penny challenge

Drawing Challenge 22/03/2017

I AM a bit late, I’m sorry. I guess one day it would’ve happen, but I wanted to at least go through a week without missing a deadline. Only an hour an’ a half late though, not so bad.

It took me some time to think o a poly ship I really loved for this one, mostly for the expression in the middle, most poly relationships I ship wouldn’t have anyone that fit that as well as Weiss

In the end I just combined my love for White Rose and Nuts & Dolts into this, it was fun as hell to draw. (did made some mistakes tho)

Oh just look at Penny there, love her so much

Are you ready, Magicians Fandom? 

 In less than 24 hours the 2017 Welters Challenge is going to drop, and everything will change. 

 Are you ready for a fandom experience like no other? Are you ready for an explosion of fandom content? 

Are you at all prepared for what’s to come? 

 No? Well get ready! We’re coming for you! And unlike the beast, we don’t intend to hurt anyone! … Or do we? 

 That’s all up to you, actually. 

 Confusing? That’s fine. You’ll understand soon. 

 We’ll see you at midnight.


❦ Sim Cosplay / Costume tag ❦

-Use a sim or sims well associated with your blog.
-You are not allowed to change any of your sims features: Hair color, eye color, facial features and shape, or body shape. You can loophole eyes by using contacts and changing hairstyle is acceptable.
-Dress your sim(s) up as a character or characters that they relate to.

I found this challenge by chance and I fell in love with it. So I decided to rub my beloved Cullen and Penny and make them become Anna and Kristoff. I love them so much 💛
I chose Frozen movie because I love Disney’s Princess

I tag @opheliasim @simwithsparkles @sandy-sims