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Okay so the next episode will be troublemaker. I don’t know why but I feel like the person alumatized will be Jagged Stone’s assistant Penny rolling. Maybe because they could put a pun into troublemaker as treblemaker but idk. COMPLETELY ALTERNATIVELY, it could FINALLY have Juleka’s brother Luka in it. I’m so excited for his appearance ughhhhhhhh

EDIT: I just watched the sdcc( I think it’s called ) read and it is penny and she gets akumatized. I can’t wait either way.
OK, if you're looking for something to watch this Halloween season but don't feel like watching a bunch of movies...

Please watch Penny Dreadful.

This show is a horror lover’s dream; taking old gothic horror tales like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Picture of Dorian Gray and twisting the stories around and combining them into a new narrative. 

It only ran for three seasons, but each of the episodes are fantastic; and honestly, I don’t think it needed to be longer.  Though I would have kept watching it if it were!

The cast is absolutely flawless.  Every actor gives strong, nuanced performances; but dear God, Eva Green as Vanessa is a frickin’ force of nature.  Her performance is so strong you can’t take your eyes off her. 

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The rest of the cast is just as amazing, featuring great actors like Timothy Dalton, Rory Kinnear, Billie Piper and Josh Hartnett (whose pictures I may have had on my wall as a teenager).

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And it is gorgeously shot and creepy and wonderful and seriously, I could talk about how much I love this show for hours so go watch it!  It’s on Netflix!

It is definitely worth your time.

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Penny for a Tale

It had been exactly one month, two weeks, and five days since she had woken in Vault 111. Veata knew because she had carved each and every single day that had since passed into the steel. Sometimes she would be gone for a few days and at other times an entire week, but she returned each time to the vault to mark her passage on its husk. She despised Vault 111. Her initial days in the Wastelands had been nothing but gut-wrenching disorientation too much to process all at once. When she had returned calmer however and stolen back into the derelict vault she had taken the time to read each and every single record she could access through the terminal. It was not the deceit that had taken place there that fed the vile fires that burned in her blood, but what the failure of the vault staff permitted to occur years later. Her husband was murdered and her son taken.

Piper had been the one to offer the name of a band of mercenaries she might recruit the aid of. The fact of the matter was that for as sparse as her leads were it took a good portion of time to follow the trail of even just one. Veata possessed neither the experience to travel as far into the Wastelands as necessary nor the means to sustain herself in a single-minded pursuit. She needed someone that could follow through on other such rumors themselves to cut down on time. Mercenaries were the ideal solution to the dilemma. It would cost her however more than she possessed. Even after bartering off as much of her inventory as she could manage at best Veata had only a hundred caps or so to her name. It might be enough to hire a single mercenary for a week, but she would not be able to sustain more than that. 

Goodneighbor. From where she stood she could only just make out the furthermost edges of the settlement. Known for its widespread criminal activities she had been taught only two things mattered to its residents: style and body count. Veata did not possess much of either. She turned her profile to the settlement of exiles and sank down on one of the larger rocks with face in hand. When she had fled from Vault 111 there had been so much adrenaline that the resulting memories were only a bur, but she knew she had been crying with every step. Even now her husband’s ring hung from her neck hidden beneath the vault suit heavier than any sin, but the tears were harder to find. She was exhausted because it was easier to push herself further every hour than it was to remember when there was silence.

Veata did not know how long she sat as the exhaustion seeped from her bones and into her blood, but it was a strangled cry of a bird in the distance that brought the female back to her feet. It would not be much farther. Only a mile past the settlement she would find the usual haunt of the mercenaries, and much like it’s neighbor appearances would matter here. She cut the emotion from her face and took deep, measured breaths to calm herself as she approached the marked location. It was much smaller than Goodneighbor, but likely as dangerous. At the edge of its perimeter she paused in sight of two men that stood near on guard. Their eyes glanced her up and down in appraisal and she knew they saw nothing of a threat in her. So very few did. She met their eyes however body language poised and diminutive as she spoke in her soft tones, “I need to speak to your leader; I have a job for him.”

MIRACULOUS LADYBUG SEASON 2 WAIT TIME KILLER: INSPECTOR GADGET 2015 (it's like Miraculous Ladybug except more of a joke)

If you’re an antsy bug like me, you’re probably trying to find time to kill while waiting for Miraculous Ladybug season 2 this December.



Some of you have probably have seen this show before, you may like it, you may not. 

Hear me out, it gets better. Now before you kill me for advertising what seems like a low level smol child show, with ridiculous and idiotic characters, let me state some similarites between Miraculous Ladybug and Inspector Gadget that fans may be looking for.

1. That villain who like never wins

Yeah that’s right, that plotting Hawk Moth from Ladybug is fully comparable to the maniacal Dr. Claw from Gadget !

They constantly plot against their nemesis,  but never really succeed. It might happen eventually, who knows.

Even more, they yell that phrase; “I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME” at the end of like every episode.

2. The cliché plot/ that thing where you only have to watch one episode to get the main idea


OK so everyone is shipping Chat Noir  with Ladybug. The slick dude with the sensible girl.


Except in this show, it’s more like a love/hate relationship between a girl named Penny and a boy named Talon.

What do I mean, you ask? Well you’re going to have to watch the show to find out!



Now for my honest opinion

This show is also more crammed as in saying there are two 10 minute episodes in one episode. Things escalate more quickly which is something I don’t  like too much. 

Even more, I want more character growth in this show….

BUT TALON x PENNY is life and it’s the only thing keeping me interested!

You’ll understand. 

Is there really anything more to say?

Oh wait, yes. Inspector Gadget himself is a complete fool.

Also, the show MAY be cancelled.

Season 4 is in pending but the show doesn’t seem too popular for it to happen. That is why we need YOU to watch it on Netflix to bump that popularity up.

And I don’t care if you have it running in the back while you’re cutting carrots in the kitchen, just give it popularity XD

I might be completely wrong. I mean, Netflix doesn’t really give out view counts you know…

OK I’m way too lazy to type anymore.


Have a good one, reblog this thing, AND WATCH INSPECTOR GADGET! The new one! Not the old one!



aesthetics meme » penny dreadful (requested by vanessayves)
And now the rest of the tale. So we were cleaved apart; two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to Hell. And thus will be set in eternal enmity, my brother on Earth to feed on the blood of the living by night and myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the mother of evil.

Skyrim: A Penny for a Tale

Part 1 | Part 2 

I’m debating if I should put this story on AO3. Whatcha guys think? 

I feel like i havent posted anything in a long time. Sorry for the wait, work is killer on eating my time. Also sorry it’s not exactly what you followed me for but for the few of you that dig this….

Here is another thrilling adventure of @nikanono and my Skyrim characters. 


The Thief froze in place, her coat halfway over her head catching her in an awkward position with her arms stuck within the torso and sleeveless armholes.

“Um….my coat…has…wolf fur….so I just thought…”

Fey snorted,“It’s freezing outside put it back on…” she sighed, shaking her head as she reached out and grabbed the hem of her coat, roughly yanking it back down over her body, her head popping out of the neck hole. She yelped and shook her wild red hair that was frazzled and mussed up in the process.

Vi pouted, playful but she was particularly serious about it this time.

Since the revelation of Fey having beast blood in her veins, Vi couldn’t stop the wolf jokes, in good taste mind you. Distant howling in the woods, Vi quietly commented on her family calling out to her or when they had lost their way she playfully suggested sniffing at the walls and the like. Fey rolled her eyes, but secretly did take a whiff at the air and instantly became aware of their surroundings. But she didn’t need to tell her that.

However upon realizing that her entire coat was lined with dark grey wolf fur, she was suddenly beginning to feel bad.

”…I appreciate the thought but I’m not offended”

Not convinced, her pout deepened into a small glare, reluctantly readjusting herself back into her coat before crossing her arms defiantly.

“Vi really it’s ok” Fey laughed, watching her huff, conceding for now.

“Fine but…I’m going to brood about it anyway” she grumbled, continuing to follow Fey through the wilds.

She laughed and shook her head,“Brooding is my job”

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winter-chill  asked:

General nuts and dolts headcanons?

{ notes: hands down, my absolute favorite pairing. no discourse dares to interfere with it in the community and it is bursting in complete purity. my deepest apologies if these aren’t the most well written and if i went overboard, haha. but thanks so much for requesting and i hope you enjoy ❤ }


⭐ The key elements of RWBY were already fairly acquainted with Penny, as well as what peculiarities she’d cluelessly boast. Ruby doesn’t hurry to introduce her girlfriend to JNPR, Taiyang, Uncle Qrow or anyone holding relevancy. In hindsight, you might be flummoxed. But what I allude to isn’t corresponding to humans or faunus, as seen in Blake, Sun or Velvet’s case. How could their relational transcendence be neglected by the cutest pup to ever come into existence? Cordially, the quirky dolt would greet the yapping critter, “Oh, salutations, furry meat person!” Synthetic material doesn’t divert Zwei’s glee; they befriend one another in two milliseconds flat. Except when she catapults a stick so far across the world Ruby can’t find the poor puppy for a month.

⭐ Jeopardy is a rare sighting. There wouldn’t be much nitpicking the girls could community physically or verbally. Five percent of it comprises of arguments that couldn’t damage anything; fifteen perfection is perspiration leaking joy. The highest portion of eighty percent is fluff powerful enough to tear your heart into itty bitty pieces.

⭐ Location doesn’t take priority to them. Now, we shall document the activities of a mechanical cutie within her natural habitat, preying on a creature whose scientific classifications are “Miss Rose” or “Dolt” (according to Schnee specialists). The Polendina doesn’t make haste nor a sound. Once she has her eyes on “Ruby”, instincts take control as she pounces onto the prey. The predator almost suffocates her prey, appearing so, so, so, so very happy.

⭐ The animal kingdom would hook Penny by the metallic gills. To pacify her pleas, Ruby excavates the jungle with her girlfriend through the zoo’s access. Chipper as can be, an inventor’s greatest treasure would be stuck in a trance from every tooting elephant, cheering chimpanzee, zany zebra and more, declaring them close companions on the spot. But they aren’t allowed back after the incident with the bear.

⭐ Sensualism wouldn’t translate with nuts and dolts. Celibacy satisfies them. Although intercourse could dictate one’s intertwining with another soul, it hasn’t crossed their minds much, if at all.

⭐ Slumber parties of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Nora and Pyrrha are a notoriety to Beacon personnel. Spontaneousness, polarity, unpredictability and high strung personalities don’t brew the finest wine. An invitation for Penny to pitch in would be a recipe for disaster. Do you know how many noses she has broken in pillow fights?

⭐ Somehow Professor Polendina theorized installing jet wings in his daughter would be most appropriate - and she doesn’t splurge them carelessly. Sometimes the robot will pluck up her rose petal unexpectedly and send them soaring to a seventh Heaven.

⭐ Penny daydreams over what fairy tales are stored in Ruby’s library. She demands a bedtime story every night and pretends her equally socially awkward lover is a knight in shining armor and she is a damsel in distress. Well, a damsel in distress equipped with high class military weaponry.

⭐ Nicknames aren’t a convention adopted by the pair - the synthetic soul venerates her beloved’s name as is, and the rosebud doesn’t protest.

⭐ The weight of who dominates wouldn’t trample them. A couple composed of oblivious cutie patooties doesn’t require superiority. All they need are learning experiences.

⭐ Penny will never fathom Taiyang’s right to abominable dad jokes. Ever.

⭐ “Could you please impart your wisdom upon me, friend Yang? I wish to evoke a certain emotion from Ruby!” Lethal does not come anywhere in a close perimeter to define what stunts the fist fighter pulls. As half sisters, Yang has insight on what irks the young scythe wielder. Susceptible to oblivion, Penny would invite Ruby to her own funeral service without taking the outcome into account. The younger daughter will pursue her vengeance in due time.

⭐ Ruby can’t throw surprise parties for Penny following the last one, where she was on the cusp of detonation.

⭐ Kisses can be compared to the consumption of a strawberry shortcake: The softened ring outside entices one to unearth the rest as they are divulged in the center’s secrets. It is the Magnum Opus of climaxes, as the dessert’s denouement ties all loose ends with each savoring the chaste bliss.

⭐ Although she cannot ever replace what accessory her father gifted her with, the little Polendina would be rapturous giving new outfits a try. The two dolts would giggle mirthfully until their guts were busted in half, strutting their stuff.

⭐ Bouncing off the walls couldn’t epitomize how thrilled Penny would be to bake cookies. Anticipation of everything going swimmingly is denied. Batter sticks to the girls’ noses, flour covering them in white, eggshells on the counter is what the process commands. Their efforts would be rewarded with the flavorful explosion the batch brings.

⭐ Ruby can not believe she is the big spoon for once, and Penny needs to help to stop hyperventilating once she breaks the news. The robot pries on human body functions, paying close heed to the thumping of a heartbeat that is a melody she is hypnotized by.

⭐ Self conscious of her artificial composition, Penny would fret. Ruby would project solace down onto the inquisitive machine, “Just because you have nuts and bolts and not squishy gutd doesn’t make you any less real. You have a heart and soul, I can feel it.”

⭐ Insecurity pins itself on the huntress from time to time, too. The robotic girl would stop at nothing to raise her spirits. Ruby has taught Penny to embrace the sum of her parts, and needs to discover she deserves to feel the same.

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Name: Lola
Age: 19
Country: Brazil

Hi, everyone! I’m Lola and I’m a nineteen years old from Brazil. I’m fluent in Portuguese and English, I understand a little bit of Spanish. I’m currently half way through my second year of college. I study Civil Engineering. As you can imagine, I enjoy mathematics. I do also love arts in general. The 70’s are my favorite decade, music and fashion wise. I like many genres when it comes to music: folk and world music, rock, synthpop, rap, disco, dance, instrumental and classical music. I love reading books, mostly fiction. I really like dystopian stories and romances, anything from the Russian classics to modern day authors. My favorite tv shows include Penny Dreadful, Mr. Robot, The Handmaid’s Tale and HTGAWM. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my dog, watching random movies, dancing to some music in my room, drawing and talking to my friends. One of my biggest passions is learning about cultures and I plan on staying for a while in Germany after I graduate. So if you’re from there, extra points for you! I’m learning German slowly, I love the language immensively. Also, I really enjoy snail mail! But we can start talking in e-mails, if you’re more comfortable that way.

Preferences: Open minded folks, anything from 18 to 45 years of age. Anti-racist and LGBTQ-friendly. I’d enjoy exchanging letters/snail mail.