penny dreadful confessions

WHY THE HELL DID PROTEUS HAD TO DIE? He was like bambi! New to the world and was using all his senses and found out how good food tasted. and was having his first interaction with the world and talking to people for the second time of hiS life and you can just SEE HIS EYES SO BRIGHT WITH LIFE AND WONDER AND he has all his trust in VICTOR and was FOLLOWING VICTOR AROUND LIKE A PUPPY WOULD DO FOR ITS NEW OWNER AND  KNOWS NOTHING BAD AND THINKS EVERYTHINGS IS looks so great in this world and NOW THAT ONE PERSONT THAT SEES THE WORLD AS SOMETHING GOOD IS NOW GONE.  WHY WHY!? THAT AIN’T COOL YO.


Ethan/Vanessa parallels :: major season finale life-altering decisions

The Penny Dreadful Finale was a betrayal to expectation.

Having spent the last few months watching from beginning to end of Penny Dreadful I’ll confess I was surprised to have enjoyed the show as much as I did but now I feel as though most of the entertainment gained is tainted as it amounted to the grandest anticlimax.

Firstly- Vanessa Ives’ end. To be honest it doesn’t make sense, they established that there’s an element of reincarnation given she is Amunet and it’s entirely possible that in prior lives Vanessa/Amunet has had to tackle with Lucifer & Dracula. The idea that her death solves shit is crap, Dracula wasn’t destroyed in that finale and (unless I’m mistaken) I didn’t get the impression that Lucifer was destroyed either in the Season 2 finale just expelled from his vessel in the doll. Sure you’ve vanquished the demons’ prize of their evil bride but you haven’t gotten rid of them entirely, they’ll still fuck shit up in the human realm in that continuous search for Vanessa because REINCARNATION. Ethan should have found a way to convince her to hold off on death or suicide until they at least kill Dracula- fuck Dracula was scared of Ethan, meaning that if anyone could have killed Dracula it would have been Ethan and Kaetenay in wolf-form so they could have totally taken him down.

Secondly- What the fuck was the point in any of the newly introduced side characters? Penny Dreadful is not about to have me believe that Mr Hyde is a symbolic aspect of Dr. Jekyll and not the literal embodiment of his immoral side, I was convinced for a moment that perhaps after letting Lilly go that he and Frankenstein would get into a fight in which the serum would get injected into Jekyll resulting in the immediate transformation BUT NO.
Also Dr. Seward, so I didn’t expect much to come from her (though it would have been cool if they revealed she was secretly a witch continuing the practices of Joan Clayton) but I felt that say if Vanessa really did become evil then perhaps Seward could have provided the emotional support or reminded to come to her senses maybe even coincidentally quoting Joan in that whole: ‘Be true.
Catriona Hartdegen, yet again another disappointment they should have just stuck with having Lyle because she served as a weak replacement. I know tumblr has been praising her as a badass female character and all the possible femslash between her and Vanessa Ives but really I could not have cared less for her- with all the mystery surrounding her I was almost convinced she’d be a plot twist and that she was really a servant of Lucifer/or Lucifer trying to interfere with Dracula’s plans for Vanessa or even that she was somehow related the Van Hellsing because seriously how can she know so much about fucking vampires when Hellsing in the Season 1 was suggesting it was a very obscure thing to know about.  
Dracula- coolest villain, weakest ending, need I say more?

Third- While I now get that having most of the season with Ethan and Malcolm within the same vicinity makes it understandable that they’re the only two remaining of the Murray Squad (alongside Frankenstein but good god I don’t even know what they were suggesting his end would be, the whole ‘there is no road for me’ would almost have me think he was going to kill himself though I suppose he could try at being normal but nothing is clear) and that they’re going to try discover life without Vanessa together as they had already been doing so in America everyone else feels unplanned or poorly planned. I’m not saying everyone needs a happy ending or a bad one (as we got) but an eventful one at least- I was expecting Lily to rip apart at Dorian’s portrait in revenge for kidnapping her with Frankenstein or killing Justine, at least for us to see it one last time, or even for Ethan to find Frankenstein and Lily in Bedlam for him to then rescue Lily (she was reminiscing about him being the kindest man she knew earlier this season like c’mon). It would have been helpful if John Clare actually remembered his time as an orderly in the asylum with Vanessa, also I can’t help but feel as though they were hinting that they would reveal how he died in his former life and it may be connecting with Vanessa’s demons Lucifer & Dracula or maybe even Frankenstein killed him. NO FINAL WORDS BETWEEN MALCOLM AND VANESSA - like oh I guess he now has a surrogate son in Ethan there needn’t be any farewell between Malcolm and his surrogate daughter, like I know the show begins with Vanessa and Ethan first interacting but it’s the history between Malcolm and Vanessa that was at the heart of the narrative from Season 1 onwards.


No matter if the person is dead or alive, I just think it was wrong for Victor to take Brona’s clothes off.  I just feel that Caliban should just see the face and not the rest of the body cause that makes the audience feel that he wanted certain qualities in a woman.  Even the dead can be self-conscious and uncomfortable for not being covered.

I don’t know what going on in Victor’s head but it is just getting more messier and not thinking straight.  He going to be werewolf bait now after he stolen Ethan’s girlfriend.  I am most upset that he had the guts to say ‘you’re just going through a door’ crap.  Like really, that is really low Victor.  For you to turn your back on your new friend.  No wonder you have no friends.  I won’t want a friend like you if you did that behind my back.