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Skyrim: A Penny for a Tale

Part 1 | Part 2 

I’m debating if I should put this story on AO3. Whatcha guys think? 

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Here is another thrilling adventure of @nikanono and my Skyrim characters. 


The Thief froze in place, her coat halfway over her head catching her in an awkward position with her arms stuck within the torso and sleeveless armholes.

“Um….my coat…has…wolf fur….so I just thought…”

Fey snorted,“It’s freezing outside put it back on…” she sighed, shaking her head as she reached out and grabbed the hem of her coat, roughly yanking it back down over her body, her head popping out of the neck hole. She yelped and shook her wild red hair that was frazzled and mussed up in the process.

Vi pouted, playful but she was particularly serious about it this time.

Since the revelation of Fey having beast blood in her veins, Vi couldn’t stop the wolf jokes, in good taste mind you. Distant howling in the woods, Vi quietly commented on her family calling out to her or when they had lost their way she playfully suggested sniffing at the walls and the like. Fey rolled her eyes, but secretly did take a whiff at the air and instantly became aware of their surroundings. But she didn’t need to tell her that.

However upon realizing that her entire coat was lined with dark grey wolf fur, she was suddenly beginning to feel bad.

”…I appreciate the thought but I’m not offended”

Not convinced, her pout deepened into a small glare, reluctantly readjusting herself back into her coat before crossing her arms defiantly.

“Vi really it’s ok” Fey laughed, watching her huff, conceding for now.

“Fine but…I’m going to brood about it anyway” she grumbled, continuing to follow Fey through the wilds.

She laughed and shook her head,“Brooding is my job”

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aesthetics meme » penny dreadful (requested by vanessayves)
And now the rest of the tale. So we were cleaved apart; two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to Hell. And thus will be set in eternal enmity, my brother on Earth to feed on the blood of the living by night and myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the mother of evil.

The Devil’s Carnival Starters

“I was watching the movie and got inspired to make some sentence starters. Feel free to use or ignore.

  1. “If you like those, you’ll love this.”
  2. “There are rules. Rules of nature, rules of man.”
  3. “C’mon, I’m not gonna bite.”
  4. “Did you like that?”
  5. “Cover my eyes.”
  6. “Trust me.”
  7. “Sire, the guests have arrived.”
  8. “Tell me how to get outta here!”
  9. “I’m tryin’ to find this diamond– this map is completely confusing.”
  10. “Fetch me a supervisor at once.”
  11. “Hello, hello, hello, beautiful stranger.”
  12. “How familiar the danger..”
  13. “Shadow takes all, my pet.”
  14. “The knife in my back– it reminds me of you.”
  15. “Let me tell you a tale for a penny.”
  16. “That greed, it’ll kill ya.”
  17. “Bleed for a sinner.”
  18. “Come on, you’re starting to scare me.”
  19. “Never tasted as sweet a poison as you have.”
  20. “You’re a bad little love and you’re mine.”
  21. “How many kisses do you need?”
  22. “What a pretty and dangerous line, my love.”
  23. “Stay the hell away from me!”
  24. “And where will your little son sleep?”
  25. “Drown in your beautiful grief.”
  26. “Don’t you ever run away from me again.”
  27. “The boy died a clean death.”
  28. “So help me god, I will kill you.”
  29. “I’m not in the business of murdering innocent children.”
  30. “I was so looking forward to having you as a guest in my carnival; over and over again.”
  31. “You… let one of them go, sire?”
  32. “My friend, the rules are changing.”
  33. “We’re putting heaven out of business.”

devil/demon-kin playlist

“Ye who enter, abandon all hope.”
-Dante Alighieri, ‘Inferno’

i. fire coming out of the monkey’s head  gorillaz  ii. damnation  owlvision  iii. matangi  M.I.A iv. mojo’s future crunch  x-men genesis  v. intimate  crystal castles  vi. house of 1000 corpses  rob zombie  vii. paradise circus  massive attack  viii. a penny for a tale  the devils carnival ost  ix. temptation  tom waits  x. meow  cyriak  xi. me!me!me!  teddyloid  xii. don’t mess with me  temposhark  xiii. deep sea city underground  reol  xiv. wormboy  marilyn manson  xv. body  mother mother ☩

art by Smirtouille

Case File #288.

File Date: September 16, 1870

There are few within the ranks of the Watchers who do not, by now, know the name Carmilla.

Born Mircalla Karnstein in the Styria region of Austria, as the daughter of a count Carmilla lived a charmed life, given everything and wanting nothing. And yet, her status could not save her from the wiles of an unknown vampire, who killed and sired Mircalla at the age of eighteen. Now calling herself Carmilla, the newly-risen vampire joined a nest, whereupon she rose through their ranks as a favoured, cunning and cultured sister.

In the winter of 1698, the nest went too far in their predations in Styria, drawing the attention of the Slayer of the day, Auda Vordenburg, from Germany. Vordenburg, like Carmilla, descended from nobility, and like her prey she too had been called to a life of violence against her will. Yet such are the forces at work in this world, inexorably drawing Auda and Carmilla together. In the end, the nest was annihilated, with Auda dying in the last grand battle in the village of Karnstein, destroying much of the town in the process. It was assumed by Auda’s Watcher that Carmilla had died as well, writing it as satisfying fact in the last entry of his diary. He was wrong.

In 1761, Carmilla was spotted in Brittany, but she eluded demon hunters in the region, including the much-feared Daniel Holtz. She faded from sight once more, disappearing for nearly a century and once again assumed to be no more than dust. Again, we were wrong.

Carmilla reappeared in her long-ago home of Styria in the summer of 1860. Some of the details are of a sort too sordid to parse here in our hallowed archives, but suffice to say that Carmilla had her way with the maiden daughter of a retired Englishman, called here LH and SH to protect the family’s honor.

It was rumored that LH had precognitive visions of the following events, though some Watchers have supposed this to be a fanciful accounting by second-hand witnesses, possibly inspired by tales of the famed vampire Drusilla (conflating assailant and victim). Regardless, LH was clearly chosen as a new favourite by Carmilla. Befouling LH’s mind, and later, body, Carmilla befriended the girl under the most false of pretenses, even managing to fool SH into taking her into their household as a temporary ward.

Carmilla’s deranged merriment came to an end by way of a certain Austrian general, Spielsdorf. The General was supposed to bring his niece, Bertha Rheinfeldt, to visit SH some time earlier, but was delayed when Bertha fell ill from blood loss. Spielsdorf discovered a friend of Bertha’s, named Millarca, in her bedchamber.

Suspecting the worst, the General chased “Millarca” from his home with his sword, but Bertha died moments later. Soon, SH and the General endevoured to make an investigation of their own, but accomplished little until an acquaintance of SH’s contacted our Council.

The Slayer at the time, Malika Khayyam, was dispatched along with her Watcher, the preeminent Dr. Hesselius. General Spielsdorf foolishly insisted on accompanying the pair, following them to the village of Karnstein, where Carmilla had battled another Slayer so many years earlier. At the entrance to the ruined town, they were surprised by Baron Achille Vordenburg, the descendant of the Slayer, Auda, and keeper of his ancestor’s secrets. The quartet confronted Carmilla together, certain in their number of victory.

They found the vampire alone inside an old chapel, bereft at the loss of LH, who’d been spirited far away to Italy by her father. Despondent though she was, Carmilla resisted mightily, hacking off Spielsdorf’s head with his own axe and mortally wounding Vordenburg as well. Through their combined efforts, however, Carmilla was staked through the back, then felled by a sword to the throat, all but severing her head. In the chaos, the chapel was set ablaze, and Dr. Hesselius and Malika left the vampire to burn.

Somehow, Hesselius’s diary was taken from our archives and fell into the hands of a ridiculous author named Sheridan Le Fanu. With some effort, we have returned the diary to our care, yet not soon enough to prevent Le Fanu from exploiting what he believed to be fanciful writings for his own gain. In what amounts to little more than a heftier penny dreadful, Le Fanu exposed for all and sundry the sordid tale of Carmilla. Thankfully, through Le Fanu’s presumptive deviations from the tale and the fact that Carmilla is finally dead, we can at last lay this matter to rest.

Addendum, fd.1999: It would seem that our own presumptions got the best of our number yet again. Myriad reports in the last year have placed Carmilla in, implausibly, Styria yet again, and perhaps more believably, Canada. Time will tell if this beast will truly rear her ugly head once more, but we should not count Carmilla among the dead just yet.


“World’s Most Rocking Agent”

Give it up for the most rocking agent in Paris and the entire world! 

Art Request for @teammiraculous:

2nd Place Winner of my “LittleMissSquiggles’ 25th  Birthday of Stars” Birthday game.

 Thank you once again for taking part in my game and congratulations on being one of the winners. I hope you like the final art request. This is my first time squiggling the lovely Penny Rolling from Miraculous. It was really cool capturing her in my style and for what it’s worth, I hope I did her justice. Enjoy the art everyone, especially you @teammiraculous.

Stay tune for more squigglustrations coming your way, star kids!   (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

For more Miraculous fanart by yours truly, please do click the link below for more squiggly awesomeness! Ciao for now peeps!

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

anonymous asked:

Kiss meme #6 jagged stone/Penny rolling please

#6 - On the Lips (cute)

This gave me cavities, I hope you’re happy

Jagged Stone and Penny Rolling - The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir


“The Devil Carnival Movie ” 

The Devil’s Carnival is a 2012 musical horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Briana Evigan, Jessica Lowndes, Paul Sorvino,  Terrance Zdunich and Emilie Autumn .


Submitted by  grace-for-sale. (OMG I can see it now. Dean singing Grief, thinking how it strangely reminds him of his father. Castiel getting confused by the lyrics and message of Prick Goes The Scorpions Tale. Sam getting flashbacks from his dark ‘greedy’ days with Ruby from A Penny For A Tale. Castile and Dean singing a duet to In All My Dreams I Drown.) 

Genuine question regarding The Devil’s Carnival

What was the girl from the Frog and the Scorpion section doing in Hell? 

No, seriously. Why was she there? 

The Penny a Tale girl was an obvious and unapologetic criminal, the literal embodiment of greed and gluttony. 

For a long time, rigidly conservative Christianity considered suicide to be a Hell-worthy sin, so that explains the Father character (plus it seemed to be implied that he was at least partially responsible for his son’s abduction/death). And even then, he gets redeemed at the end.  

But from the intro, it looked like Frog girl was fleeing from (And most likely murdered by?) an abusive boyfriend. Like, what was her Hell-worthy sin? Was this the aftermath of some elaborate scheme that she emerged from with the blood of innocents on her hands? Did she help him kill someone else? Did she help plot a huge anarchist-type attack on innocent people? Was she secretly running a to-the-death fighting ring for guinea pigs? WHY WAS SHE THERE WHAT DID SHE DO

The Devil’s Carnival [Sentence Meme]

adjust pronouns and such as needed

  • “A rebel in Hell–how original.”
  • “Though those grapes look green hanging down from Heaven’s vine!”
  •  “Take only what you need? Well, I need it all!”
  • “Where is your little son lost, ___?”
  •  “Who’s a guy gotta mystify to get in on tonight’s action?”
  • “Need I remind you of the rules?”
  • “Our guests have arrived, sire.”
  • “Welcome to my gates, you gay and lucky souls!”
  • “You can’t help but fall for my humble hole.”
  • “I serve ordinary sinners and extraordinary ones!”
  • “Bring your brothers! Bring your fools! And daughters if you’ve got ‘em, they’re a lot of fun.”
  • “Bring the whole damn family cause my belly’s never full.”
  • “Run, little blind mice, scurry down the trail.”
  • “I’ve bedtime tales and fables for your greedy hearts!“
  • “How they end depend on how you play your part.”
  • “Unfortunately, how you played your part has got you here.”

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‘The Devil’s Carnival’ sentence meme (2nd edition)

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “But I don’t want to go to sleep.”
  • “How quickly we forget the sting, my love.”
  • “Welcome to my games, you gay and lucky souls!”
  • “Hello, beautiful stranger.”
  • “You’re a tough little tadpole to love.”
  • “How they end depend on how you play your part.”
  • “Trust me, honeydew, just like I trust you.”
  • “You can’t help but fall.”
  • “Let’s drink to true love.”
  • “Cross your heart and hope to die, it’s off to Hell we go.”
  • “You’re drowning in the grief.”
  • “Pray we get there soon.”
  • “How many kisses do you need?”
  • “Let me tell you a tale for a penny.”
  • “Now, let’s play a game.”
  • “Remember that you were warned.”
  • “There’s a chaos that rests at the heart of this beast.”
  • “Scold me, hold me, I’ll be yours to keep.”
  • “Babe, you’re a hard game to catch.”
  • “Hush now, hush love.”
  • “I could say that I’m hurt, but it wouldn’t be true.”
  • “That’s how a carnival grows, my son.”
  • “As you’ll note, the rules are clearly stated, even illustrated and enumerated.”
  • “You know you never can hide.”
  • “There are consequences, morbid consequences.”
  • “Come here for redemption.”
  • “We’re like moths to the flame.”
  • “You’re a bad little love, and you’re mine…”