penny needs to sleep

You know, I have wanted Arizona to reveal that she isn’t sexing it up for awhile. But I think I have changed my mind.

Because I think Callie’s need for Penny is just as dysfunctional as Arizona sleeping with a bunch of randoms.

This is old behavior that both fell into several years post divorce when the reality hit them that nothing was as good as each other and so they both settled into old patterns.

Callie, who was able to turn down the cop because he was boring and she deserved better, is now in a relationship with a boring, junior surgeon. They’ve already broken up a few times but Penny is better than alone.

Once Arizona realized Callie had found someone so much better than her (per Callie’s gushing) Arizona took off to find someone to love. That was her initial plan. A few months later, she gave up looking for love and settled back into sleeping with a bunch of random women she doesn’t care about.

Ultimately, they may both have realized beneath the surface that no one is better than the other, but neither feel like this is a possibility.

The interesting question for me becomes, once this is somehow shouted out in court or finally revealed in some fashion, what is next?

To me, it could play out two different ways:

1. They decide to take it slow and start to date and avoid skipping steps. Which means sometime late next season we could get them proposing.

2. The reality of marriage is finally, abundantly clear and Calzona get a post-it note marriage. It may happen in a church or by a minister and be 100% legal, but they literally do it in episode 23. NOT because things are perfect, but because they aren’t. And commiting when things are at their worst is what marriage is all about.

I have wanted them to have option 2 for a few years. I guess the title At Last gave me a smidgeon of hope.

After all, the lyrics…my lonely days are over…seem to fit them both to a t.