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Potions & Chocolate (Carry On Valentine’s Celebration Day 2)

Idk if this is what was meant by the Valentine’s Chocolate prompt, but I had fun with it! Hope you enjoy @carryon-valentines


Gareth seemed pretty pleased to be helping the Chosen One out with a prank. Simon had to admit he too was pretty pleased with himself. Valentine’s Day was on the horizon and he’d come up with the perfect trick to play on Baz.
Penny glared at the two of them from across the table, her arms crossed.
“What you’re planning is despicable,” She said.
Simon looked at her in disbelief.
“What I’m doing? This is nothing compared to what he did to me last week!”
Baz had tripped Simon as he had been carrying a love potion precariously down the hall. It had spilled all over him, causing him to moon over anyone he came into contact with that day.
Penny’s glare intensified.
“What he did was terrible, yes, but this is worse. The potion he spilled on you just made you like everybody you saw. This potion will make him go after who he’s actually in love with. You’re going to expose his feelings for someone. Against his will.”
Simon huffed.
“Look I’m not going to force him to eat them. I’m just going to leave them out. With my name on the box. But knowing him he’ll be a thieving prat and eat at least some of them.”
She shook her head and got up to leave.
“Penny are you seriously siding with him?
She looked at Simon tiredly.
“This is going to backfire Simon, badly.”
With that she left Simon with Gareth and exited the dining hall. He felt a twinge of guilt as he thought about Penny’s point. This was technically worse than what Baz had done. But wasn’t that the point of revenge?
“Don’t listen to her,” Gareth said excitedly, “This is the best plan ever.”
Simon glanced at their weapon. A heart shaped box filled with mint chocolate candies, laced with a powerful love potion. It enhanced a person’s feelings for the one they loved and removed inhibitions. Couples often gave each other this potion to spice up their love lives.
Agatha, his ex-girlfriend, raised a blonde eyebrow in amusement.
“Wow. I never even received a love potion like that from you. Baz must be special, huh?”
Simon ignored the jab and left to go set up his plan.


Baz was suspicious. Snow had been acting strange all afternoon and he had a feeling it was about the prank he’d played on him last week. It had been sadistically amusing to help Snow up after he had just tripped him and find Snow swooning over him instead of cursing. He hadn’t realized Snow had been carrying a love potion when he’d tripped him, but it had made the event all the more enjoyable.
He watched warily as Snow entered their room and carelessly threw a heart shaped box on his desk. Without a word Snow grabbed his shower things and locked himself in the bathroom.
When Baz heard the water running he walked over to the chocolate box, curious to see who had given him the clichéd romantic candy. The tag simply said Simon in handwriting that eerily resembled Gareth’s. Baz smirked. He seriously doubted Gareth had confessed his secret love for Snow. No, this was a half-assed attempt at revenge.
When Snow left the bathroom Baz put on his best innocent expression. Snow eyed him, which was understandable considering Baz was standing next to Snow’s desk. Baz gestured to the candy box.
“May I?”
Snow looked flustered, as if he hadn’t planned for Baz to ask politely.
“Um, sure.”
Baz picked one up, drew the candy to his mouth, and then paused. He enjoyed the hopeful look in Snow’s eyes before he pulled the candy away.
“I’m sorry Snow. I’m being rude. This is your candy after all. Let’s share a piece. I’m not in the mood to eat a whole one anyways.”
The color drained from Snow’s face.
“I-I…don’t mind. Just have it.”
“Oh I insist.”
Baz set the chocolate on the desk and pulled out his wand.
“Sharing is caring.”
The chocolate split into two equal halves. Containing his cruel enjoyment, Baz handed one of the halves to Snow, who looked as if he wanted to bolt. No matter what happened Baz would win. Because either Snow would sacrifice his pride and confess or he’d damn himself to the same prank he wanted to inflict on Baz. Whatever was in the chocolate, Baz was sure he could handle it if it meant seeing Snow lose.
“Cheers,” Baz said.
He kept his eyes on Snow the whole time, making sure he put the chocolate in his mouth and didn’t cheek it. He watched in amusement as Snow swallowed. The chocolate was minty and very overly sweet. So a love potion then. This didn’t shock Baz that much.
He felt the caution he so strictly implemented around Snow slip away. Suddenly he realized exactly what love potion Snow had used, the Love Is Blind serum. He couldn’t summon the proper outrage that he knew he would normally feel. Instead he felt affectionate amusement towards Snow for the cleverness of it.
Snow on the other hand looked severely confused, as if the potion had revealed something inconceivable. For a moment Baz wondered if Snow had found out he had feelings for Penny. Or, Baz thought humorously, maybe Snow did have feelings for Gareth after all.
Instead of running out of the room however, Snow paused. Baz watched as the confusion melted away. Snow looked up at him and gave him the sappiest grin he had ever seen.
“Hi,” Snow said admiringly.


Simon studied Baz as he had never allowed himself to before. Baz’s grey eyes were warm for once instead of harsh. And his posture was relaxed instead of arrogantly stiff. The overall effect was softening on Baz’s features, making him the tiniest bit accessible to Simon.
“You seem happy,” Baz commented.
“I am,” Simon said.
With an unselfconscious step forward Simon wrapped his arms around Baz, enjoying the cool feel of his skin.
Baz made a startled noise but didn’t move away. Instead he chuckled warmly and hugged him back.
“So the truth reveals itself,” Simon said.
“I thought you knew. That you’d done this specifically to humiliate me,” Baz murmured.
“I did want to humiliate you. I just didn’t know it was me you liked.”
“You never suspected?”
Simon pushed his face into the crook of Baz’s neck and shivered at the cold temperature of his skin.
“No. I didn’t consider myself in your league I guess.”
Baz nudged Simon’s temple with his nose.
“You’re right. You outrank me considerably.”
Simon laughed freely at that and then pressed his lips against Baz’s. Baz kissed him back awkwardly, as if the activity was unfamiliar to him. Simon didn’t care; in fact he enjoyed the experimental way Baz kissed him. It felt like Simon was a whole new experience for Baz to explore and he was more than willing to help him in his discoveries. After a few minutes Baz opened his mouth, letting Simon deepen the kiss. It was amazing and somehow familiar. Simon realized, surprising himself, that he had fantasized about this before. About kissing Baz, in a dream maybe?
Before they could go much further the door to their room flew open. Penny stood there, looking as if she were about to start a lecture, and then froze. She glanced at the two of them, twined around one another and put a hand to cover her mouth. She started to laugh uncontrollably.
“Oh merlin, you two…of course…”
Then she straightened and pointed her ring at them.
“As you were.”
Simon felt the effects of the potion snap out of him. It was shocking and felt like Penny had splashed ice water on him. Baz flinched away, obviously experiencing the same unpleasant sensation.
Then they simply stared at each other, awestruck.
“So you two are in love with each other?” Penny asked. 
“Yes,” Baz said at the same time Simon said, “I guess.”
She smirked.
“I told you this would back fire,” She said.
And then Penny left the room.
“Um,” Simon started awkwardly, “So…Happy Valentine’s Day?”
Baz stared at him for a moment and then burst out laughing. After he got it out of his system he pulled Simon to him and kissed him enthusiastically.
“You are an absolute git, you know that right?” Baz said.
“For once I am not going to argue with you on that,” Simon replied.
“I didn’t imagine it happening this way…” Baz trailed off.
Baz grinned.
“But I’m glad it did.”
Simon smiled, agreeing with Baz for a second time. Then he pulled him forward and kissed him as if he were under a spell, Baz’s spell.

The importance of comments/feedback

There was a really good post I saw regarding this topic but aghhhh I didn’t reblog or save it so I’ll have to use one of my own fics as an example.

A common struggle for fic writers is the kudos/comment ratio. It’s very similar to Tumblr likes/reblog ratio. It’s very easy to leave a kudo/like on a fic or post, all it takes is a simple click. Not that kudos/likes aren’t appreciated, but they don’t show any sort of indication or feedback on what a reader actually thinks of a fic aside from they like it, maybe.

I’m pretty chill about wanting comments/feedback, but for some writers its really important to them, especially when they’re pouring their heart and time into writing a fic for everyone to enjoy. Comments not only give writers the feedback they need to see how they can improve a story or their writing, it also gives them motivation to continue or write new stories. Comments encourage them write more because they can clearly see readers are enjoying their fics.

In summary: Kudos show people like a fic but nothing else. Comments show stronger interest, what people like about the fic, and gives writers more motivation and appreciation for their writing to write more. 

hurt tonight.

baz feels empty sometimes.  i got inspired for this fic by listening to let’s hurt tonight by one republic. the lyrics of the song don’t really have that much in common with the fic, it’s more the feel of the song that inspired me. 

word count: 2k


Baz hadn’t been over for a few days. When Penny thought of it she realised it must have been at least a week since she’d seen Baz in the flat. Being busy with her homework had kept her ignorant to this, but now it was weekend and Simon was alone in his room. It was… strange. Baz often couldn’t stay away for longer than two days and the two of them barley ever spent time at Baz’ place.

Penny wondered if there was a chance that they were in a fight. Even more so, she wondered if she should get involved with whatever was going on between the two of them or not. Her instant response to that would have been no, she was not involving herself in their problems. Though, after she’d thought it over again, she cared a lot more about their relationship than she would have preferred. They were both her friends—and she did not have many more friends besides the two of them—which meant she wished them the best they could have. Especially after all that Simon and Baz had already endured.

After a few moments lost in thought she decided that just asking Simon about it was the least she could do. Offering herself as a supportive listener was different from involving herself in their problems, she told herself.

“Come in,” said Simon shortly after Penny had knocked on his bedroom door.

She walked into his bedroom and saw Simon slouched on his bed with his laptop resting on his lap. He seemed relaxed, probably too relaxed for him to be in a fight with his boyfriend. Simon didn’t hide his emotions very well, you could basically feel any emotion radiating from him. Penny realised she would have known from more than just Baz’ absence if Simon and Baz had been in a fight. So… they weren’t in a fight?

“Baz hasn’t been around for a while. Why isn’t he here tonight? It’s weekend,” Penny asked, unable to keep the curiosity inside her.

Simon shrugged. “He’s been sick the last few days.”

Penny frowned at that. “But, Simon, he’s a vampire.”

Simon copied her frown. “I know… I guess it’s sick as in not feeling well. A vampire can still not feel well right?”



“But,” Penny was still a bit confused about it all, “you don’t know anything more than that? What did he tell you exactly.”

“He said he wasn’t coming by because he wasn’t feeling well.”

“You didn’t ask him what was going on?” Penny asked.

Simon stared at her for a little while. “Should I have?”

“Didn’t you want to know?”

Simon shrugged again. “What difference would it have made?”

“You would have known.” And maybe he needs you, she thought, though she quickly argued herself on that. Baz knew Simon and knew the way Simon worked. If Baz was in need of Simon he should’ve told Simon. You couldn’t expect from Simon to read everything between the lines.

“I guess I would have, but knowing he isn’t feeling well seemed like enough information. I told him I’ll wait for him until he feels better.”

“Maybe you could visit him. Don’t you miss him?” Penny pushed.

“I could,” Simon said and became quiet for a bit. “What if he just wants rest, Penny? He didn’t tell me to come visit him.”

“Did he tell you not to come?”

“… No.”

“You could just text him and ask him if he’d like you to visit him,” Penny encouraged him. Penny felt a little ridiculous for having to help Simon this way, but she knew that sometimes Simon just needed a bit of guidance onto the right path.

Simon nodded. “I will.”

“Good,” Penny said in satisfaction and she left his room.

A few minutes later Simon was at her bedroom door to let her know that he was going over to Baz’ place. Penny smiled to herself whilst shaking her head slightly. The two of them were a piece of work.

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You relaxed on a day bed in the living room, settling in for a wonderful mid morning nap. All the bills were paid and the money you had left in your pocket was for video games. Only good things were coming your way on this lazy day off from work. As your eyes finally drifted close, you felt a shadow cast over your entire body, and you frowned.

“No, Penny,” you said, refusing to open your eyes.

“Don’t mind me,” Penny yell-whispered. “I am simply doing my stretches before strength training. I know it is your day off and I will not disturb you, I promise.”

Your frown grew larger. “I am sleeping now, Penny,” you said.

“That is excellent,” Penny once again yell-whispered, and you heard the wall crack next to your nap spot as she loudly yelped “Ouch! Stupid wall!”

“Penny…” you started.

“Yes, I know,” Penny resumed yell-whispering. “It is of the utmost importance that we maintain the quiet relaxation of this beautiful day. I could not agree more. As soon as I have completed my stretches I will get out of your way.”

A silence followed, but the shadow remained.

You sighed, your eyes still closed. “Penny, are you still there?”



“I’m not going to lie to you, dear. I’m sort of stuck,” her voice sounded sheepish. 

“In life, Penny?” you asked, already knowing this was not the case.

“I may have grown a bit too large,” Penny responded, and you felt some plaster from the wall sprinkle down onto your head.

You rubbed your temples. “Penny,” you began steadily. “I’m not going to ask you why you are so big. Down that road lies madness. Instead, I will make another inquiry: Why do you not simply make yourself smaller?”

Penny sounded even more sheepish. “I can’t.”

You opened your eyes to a titanic Penny, bracing herself against the wall to keep from falling over. Her sports bra was incapable of containing her bust properly as it began spilling out the bottom, and her shorts appeared to have blown open. 

“Hello,” Penny said cheerfully.

You blinked, frowned, and then closed your eyes again. “I reject this reality,” you said flatly.

“Well that is definitely not helpful,” Penny said, and you heard her stifle a moan as you felt her grow larger in front of you.

You opened your eyes again. “Penny, I am meant to take a nap and play video games today. Have you seen our shared calendar on the fridge? Those are literally my only two agenda items for today. Nowhere on the fridge does it say ‘Stop my ridiculous Amazonian roommate from destroying the flat.’ “

“I didn’t do this on purpose,” Penny said, annoyed.

“Listen,” you said calmly. “I get it. Australia is a wild place. It’s a country and a continent. That is already absurd. It stands to reason that your tolerance for absurdity would be quite high. But Penny….sweet Penny…I like my nice, boring life. A life free of magical adventures or giant women. I actually broke up with my first girlfriend because she was two inches taller than me. I was a petty and terrible youth. You can see what you’re dealing with here. So, to recap: no magical adventures, no giant women.”

Penny nodded thoughtfully. “I’m going to need you to engage in a magical adventure to stop me from growing into a giant woman again.”

“I feel we may be talking past each other.”

Penny sighed. “Please go fetch the Lux Arcana.”

“Is that the book that tries to bite me, the living portrait of the young lady who is always flirting with me, or the glowy orb that gives me a static shock every time I get near it?”

“Glowy orb, obviously.”

You stood up, doing your best to maneuver past Penny by ducking between her legs. “Oh, I’m sorry,” you said, walking away. “Some of us didn’t study nerd languages and ancient archaeological artifacts. Some of us got a degree in Sociology and procured administrative jobs because we focused on pertinent skills like typing speed.” 

You ducked away from a book that attempted to chomp your fingers off and then yelped as you grabbed the Lux Arcana and it shocked you to such an extent that your hair stood on end. “We should probably discuss procuring a safe of some kind for these weird things.”

Penny made an exasperated noise. “Bring me the orb before I step on you, little man!”

Your face whitened a bit as you returned, holding it up to her and trying to ignore the multiple shocks it was giving you. “Well, that’s…not really called for…was only trying to help,” you said meekly.

Penny’s face softened slightly. “I know. I would not step on you, I promise. I’m just a tad…frustrated…at the moment. Now hold up the orb, I have to absorb some of its essence to cast this.”

You blanched. “I’m sorry…cast…you do magic now?”

Penny shrugged as best as she could in the increasingly confined space. “I mean…what is magic, really?” she asked, as white light from the glowing orb began to flow into her body, causing her eyes to go completely white with power, casting an ethereal glow over her face.

You pointed with your free hand. “That! That, there, exactly that! That is magic!”

Penny spoke again, her voice sounding like a hundred voices, “Well, if you’re going to go around labeling things, then yes, I suppose I’ve dabbled in magical….glimmering…stuff. Listen, it’s very technical, what I’m doing. I need to focus.”

Your face turned serious. “Penny, if you kill me I am going to be very cross with you.”


“I will haunt you and your giant body for eternity, Penny,” you warned.

Penny ignored your dire speech and began chanting, her voice seeming to carry away on an unseen wind. The orb grew brighter and brighter in your hand, and you closed your eyes against its brilliance as you felt horrible vertigo. Oh, now she’s done it, you thought to yourself. She’s cast me into some unknown terrible dimension from which I’ll never escape. That’s the thing with magic, isn’t it? Always casting people into terrible dimensions and the like.

When you finally felt brave enough to open your eyes, Penny stared down at you, incredulous but with a smirk she was desperately trying to keep off her face, to the point which she was actively covering her mouth with her hands. She was still enormous.

“Well, that did a fat lot of nothing,” you complained, looking up at her. “You’re just as giant as you were before, and…” you slowly started looking around, noting the enormity of the furniture around you. “Oh, you’ve really mussed this one up, Penny. You just went and made our whole flat giant. I hope the landlady isn’t thinking of charging us more simply because we gave ourselves an increase in the square footage because I will not be-” you paused, blinking. “Oh, bollocks, I’m tiny, aren’t I?”

Penny nodded slowly and then made the universal “small” symbol with her thumb and pointer finger. “In hindsight,” she said carefully. “Perhaps having you hold the Lux Arcana while I cast a shrinking spell on myself was a mistake.”

“Yes,” you said in a flat voice. “Perhaps.”

“So, there is good news,” Penny said excitedly. “I, uh…I can fix it…”

You visibly relaxed. “Oh thank goodness.”

“…in a month.”

Your face fell immediately. “What?” you asked, incredulous.

“It, uh…it takes a while for the Lux Arcana to recharge. Usually one lunar cycle, um…fills it up.”

“P-Penny,” you said, trying to hold it together. “I cannot be tiny for a month.”

“Weeellll,” Penny said, grimacing. “You sort of…can? And will?”

You stood to your full height and stomped your foot. “Fix it. You fix it, Penny!”

Your roommate grit her teeth to keep from laughing.

“I am serious, Penny! I am…I am an adult, and…and my feelings should be taken into consideration! We are roommates, you should respect that…oh my word, I’m just now hearing my squeaky little voice, that is awful. I am completely undermining myself.”

Penny gave you an immensely pitying look. “Would…you like me to prepare you a matchbox bed…for your nap?”

You sat down, defeated. “Yes, Penny, that would be lovely.”

“Will you be offended if I make many wee things for you and serve you tea in a thimble?” Penny’s voice was hopeful. 

You laid down on the floor. “On a scale of one to ten, how wonderful is this for you?”

Penny stifled a squeal. “I can’t…I can’t calculate it! You’re so tiny! You’re so cute! I mean, you’re still cantankerous as all hell, but look at you! Oh my goodness, can you sleep on my bedside table? I’ll put a little candle there for you to blow out at night. You’re like a Borrower.”

“Would that I could borrow some dignity, at this point,” you said with a sigh, and then yelped as Penny gently lifted you off the floor. You curled up in a terrified ball as you felt your stomach drop from the journey up into the sky, and then shivered momentarily as you were finally deposited on a warm, cushiony bed.

“Is that better??” Penny’s voice asked anxiously, just above you. 

You opened your eyes tentatively and saw the wide expanse of flesh around you. She’d deposited you on the shelf of her breasts. You were curled up in the crevasse of her cleavage.

“Oh,” you said quietly. “Well, maybe a month will just fly by.”

Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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study break.

Carry On Countdown // Day One {November 23rd} // Coffee Shop AU

Every Wednesday, Simon and Penny would study together in the library. Every time, after the first hour of studying, Simon would have to take a short break which meant he would go buy coffee for the both of them. 

Even though Penny had offered to get them both coffee every once in a while, it was always Simon who would wander into the coffee shop to get it. Penny didn’t even ask anymore. It didn’t matter much for her wether she or Simon got the coffee. So when she started asking again, Simon was at least a bit confused. Though, the question was a bit different this time.

“Can I come along today?” Penny asked as Simon started to gather his things for a trip to the coffee shop.

Simon looked up at her, confused. “Uh, why?”

“Well, because there seems to be a hidden treasure or something in that coffee shop. You’re obsessed with going there. I’ve seen you glancing at the clock to see if it was already an appropriate time to go. I’m just curious about what’s so special about that coffee shop,” She said with a lovely grin on her face.

Simon felt the heath rise to his cheeks. “Right… Uh, of course you can come along.”


As soon and Penny and Simon walked into the coffee shop, Penny felt Simon go tense beside her. 

“Simon?” She spoke out in concern, looking at him to see if he was alright. He looked nervous; self-conscious almost.  He had his eyes fixed on somewhere that was further back into the coffee shop. Penny followed his gaze to find the barista, who had just looked up, staring back with an incredible grin on his face. 

Penny and Simon were nearing the barista and Penny tried to figure it all out. These two knew each other. Of course they did, Simon came here every Wednesday, she thought. Though, this was more. She looked back at Simon and saw his cheeks had reddened. He wasn’t looking at the barista anymore, his eyes were now focused on the ground as they walked to the counter where they would order their coffee. Penny noticed how the corners of Simon’s mouth wobbled up a bit into a small, private smile. When Penny looked at the barista again she saw that he wasn’t looking at Simon anymore either; he was looking down at the counter, grinning to himself. 

And then she realized. Oh, Simon, she thought, a smile appearing on her face. 

“So this is the mysterious person you always buy your second coffee for?” the barista, who’s name tag said Baz, asked. 

“Yeah… This is Penny,” Simon answered. 

Baz gave Penny a curious look. “I’m his best friend,” Penny said without any good reason behind it. She just felt like it was something that needed to be clarified. Penny knew it had been the right thing to say when Baz’s eyes lightened up at that information. 

“You chose the right best friend when he is willing to buy you a coffee every single week.”

Penny grinned, “Well, I have offered him multiple times to buy the coffee for once, but he never lets me. He always wants to go here himself.”

“Oh?” Baz said, turning his glance to Simon who’s cheeks were bright red. Simon just shrugged. 

“Well,” Baz said, “I’m assuming the usual?” He asked, taking in their order. Both Penny and Simon nodded. 

“Except,” Penny said, “we’re drinking them here. It’s nice here.”

“But–” Simon said, but Penny shushed him.

“Okay,” Baz said, “you can sit down at one of the tables whilst I’ll get you your coffee.”

Penny looked around the coffee shop as she and Simon sat down at one of the smaller tables. The coffee shop was pretty much empty at this hour. There were a few people scattered around the coffee shop who were working on laptops and there was a couple of two females sitting somewhere near the back who were in deep conversation together. 

Penny got distracted by Simon’s fingers tapping nervously on the table. He was watching Baz making their drinks with a fine concentration.

“You like him,” Penny said. 

Simon didn’t take his eyes off Baz, he just shrugged and blushed as reaction on Penny’s statement. 

“I think he likes you back.”

“Yeah?” Simon asked, his fingers tapping faster now. 

“Yes,” Penny said, Baz was now walking towards them with their drinks. Simon quickly looked at Penny.  

Baz set down their coffee and a scone. 

“Uh, I didn’t order a scone?” Simon said carefully. 

“You didn’t, but I saw you eyeing them like you wanted one desperately,” Baz said with a smirk on his face. 

Simon looked at Baz with a wide-eyed gaze, then at the scone, then back at Baz. “But–” he began.

“It’s alright, you don’t have to pay for it, I did. Just enjoy your scone,” Baz cut Simon off, looking a bit flustered now too. Penny found herself grinning at the boys. God help them, she thought.

“Uh, thank you… So much,” Simon said with his cheeks bright red. 

Baz just nodded, not meeting either of their gazes and off he went, back to his place behind the counter. 

“Might I repeat, I think he likes you back,” Penny said delighted. Simon only blushed.

The both of them sat in peace as they sipped their hot drinks and as Simon ate his scone. (More so devoured.) By the time Simon and Penny left the coffee shop, Simon was too flustered to even look at Baz, so Penny said ‘Goodbye’ from the both of them. Though, Baz was not looking at her when he said his goodbye, he was looking at Simon’s hand which was shoving the napkin he got with his scone into his coat pocket. 


08:09 PM Simon said ›› Hello, you wrote down your number on the napkin. It is OK that I saved it, right?

08:12 PM Baz said ›› yes, that was the whole idea. hello ;)

08:12 PM Simon said ›› Haha good. Thank you for the scone today, you honestly didn’t have to do that.

18:12 PM Baz said ›› i didn’t have to, but i wanted to. 

18:12 PM Simon said ›› I feel like I need to pay you back for it.

18:13 PM Baz said ›› you really don’t have to, though if it makes you feel better we can meet sometime after one of my shifts and you can buy me something. 

18:13 PM Baz said ›› as in a date.

{simon is typing…}

Valentine’s Day Surprise (Carry On Valentine’s Celebration Day 1)

Long distance relationships are so hard, aren’t they? At least Penny has some great best friends to help her through it. Hope you enjoy! :) @carryon-valentines


Penny, unlike her friends, did not enjoy Valentine’s Day. It only meant her daily Skype session with Micah was made a little sadder. Sure, they sent each other gifts and cards. But it wasn’t like they could see each other in person.
Simon got up from the couch of their flat to join her in the kitchen, his wings for once not impeding him from sitting at their kitchen table.
“Penny, can I ask you something?”
She looked up from her coffee mug, her pity part interrupted.
Simon bit his lip, as if what he was about to ask would be uncomfortable. Penny braced herself.
“I was uh, wondering if maybe Baz and I could have the apartment to ourselves on Valentine’s Day.”
Penny felt her heart droop painfully. For the past two years Simon, Penny, and Baz had done Valentine’s Day parties. It still didn’t save the holiday for Penny but she found she enjoyed it much more than she had at Watford. She’d always known Baz and Simon would tire of it but it still hurt.
“Um, yeah. I guess I can stay at my parent’s place.”
Simon shook his head.
“No. Baz insisted on putting you up in a hotel for the night.”
She scrunched her nose.
“Why would he want that?”
“He feels bad that we’re kicking you out.” Simon said.
“Well tell him that it’s fine, I really don’t mind staying at my parent’s place.”
Simon frowned.
“Well he kind of already made the reservation. I don’t think he can get the money back from the advanced payment he made.”
Penny felt anger curl in her stomach.
“That’s ridiculous.”
She stood up and began to storm out of the kitchen when Simon stopped her.
“So does that mean you’ll be staying at the hotel?”
“I guess I have to!” She snapped and then slammed the door.

Penny stared grumpily up at the five-star hotel Baz had forced her to stay at for the night. She hadn’t spoken to Simon for the rest of the week after their conversation. When she left tonight she had glared at Simon and Baz getting ready to go out to dinner.
As she hulked her backpack into the lobby she looked around. It really was a nice hotel. She had no idea why Baz had felt so indebted to her but she found she was less angry about the situation when she was informed that the room was on Baz’s credit card. She was going to order as much alcohol and room service as possible.
She inserted the hotel card key into the door and nearly whipped her ring out when she saw a figure already there. As she took in her surroundings she lowered her hand, defensive spells forgotten.
In the center of the room stood Micah, rose petals spread out on the bed. It was all so Micah, the clichéd romantic set up, and he was really there, in the flesh.
She dropped her backpack with a loud thud.
“What are you doing here?” She whispered.
Micah strode forward and handed her a champagne flute.
“Simon and Baz wanted to surprise you.”
She felt tears coming to her eyes.
“They love spending Valentine’s Day with you every year. It made them sad to miss out this year. But they said they knew you missed me and that they wanted to make you happy more than anything else.”
The tears spilled over and then Micah was kissing her. She never thought her and Micah could have this, at least not so soon. And it was all thanks to her best friends, the sweetest people she knew.
Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t that bad after all she realized as her and Micah giggled and ran to battle over the room service menu.

drgairyuki  asked:

Weiss would have an awkward talk with Ruby's mothers, Summer and Raven, as they kinda went through the same relationship like their daughter Ruby and her girlfriend while Ruby busy play with her and Weiss' daughter.

You lost me at while ruby busy playing with her and Weiss’s daughter. However I assume you mean something like this.

Penny: Now hold on Ruby. I do not want you falling off. *Penny smiled as she felt Ruby’s arms and legs around her tight.*

Ruby: Roger that, Penny! Now, TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! *Ruby cheered as she and Penny took off into the air and began to fly around, leaving Ruby’s mothers Summer and Raven alone with Weiss as all three watch The two spin in the air.*

Summer: Wooooow. I didn’t know Penny had a built in jet pack.

Raven: That actually reminds, Next time Qrow is over remind me to give in a hundred bucks for winning the bet.

Weiss: Bet?

Summer: What bet?

Raven: The bet for Ruby marrying a weapon and or robot.

Summer: Please stop making bets about our daughter’s love lives.

Weiss: Well You’re half right. *Weiss muttered as she sipped her coffee.*

Summer/Raven: Do tell? *The two older huntresses said together now focusing soly on Weiss.* 

Weiss: Uh, well, I mean…

Summer: Weiss. Is there something you’d like to tell us.

Weiss: NO! NO! I mean its just Penny has a soul so she isn’t just a robot is all.

Raven: Bet included that and I can tell that you’re lying.

Summer: It’s true. She can.

Weiss: I… It’s just… Ruby is kinda… in a relationship… Like… You two.

Summer: True.

Raven: Unless Penny has a dick… Wait… Jesus, Can Penny have a working dick? *Whack!*

Summer: Ow. Are you wearing shin guards? *Summer asked her wife as she rubs her foot after trying to kick Raven for being rude.*

Raven: Yes.

Weiss: Uh, No. True me. Penny does not have a dick. I checked. Although I wonder if we could get her one. *Weiss said with a blunt tone before thinking out loud, catching Summer and Raven now looking at her like she grow a second head.* … Sigh. What I meant is that Ruby and Penny are also… dating… me. Like you two are with Tai. *Weiss admitted.*

Summer: AAAAAAAAAAW!~ That is so cuuuuuuuuuute. I’m so proud of our little rose. *Summer smiled*

Raven: Yeah good for Rubes but that doesn’t make you three’s relationship like Ours.

Weiss: How so?

Raven: You’re not like me at all.

Summer/Weiss: Eh?

Raven: Look Penny would be the Tai. Ruby the Summer, Which leaves you to be like me and you are sure as hell not like me.

Weiss: And why is that?

Raven: You’re a bitch.

Weiss: EXCUSE ME!?!

Summer: Raven! That is rude! *Summer scolder her wife and added.* Plus, You were kinda a bitch to back around her age.*


Raven: Oh Summer dear. That is where you’re wrong. *Raven told her as she leaned over and gave her a kiss.* I was and will always be an asshole. Big difference.

Summer: Hehe, True but your our asshole and we love you, Also, your whole butt cause its so sexy.

Weiss: Oh my god it’s like watching Ruby and Penny Talking about weapon stuff.

stlgeekgirl  asked:

Drabble challange, Sherlolly. Could I trouble you for # 109?

List is here. So far I’ve received asks for 1, 19, 23, 28, 30, 38, 51, 77, 93, 102, 109, 122, 146 & 148

“Have you seen my contacts?”

Molly gave Sherlock an odd look, and not just because he’d simply popped up next to her at the crowded farmer’s market when she’d thought he was still asleep at the hotel. “Sherlock, you don’t wear contacts.”

He frowned without taking his eyes away from the crowds of people at the outdoor music festival. “How could I wear my contacts? I’m looking for them.”

Molly had been involved in her fair share of odd conversations with Sherlock, but this one was right up there with the one involving mashed potatoes and the tensile strength of her sturdiest cotton bra. Shrugging both mentally and physically, she just decided to go along with it, casting her eyes groundward. “They’ll be awfully hard to spot in this crowd - where did you lose them?”

“Right here,” he replied gesturing outward with one hand while simultaneously raking frustrated fingers through his hair. “One minute they were right there, the next…gone.”

“Got it,” she replied, although she really didn’t get it. At all. “And how did you lose them, exactly?”

“Like you said, the crowd,” he replied, his feet shifting restlessly. She tapped him on the leg to remind him to stand still, lest he trample them underfoot. “Someone jostled me, I lost my balance and…Molly? What exactly are you doing?”

She’d crouched down to begin the search, and looked up at him with a confused frown that matched his own. “Looking for your contacts?”

He tugged at her arm, pulling her back up. “There’s no point in looking for their tracks, Molly, unless you happen to think we’re in an old American western? Remember, the crowd? Too many footprints and…”

The penny finally dropped. Molly felt her cheeks reddening in mortification as she said, “Ohhhh, your contacts, not your contacts.”

The look Sherlock gave her was decidedly odd, certainly one she’d never seen before. His brow crinkled as if in confusion (or, more likely, irritation); his head tilted to one side; his lips compressed into a thin line before opening and shutting a few times…and then he laughed.

Oh how he laughed. He laughed like a man who’d been told the funniest joke in the known universe. He bent over, he slapped his knees, he held his stomach, he wiped tears from his eyes - and he wrapped her into a warm hug before kissing the top of her head. 

“Molly Hooper,” he proclaimed as he released her, holding her at arm’s length with a grin, “thank you. You have no idea how much I needed that.”

Then he kissed her forehead again and strode off, still chuckling to himself.

Molly never did find out why he thought she might know who his missing contacts were.

This is kind of what I think will happen in the finale... Its different than I normally do.

Penny tries to assemble her face into a supportive one as she listens to Amy tell the story of her proposal yet another time. Her friend has only been engaged for week and she feels like she has already heard the story of Sheldon’s unexpectedly romantic proposal a hundred times.

It’s not that she’s not happy for Amy. She is ecstatic that her two closest friends in the world are finally getting married. Amy deserves all the happiness in the world. She is a saint for the way she is able not only to put up with Sheldon’s quirks, but love him for them. Sheldon has made Amy wait long enough and it’s about time he fully committed to her.

Only every time Amy gleefully recounted the proposal something clenched in Penny’s gut. Every time Amy flashed her antique engagement ring. Or found an excuse to tell a complete stranger that she was going to be married soon. A darkness flashed through Penny and she found herself faking smiles. Tuning Amy out so she wouldn’t have to hear the story one more time.

Right now they are at a fancy wedding boutique. Amy is retelling her tale to the stores owner whose job it is to listen with rapt attention. Bernadette is just encouraging her, she’s the one who made them come in here. Even though it’s way too soon to be shopping for a dress. They haven’t even set a date yet.

Penny wants to say this but they’ll just shoot her down and call her a buzzkill. At least the dress shop offers free champagne and she downs a glass as Amy tells the shop owner everything she has already heard. How the proposal was a surprise, she wants a November or December wedding. How she has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl.

When Leonard proposed Penny didn’t make such a fuss. She told the story maybe once to Bernadette and Amy. The people at barely knew she was engaged. Especially since most of the time she took her ring off for sales. Penny never once set foot in a dress boutique or made a gift registry. Two things Amy has already done in her first week of being engaged.

Part of her knows it’s because Amy is just a more organized person than she is. Everything Amy does is planned out. In her purse she has a little book of lists. Nothing makes Amy happier than checking an item off her list. Penny rolls her eyes thinking about how the second thing Amy probably did after being engaged after calling her was make a list of things she had to do now. Visit a dress store was probably on the list and Amy was dying to check it off.

“And then he said Amy Farrah Fowler would you be Amy Farrah Cooper.” Penny says stealing the best part of the story from Amy. It was a bitchy thing to do and both Bernadette and Amy give her dirty looks.

“How romantic!” the woman coos clasping her hand to her breast. “So what kinds of dress are you thinking?”

Penny pours herself another glass of champagne as they peruse the racks of dresses. Thinking of all the things she never did in her engagement to Leonard. The fact was she just had not cared at all. It didn’t matter to her what color dresses her friends wore, or what flowers were there. In fact she had not thought of the wedding at all until they eloped in Vegas. The second wedding to appease the parents had been pure Raj.

At the time she thought she didn’t think about those things because they didn’t matter to her. She was a low maintenance tom boy who didn’t spend her days dreaming about her wedding. Now as she watched Amy happily prepare for her wedding she thought it might be something more.

“Your fiancee certainly sounds like something else.” The shop owner says after listening to Amy gush about him for ages. “He must be the love of your life.”

“He is!” Amy agrees. “He the love of my life, my first love, my everything.” Amy tells her.

“You certainly are a very lucky girl.” The shop owner tells Amy and she just glows. Penny’s eyes roll into the back of her head and she grabs Bernadettes abandoned champagne flute and downs it. Then it hits her, that’s what has been bothering her.

Amy was marrying the love of her life. Marrying Sheldon was the culmination of everything Amy had wanted for the past seven years. Penny wasn’t even sure if marrying Leonard was the culmination of what she wanted that year.

Whenever people asked her if Leonard was the love of her life she thought of this Jennifer Aniston quote she read once. They asked her if Brad Pitt was the love of her life. Instead of saying yes she said “He’s a big love on my life sure.” Everyone thought she was so cold (until it came out Brad had been cheating with Angelina.) Penny knew how she felt though, did she love Leonard sure. However in ranking of the greatest loves in her life he wasn’t number one. Not by a long shot.

Leonard did not make her feel passionately like some her other boyfriends had. It had not been love at first or even second sight. Leonard was the kindest guy she had ever dated the most solid.

At a time in her life when she felt like everything was falling apart. It was apparent that being an actress was not in her cards. She was running out of savings and she couldn’t go back to The Cheesecake Factory .She knew Leonard would be able to put it back together again.

At the time it seemed like one of the first grown up decisions she had made in a long time. To marry a solid guy who could do things like balance a checkbook and do his own taxes. Leonard wasn’t the best looking guy she had been with. Nor was he the best in bed. It was like they said in the movie Trainwreck. You didn’t want to marry the best sex you ever had guy. Lehow he Leonard was good enough and he tried so hard. Leonard used to do little things all the time to show her how much he cared. Its how he had won her over. A million tiny gestures, that showed her what kind of guy he was.

Penny had figured that the rest would come after they go married. That she loved Leonard enough to be with him, it would be enough to marry him. Only it wasn’t, she found herself resenting everything about him. Everything he did annoyed her all the way down to way he breathed.

No Leonard wasn’t the love of her life. Lately she wasn’t even sure if she loved him anymore at all. He had stopped doing the little things that had won her over in the first place. It felt like he had done be everything he could do to win her over. Then once he had her he just stopped caring. He had won the prize so why continue playing the game. If she had married him for all the little things he did and he stopped doing them where did that leave them?

“Penny did you drink my champagne?” Bernadette hisses as her taking the flute from her hand. Then whispers even quieter. “How many of these have you had?”

“I’m fine.” Penny says annoyed.

Uu“Let Amy drive your car home.” Bernadette tsks.

Penny hands over the keys to Amy. They get in her car and Amy starts it up glancing over at Penny worried.

“Just spill it Amy.” She says.

“I’m worried about you.”


“You’ve just been really off lately.”

“I’m just… I’m just jealous okay?” Penny finally admits.

“Of me?” Amy asks surprised.


“Because, I got engaged?” Amy asks.

“It’s part of it.”

“You are married! Why are you jealous of me?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Try me.” Amy says annoyed.

“Okay so Sheldon is the love of your life right?”

“Of course, he’s the only man I’ve ever loved.”

“You can’t picture yourself with anyone else?”

“Even when we broke up. There was only him.”

“Okay so there it is…”

“There’s what?”

“I don’t feel that way about Leonard. At all… I thought at first that things would change once we got married. That all these feelings would just come. It’s been two years and nothings changed. If anything the little things I thought I loved about him have slipped away.”

“Penny… That’s not good…”

“I know, but what do I do? I can’t divorce him it will break his heart.” Penny says burying her face in her hands.

“I don’t know what you should do. I only know that you deserve happiness. That you should be as happy as I amy right now. Maybe you just need some space?”

“Space? How do I even get space?”

“Talk to Leonard, take a long vacation. Take some time to find yourself without Leonard. Then maybe things will be a little clearer.” Amy tells her pulling into a spot.

“You know I think that’s exactly what I’ll do.”


Rose and Penny watched as many movies as they could fit into an evening until Penny felt she was ready to go to bed. 

Penny: “I think I might go to sleep, I’m getting tired.”

Rose: “Alright, that’s fine.”

Penny: “Will you be ok in here, sorry if it’s spooky to be in my granny’s old room.”

Rose: “I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Penny: “And thank you for distracting me tonight.”

Rose: “You’re very welcome.”


As the merry-go-round spun gently, urged along only by the breeze in the air, the kids sat in silence. The only noise was the faint squeaking of the rusting old toy. 

Weston dreamed of being a teenager, and what kind of trouble he could get into with a car.

Violet dreamed of being old enough to start wearing makeup, and wondered what high school would be like.

Penelope dreamed of all the places she’d get to go, and all the new books she’d get to read in her new home for the next four years.

And Levi dreamed of the day when his best friend would finally return home from halfway across the world. 

Of course, as his twin, Violet technically did hold the title of “best” friend, but he happily extended second place to Penelope. You could have more than one best friend, right? Especially if the first one is your sister– that doesn’t count, does it? From day one, him and Penelope had clicked. Her stories, her love of books, and her uniqueness intrigued him. Levi sometimes felt like he didn’t always belong, and it made him feel self-conscious sometimes– but Penny, Penny never felt self-conscious. She was always beaming about what weird thing she was into, not a care in the world. 

He’d miss talking to her, and listening to the crazy things that happened in her books, but most of all he knew he’d miss how she always managed to put everyone around her in a good mood.

Essays in Existentialism, Vigilante II

I really liked your vigilante au prompt! could you write something similar(still lexa the injured vigilante) but she and clarke are already together?

Previously on VIGILANTE

“What did you do?” 

“Nothing,” Lexa shrugged and tried the smirk. “I haven’t done anything. Can’t I just get a pretty girl some pretty flowers?” 

Shy and guilty, Lexa half hid behind the bouquet of Clarke’s favorites, a shield of sorts to protect her from the inevitable. It’d been effective in the past, though she understood the day would come when it’d become old hat. 

“You left in the middle of the night and it’s been three days.”

“Something came up. Can I come in?” 

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The Fine Print

Coffee shop AU for the first day of the 2016 Carry On Countdown! If you’re interested, it’s not too late to join! You can find all the information here. 

“When you asked me if I wanted to go do something today, I was thinking you meant something more interesting than helping you study for finals,” Simon said as he walked side by side with Penny towards the coffee shop at the corner.

“Oh, will you stop whining so much?” Penny answered as she stopped in front of the door. “I’m doing great in all my classes and I don’t want to ruin that by not studying and flunking my exams. Besides, you’ve done nothing but mope over Agatha for the past week. Getting out of the house might help you take your mind off things, even if it is just to help me study.”

“I’ve not been moping over her,” Simon muttered.

“You’ve barely gotten out of bed and you’ve skipped all your classes this week,” Penny reminded him. Simon ignored her.

Though he would never admit it, Simon was happy that Penny decided to take him along. He hadn’t been feeling great since Agatha broke up with him, and maybe a bit of overpriced coffee and leafing through several textbooks with Penny would lift his spirits.

The pair entered the coffee shop, the bell above the door tingling as the door swung shut behind them. The warmth of the shop was a stark contrast to the frigid, early-December weather outside. Simon removed the scarlet scarf around his neck and shoved it into the pocket of his gray peacoat.  The room was empty save for the two baristas behind the counter and a man sitting in the corner, completely absorbed in a book. The smell of roasting coffee beans wafted through the air, while soft jazz music played over the speakers.

Simon and Penny plopped down into a booth in the back of the shop that was situated beside a window and had a nice view of the snow-covered street outside. Penny deposited the books in her arms onto the table, and immediately got to work.

Simon seated himself across from her, awkwardly watching her work for several minutes before deciding to make himself useful by getting them drinks.

“Do you want anything?” he asked.

“A peppermint mocha, and a cake pop,” she answered without looking up from the textbook in front of her.

Simon slid out of the booth and approached the counter. Just as he was about to reach the register, he stopped dead in his tracks. There, leaning against the countertop, was the most gorgeous human being Simon had ever seen.

The barista had high cheekbones that casted shadows over his face and a sharp chin that matched the widow’s peak in the center of his forehead. The man’s piercing gray eyes sharply contrasted with his ivory skin and long, silky black hair. He looked like a dark prince from a fairy tale instead of a mundane barista working at a Starbucks.  

After several moments of Simon staring, the barista said, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

Simon blinked, snapping out of his stupor. “I’m sorry, what?”

The barista sighed and rolled his eyes, “How may I help you?”

Well, he certainly isn’t one for politeness, Simon thought. “One peppermint mocha, a cake pop, and a flat white mocha, please.” While the barista punched Simon’s order into the register, Simon allowed his eyes to trail down to the man’s nametag. In neat cursive script, the barista had written, “BAZ.”

“You’re holding up the line,” Baz said.

Simon’s head snapped up, “Right, sorry about that.” He awkwardly shuffled away from the counter and back to the booth where Penny was studying.

“What took you so long?” she asked, looking up from her laptop.

“Nothing, everything was fine,” Simon said as he slid into the booth.

“You’re blushing. Something happened,” Penny insisted.

Simon felt his face grow hot. “I’m not blushing!” he retorted, his face becoming even redder.

Penny pushed aside her laptop. She must’ve been very interested in what was making Simon flush if it caused her to set aside her studying. “Yes you are! Come on, spit it out, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“It was just the barista. He was being rude and I got worked up, I suppose,” Simon muttered.

Penny looked over to the counter, where Baz was preparing their drinks. “That one? With the dark hair?”

“Yeah, yeah, him. Look Penny it isn’t a big deal,” Simon replied, hoping to get her to drop the subject. Unfortunately, when it came to Penny, once she was interested in something, she wouldn’t let go of it until she had all the answers.

“Well, he’s awfully cute, Simon, I’ll give you that, but I didn’t think you were gay. Are you gay? I mean it’s fine if you are, but you should tell me these things,” Penny continued.

Simon cradled his head in his hands. By now, he was so red, he rivaled the special holiday cups the coffee shop was serving drinks in.

Thankfully, he was temporarily excused from the conversation when Baz placed their coffee on the counter and called out, “Simon!”

Simon leapt to his feet and collected their order from the counter. “Thank you!” he called to Baz, who was standing a few feet away.

Baz looked up and flashed a devilish grin, “Don’t thank me, it’s my job.” Just as Simon was about to turn and head back to his booth, he could’ve sworn Baz winked at him. But when he whipped around, the handsome barista had already returned to his post at the register.

Slightly disappointed, Simon strode back over to the booth and sat down.

“You’re red again,” Penny remarked as Simon passed her her coffee and cake pop.

“Okay, fine, it’s the barista. It’s that stupid fucking barista and his stupid fucking face!” Simon exclaimed. He sighed and lifted his mocha off the table. But, just as he was about to bring it to his lips, he noticed something scrawled on the side of the cup, right next to his name. He turned the cup in his hand to get a better view. In elegant penmanship, Baz had written, “If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call FINE PRINT!

Simon felt all the heat rush to his face, “Erm, Penny?”

“Yes, Simon?” Penny said.

“Take a look at this.”

Penny looked up from her laptop. Simon turned the cup so that she could see the writing. He watched as she adjusted her glasses and read the message. A grin spread across her face.

“Go talk to him!” she exclaimed. “He’s interested, you’re interested, don’t let the opportunity go!”

Simon ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Yeah, I suppose I should,” he muttered in agreement.

He stood from the booth and approached the counter. He spotted Baz leaning against the coffee dispensers, lazily scrolling through his phone.

“Uh, Baz, is it?” Simon said.

Baz looked up from his phone and spotted him. The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as he strode over to where Simon was standing and leaned against the counter. “Yes. Simon, correct?”

“Yeah, yeah, Simon,” Simon answered. He shifted uncomfortably, “Were you the one who, uh, wrote the pick up line on my cup?”

Baz’s grin grew even wider. “Indeed I was. You’re cute, but you seem awfully thick headed. I figured you needed a bit of help.”

Simon fiddled with his fingers, “Er, thanks, I suppose.”

“Simon?” Baz said.

“Yes?” Simon answered.

Baz smirked, “My shift ends in half an hour. On a scale of one to America, how free are you?”

Maru and Penny Friendship Headcannons

- Maru helps Penny make science related lesson plans for Vincent and Jas.

- Penny likes to style Maru’s hair for her.

- Penny never lets Maru inside her trailer. She’s too embarrassed because of how nice Maru’s home is.

- Demetrius has tried to discourage Maru from being friends with Penny because of her mom. Maru always defends Penny.

- They once snuck into Sebastian’s room and tried his secret stash. Maru really liked it, but Penny just felt paranoid and sad.

thetiniestnerd  asked:

Yoooo, can I get either IronQrow or Nuts and Dolts (I think that's the proper ship name for Penny/Ruby?) in the drabbles? If a, then maybe like light making out, if b, like confession and first kiss maybe? Thanks so much!! (Loved your Bee's Schnees one btw)

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the Bees Schnees! 

As for which prompt…Why not both?

Here’s the Nuts and Dolts one to start. I was listening to “Count on me” by Bruno Mars when writing it. I hope that’s okay.

Let me know what you think!

“Thank you for helping me unpack Ruby.”

               "No problem Penny! I’m so glad you’ll be starting the new semester here!“

               It was a miracle. She still couldn’t believe it. Somehow, someway, she managed to get the financial aid to enroll at Beacon with Ruby. And they were going to be right across the hall from each other!

               The two of them collapsed onto the bed, staring up at the Achieve Men poster on the wall beside the Total Annihilation collages. The other walls were still rather bare, but that’d change in time.

               "So we have the game system set up,” Ruby giggled. “The books on the shelves, desk neat and tidy, and the bean bag chair and love seat should be here tomorrow.”

               "Sen-Sational!“ Penny sighed. "Classes start in two weeks?”

               "Yep! I’ve got history with Oobleck three times a week at 9:00am, and then mathematics with Goodwitch at noon.“

               "I have Oobleck’s morning class too! We can work on the homework together!”

               "Awesome! Study dates!!!“

               Penny felt her face burning when Ruby said that word. Date. She’d heard it all through high school. She’d heard about people having dates, and was even asked out for them a few times but politely declined.

               There was only one person she wanted to date.

               "Hey Ruby?”

               Ruby turned on her side, smiling as she rested her head on her left arm. “Sup, Penny?”

               This is a bad idea, she told herself. But I won’t know if I don’t try.

               "May I kiss you?“

               There was an awkward silence for a moment. Neither of them said a word. They just stared at each other, faces red from embarrassment and shock. Neither could turn away from the other.

               It wasn’t until after a solid minute that Ruby managed a small "yes”, and leaned forward.

               Penny leaned up, closing her eyes as their lips met. It wasn’t anything overly grand. The contact was gentle, almost nonexistent if she didn’t know any better. And yet, there was a warmth that felt welcomed.  It felt right.

               After a moment, Ruby pulled back, and the two of them stared at each other, eyes half hooded on content.

               "Um,“ Ruby stuttered. "I’m guessing you…um…”

               "Yeah,“ Penny muttered. "You too?”


               Ruby let out a soft giggle as she curled up beside her, with Penny lightly draping an arm around her. Penny liked that they both could tell what the other was thinking.

               That was one of the things she adored about Ruby.

               "So,” Penny sighed. “Does this mean we go steady now?”

               "I’m not sure, actually,“ Ruby laughed nervously. "I’ve never actually dated anyone before.”

               "Me neither.“

               "Maybe Yang can give us pointers. She’s been on lots of dates, and she’s currently dating people.”

               "Sounds good,“ Penny said, stifling a yawn. "After a nap, let’s ask her.”

               "Sounds good.“ Ruby let out small squeak. She always squeaked when she yawned, Penny thought it was cute. "I read somewhere that naps are a good date idea. This can be our first if you’d like.”


               The two of them snuggled close, drifting off to sleep as the pain from the move in settled into their bones.

               The perfect end to a perfect day, Penny thought.


Send a song and a pairing and I’ll write a short drabble.