swelling. / 스타벅스 아이스 아메리카노 벤티 사이즈. 붓기 빼는데 이만한게 없다. 

What are the things that you got far too many of? / 뭔가 너무 많이 가지고 있는것이 있나요?

  • I’m collecting Star Wars figurines. I especially have a lot of Stormtrooper figurines. / 스타워즈 피규어를 모으고 있다. 특히 스톰트루퍼의 피규어를 가장 많이 가지고 있다. 

What are the things you always bring when you’re going out? / 나갈때 항상 가지고가는 것은 무엇인가요?

  • Wallet and iPhone. I usually travel lightly. / 카드지갑과 아이폰. 가볍게 다니는 편이다.

(Sunglasses: Vintage / Earrings: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Denim jacket: Melrow / Pants: Stylist’s own / Bra & Mesh Stockings: Model’s own)

Describe your personal style in 3 words./ 당신의 스타일을 세가지 단어로 설명해보세요.

  • Punk, Rock & Roll, Feminine / 펑크, 락앤롤, 여성스러움. 

What’s 1 item in your closet you would never throw away? / 당신의 옷장에 있는 것중에 꼭 못 버리는 한가지는 무엇인가요?

  • The black rider jacket from ‘99% is -.’ / '99% is -.’ 의 블랙 라이더 자켓 

One piece of clothing you’d love to own? / 소장하고 싶은 한가지 옷은?

  • A fake fur coat with minimalist design / 미니멀한 디자인의 페이크 퍼 코트. 

What style advice can you give for girls (or guys) out there? / 다른 여자들(이나 남자들)한테 들일 스타일 정보가 있나요?

  • Mix and match will always be cool. / 믹스매치는 언제나 쿨하다. 

What keeps you up at night? / 밤에 잠 못 이루게 하는것은 뭔가요?

  • Quentin Tarantino movies and wine, the heat of Korean summers / 쿠엔틴 타란티노의 영화들과 와인, 올여름 한국의 열대야. 

What is the last thing you googled (search on the internet)? / 마지막으로 검색해본것은 무엇인가요?

  • Recent works of Sex Pistols vocalist Johnny Rotten / 밴드 Sex Pistols의 보컬 Johnny Rotten의 근황. 

If you had a super power, what would it be? / 초능력이 있다면 어떤 초능력을 가지고 싶으세요?

  • Eternal youth / 불로불사 

(All outfits are Vintage except for earrings from H&M)

How do you stay fit? / 몸매 관리는 어쩧게 하세요?

  • I eat in small portions and exercise. I think it’s important to have a set routine to stay fit. / 적게 먹고 운동하기. 정석으로 관리하는 것이 가장 확실하다. 

What is your beauty routine? / 당신의 뷰티 루틴은 뭔가요?

  • At home, I only use an oil cleanser and a moisturizing cream. I’m frequently meeting with dermatologists and dermatology clinics. I go with makeup that accents my eyes. / 홈케어는 클렌징 오일과 수분크림 한가지로만 한다. 피부과나 피부관리실을 자주 찾는다. 메이크업은 언제나 눈을 강조하는 편이다. 

What’s one subject you could talk about for at least 10 minutes? / 당신이 10분동안 얘기할 수 있는 주제는 뭔가요?

  • Punk rock music and bands of the 70s / 70년대 Punk rock 음악들과 밴드들 

What were you like as a child? / 어릴때 어떤 아이였나요?

  • I was quiet and hid my face a lot so I wouldn’t stand out. I was always in a corner reading books. / 조용하고 낯을 많이 가려서 눈에 띄지 않았다. 항상 구석에서 책을 읽고 있었다. 

What’s one thing you would never miss? Something that you’re happy to say goodbye to? / 두번 다시 안봐도 행복할 것이 있나요?   

  • People who are mean for no reason, all poseurs. / 이유없이 불친절한 사람들, all poseurs

What is the best advice that you have ever received? / 당신이 받았던 최고의 조언은 무엇이었나요?

  • The advice from my band members to start modeling. / 모델일을 시작해보라는 밴드 멤버의 조언. 

(All outfits are Vintage except for bikini top from Orangedokkabi)

You’re currently in 2 different rock bands, Dives and Heynam Sin and Patients, what is your role in this 2 bands and what’s different between this 2 bands in terms of music? / 지금 “다이브스”랑 “신해남과 환자들” 두 록 밴드에 있는데, 이 밴드들에 역할들은 뭡니까? 이 두 밴드의 음악은 어떻게 다르나요?

  • In ‘DiVES,’ I write play songs and bass guitar. In ‘Heynam Sin X PATiENTS’ I sing and play guitar. I perform similar songs in both bands but the presence of a keyboard player in ‘Heynam Sin X PATiENTS’ does help to give the songs a very different feel. / 'DiVES’ 에서는 노래와 베이스기타를 맡고 있고 'Heynam Sin X PATiENTS’ 에서는 노래를 부르면서 기타를 친다. 두밴드 모두 같은 곡들을 연주하지만 'Heynam Sin X PATiENTS’ 에는 건반 연주자가 있기 때문에 곡의 느낌이 아주 많이 달라진다.

Which is harder: modeling or playing in a band? And why? / 모델링이 더 어려운가요, 밴드 활동이 더 어려운가요? 왜 그런가요?

  • Both are sometimes easy and fun, and other times difficult but still fun. Either way, I still have a good time. / 둘 다 때로는 쉽고 재미있고 때로는 어렵고 재미있다. 어쨌든 재미있다. 

What it’s like to be the only girl in a rock band? / 록 밴드의 유일한 여자인데, 어때요?

  • There’s nothing special about being a girl. / 여자여서 특별한 점은 없다. 

Can you speak about the dynamic between the members of the Heynam Sin and Patients? And how did you meet the other members? / “신해남과 환자들”의 멤버들 사이는 어떤가요? 그 멤버들을 어떻게 만났나요?

  • The other members of 'Heynam Sin x PATiENTS’ started in their own band called 'PATiENTS,’ which was under Steel Face Records like my band 'DiVES’ was. As music industry colleagues, we’ve been friends for a very long time as well. As band members left from 'DiVES’ and it became my one-man band, I received a lot of support since last year from the members of 'PATiENTS,’ and so 'Heynam Sin x PATiENTS’ just naturally fell into place and became a thing that we decided upon. / 그들은 'PATiENTS’ 라는 밴드로 개별적으로 활동 중이고 나의 밴드 'DiVES’ 와 함께 'Steel Face Records’ 의 동료이자 오랜시간을 함께한 친구들 이었다. 'DiVES’ 멤버들이 탈퇴를 하고 나의 원맨밴드가 되면서 작년부터 'PATiENTS’ 멤버들의 서포트를 받게 되었고 자연스럽게 'Heynam Sin X PATiENTS’ 가 결성되었다.

(Sunglasses: Vintage / Earrings: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Denim jacket: Melrow / Pants: Stylist’s own / Bra & Mesh Stockings: Model’s own)

What are the biggest influences in your music? Any specific artists? Eras in time? / 당신의 음악의 제일 영향을 끼치는것들이 무엇인가요? 특별한 가수들? 특별한 시대들?

  • I’ve been influenced a lot by the sound and attitude of 70’s punk rock. The things that make me happy and the things that make me mad also impact me, as well as the other bands around me who act as my peers. / 70년대 펑크록의 사운드와 태도에 영향을 많이 받았다. 나를 기쁘게 하는 것들, 나를 화나게 하는 것들에 영향 받고 또 함께 활동하고 있는 동료 밴드들에게도 영향을 받는다. 

Do you have a process as a band of putting the songs together? / 밴드로서 노래를 조립하는 방법이 있나요?

  • It’s different for every song. For some, I start with the content and lyrics, while for others, I start with the melody. No matter where I start though, it’s finished together with my band members. / 곡마다 다르다. 어떤 곡은 내용이나 가사부터, 어떤 곡은 멜로디부터 시작한다. 어디에서 시작이 되건 완성은 밴드의 멤버들과 함께 한다. / 

Any funny or memorable stories while performing? / 공연중에 웃긴 일이나 기억에 남는것이 있나요?

  • Last year’s opening party performance at Club Steel Face. There were a lot of audience members who helped to make it a fun time. / 작년 Club Steel Face 의 오픈 파티 공연. 많은 관객들이 함께 해서 즐거운 무대였다. 

Are there any artists you want to collaborate with in the future? Anyone on your mind? / 어느날 콜라보를 같이 하고 싶은분이 있나요?

  • Iggy Pop, Dum Dum Girls’ vocalist Dee Dee Penny, Girls’ Christopher Owen. / Iggy Pop, Dum Dum Girls의 보컬 Dee Dee Penny, Girls의 Christopher Owen 

What are your future goals for your band? / 밴드로서 미래의 꿈들이 뭔가요?

  • I’d like to continue singing songs that make me and others happy and have a good time. / 나를 그리고 당신을 신나게 해줄 노래들을 오래도록 부르고 싶다. 

(All outfits are Vintage except for earrings from H&M)\

How important is fashion in rock? / 패션이 록 음악에 얼마나 중요한가요?

  • Fashion and rock are companions. It works best when they go together. / 패션과 록은 친구다. 함께 있을 때 가장 즐겁다. 

How did you start modeling? / 어떻게 모델 일을 시작했나요?

  • One of the PATiENTS band members took a poster advertising a model contest off the street and showed it to me to tell me to apply. / 'PATiENTS’ 멤버중 한명이 길에 붙은 모델 컨테스트 포스터를 떼어와 보여주며 참가를 추천했다. 

What is your most memorable modeling job? / 제일 기억에 남는 슈트가 무엇인가요?

  • The fur outfits from the Fendi show five years ago on the ‘Floating Island’ on the Han River. There were threats from animal rights campaign protestors. / 5년전 한강 '플로팅 아일랜드’ 에서 있었던 펜디쇼의 fur 의상들. 동물보호단체의 시위대가 위협적이었다 

What is your dream modeling job? / 당신의 꿈의 모델 일은 무었인가요?

  • I’d like to shoot campaigns for the aforementioned brands that I like./ 위에 썼던 내가 좋아하는 브랜드들의 캠페인을 찍어 보고 싶다. 

What’s going through your mind when you’re modeling in front of the camera? / 카메라 앞에서 모델 일을 할 때 무슨 생각을 하시나요?

  • I empty my mind of all thoughts. I focus on the moment. /  생각을 비운다. 순간에 집중한다. 

What are the pros and cons of being a model? / 모델이 됨으로서 장점과 단점을 뭔가요?

  • I love all things about it. I love modeling. The only con would be that my life is too short to keep on doing it. / 모든 점이 다 좋다. 모델일을 사랑한다. 단점이라면 수명이 짧은 점. 

(Vintage leather jacket)

What would you do if you were not a model and musician? / 모델이 되지 않았다면 무엇을 했을까요?

  • I think I would’ve lived inconspicuously, working a small café or pub. / 작은 카페나 펍을 운영하며 눈에 띄지 않게 살았을 것 같다. 

What do you want to achieve in the future? / 미래에는 무엇을 이루고 싶나요?

  • My immediate goal is that of rock star. My goal for the distant future is to use that momentum to create more things that I want to do. / 우선은 록스타, 이후에는 그 여세로 더더욱 내가 하고 싶은 일들만 하겠다. 

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? / 10년 후, 무엇을 하고 있을 것 같나요?

  • I tend to not think that deeply about the future. I hope that the great and enjoyable things that are happening in my life right now do continue though. / 미래의 일에 대해 깊게 생각하지 않는다. 지금 재미있게 하고 있는 일들이 계속 이어졌으면 한다. 

Do you have any personal rules that you’ll never break?/ 절대로 깨지 않을 본인만의 룰은 있나요?

  • I don’t have any strictly set rules. I would like to stay clear of things that would lead me to having to go to the police station or jail though. / 깨지 못 할 룰은 없다. 다만 경찰서나 감옥에 갈 만한 일들은 하고싶지않다. 

One thing that people will be surprised to find out about you /  당신에 대해 놀라운 사실 한가지는 무엇인가요?

  • Nothing really special. It would be great if everything about me would be surprising and novel to others. / 특별히 없다. 나의 모든점을 놀라워해주었으면 좋겠다. 

(Sunglasses: Vintage / Earrings: H&M / Necklace: Forever 21 / Denim jacket: Melrow / Pants: Stylist’s own / Bra & Mesh Stockings: Model’s own)