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Dex is a Witch

Inspired by this post.

So what kind of witch would Dex be?

The first time he realizes that anger could be a tool, he feels the world shift on its axis. He reads everything he can get his hands on, careful to clear his browsing history and ambivalent of the searching looks the librarian gives him. So many books preach mindfulness. One’s craft should always be free of negative emotions. You must practice meditation, cleanse yourself and your surroundings on a constant basis. Anger, doubt, fear, all poisons to one’s craft.

Dex begins to feel like maybe witchery isn’t in his nature.

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Penny Bunce, I love her so much.
Just a quick doodle, I know its not accurate but I was too lazy to look up references for the uniform. Have a nice day! 💛💙
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Every Bit of It: Part One

Soulmate AU: Everyone has a line that starts from their ring finger that goes to their heart, and in the line is spells out the very frst thoughts you have about your soulmate.

Tyrannus Basilton Pitch hates his line. It’s just like everyone else, but there is only one word repeated over and over and over again. “Wow.” Am I really not more creative than that? Whoever my soulmate is better be “wow” worthy otherwise I will be pissed off. Then again, I’m pissed off a lot.

I wonder what other people’s lines say. Some just say “They’re beautiful,” where others say “Those shoes are ugly as hell.” I think it’s funny, the variety of thoughts that people can have about someone they are truly destined for. Not that I believe all this shit. My friend Agatha doesn’t have a line. When she was younger she wanted to get a tattoo of one, just to make her look normal, but since then the tattooing of the lines have become illegal. I guess there have been too many people in Agatha’s position where they get lines and steal soulmates from other people. Agatha isn’t like that though. She just wanted a line, no words, to make her look normal.

Work today is slow as a bitch. Why does no one want coffee? Coffee is great. I am debating getting some when the door dings open. Two people walk in, but the sun from outside blocks my view of them.

“Honesty, Simon, do you really need to go to every single store in London to find these bloody scones? I want to go home,” a girl’s voice said.

“Yes, Penny. You know I am addicted to them.”

I rolled my eyes. Wow, I thought. Scones? Then I froze. I thought wow. Is that..?

Simon and Penny walked up to the counter. “Hi! Do you have scones?”

“Um, yeah, what kind do you want?” I asked him, movements slow in case he realized that maybe I was his soulmate.

“Sour cherry,” he said. And then he froze. “Give us a minute will you?”

He dragged the girl away and whispered to her. His hands were moved everywhere, he gestured to where his line is, and he blushed when he realized I was staring at him. I got the sour cherry scones for him, I didn’t know how much he wanted so I just gave him five since they are sold in bundles of five. I waited for them at the counter. Penny went and sat down and he walked back to the counter. Holy shit. He’s really cute.

He has bronze curls and blue eyes. His face is covered in freckles and little moles and it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while.

“I have five scones for you, do you want more?” I ask him.

“Five is good, but I would like your number,” he replies. Damn, he’s good.

“Let me get that for you..?”

“Simon. My name is Simon “Your Soulmate” Snow.“ He actually used finger quotes around "Your Soulmate.” He smirked like hell when he did that. Why did I feel like he should never smirk?

“That’s smooth, Snow. That’s smooth,” I whispered as I was writing my number on his receipt. “Now, just because you are my soulmate doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for these scones and my number. That’ll be 3.49.”

“Does that include or not include your phone number?” He asked, handing me the money.

“My number costs one date with you.” I answered, handing him the scones and my number. “I’m off in an hour.”

“I’ll wait for you here,” he winked and walked back to Penny, who was silently recording the entire encounter.

“Did you get it?” Snow whispered just a little too loud.

Penny smiled. “Every bit of it.”

I don’t think I hate my line anymore.








Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go catch some snoozes with my new soft, cool, back supporting bed pal!!

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pls don’t attach a dick on him u gross 

hurt tonight.

baz feels empty sometimes.  i got inspired for this fic by listening to let’s hurt tonight by one republic. the lyrics of the song don’t really have that much in common with the fic, it’s more the feel of the song that inspired me. 

word count: 2k


Baz hadn’t been over for a few days. When Penny thought of it she realised it must have been at least a week since she’d seen Baz in the flat. Being busy with her homework had kept her ignorant to this, but now it was weekend and Simon was alone in his room. It was… strange. Baz often couldn’t stay away for longer than two days and the two of them barley ever spent time at Baz’ place.

Penny wondered if there was a chance that they were in a fight. Even more so, she wondered if she should get involved with whatever was going on between the two of them or not. Her instant response to that would have been no, she was not involving herself in their problems. Though, after she’d thought it over again, she cared a lot more about their relationship than she would have preferred. They were both her friends—and she did not have many more friends besides the two of them—which meant she wished them the best they could have. Especially after all that Simon and Baz had already endured.

After a few moments lost in thought she decided that just asking Simon about it was the least she could do. Offering herself as a supportive listener was different from involving herself in their problems, she told herself.

“Come in,” said Simon shortly after Penny had knocked on his bedroom door.

She walked into his bedroom and saw Simon slouched on his bed with his laptop resting on his lap. He seemed relaxed, probably too relaxed for him to be in a fight with his boyfriend. Simon didn’t hide his emotions very well, you could basically feel any emotion radiating from him. Penny realised she would have known from more than just Baz’ absence if Simon and Baz had been in a fight. So… they weren’t in a fight?

“Baz hasn’t been around for a while. Why isn’t he here tonight? It’s weekend,” Penny asked, unable to keep the curiosity inside her.

Simon shrugged. “He’s been sick the last few days.”

Penny frowned at that. “But, Simon, he’s a vampire.”

Simon copied her frown. “I know… I guess it’s sick as in not feeling well. A vampire can still not feel well right?”



“But,” Penny was still a bit confused about it all, “you don’t know anything more than that? What did he tell you exactly.”

“He said he wasn’t coming by because he wasn’t feeling well.”

“You didn’t ask him what was going on?” Penny asked.

Simon stared at her for a little while. “Should I have?”

“Didn’t you want to know?”

Simon shrugged again. “What difference would it have made?”

“You would have known.” And maybe he needs you, she thought, though she quickly argued herself on that. Baz knew Simon and knew the way Simon worked. If Baz was in need of Simon he should’ve told Simon. You couldn’t expect from Simon to read everything between the lines.

“I guess I would have, but knowing he isn’t feeling well seemed like enough information. I told him I’ll wait for him until he feels better.”

“Maybe you could visit him. Don’t you miss him?” Penny pushed.

“I could,” Simon said and became quiet for a bit. “What if he just wants rest, Penny? He didn’t tell me to come visit him.”

“Did he tell you not to come?”

“… No.”

“You could just text him and ask him if he’d like you to visit him,” Penny encouraged him. Penny felt a little ridiculous for having to help Simon this way, but she knew that sometimes Simon just needed a bit of guidance onto the right path.

Simon nodded. “I will.”

“Good,” Penny said in satisfaction and she left his room.

A few minutes later Simon was at her bedroom door to let her know that he was going over to Baz’ place. Penny smiled to herself whilst shaking her head slightly. The two of them were a piece of work.

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A Valentine’s Trilogy

For @4wksoffluff  

Summary: 3 different valentine’s days at Watford. Pining. Snowbaz. 

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3


It’s my first Valentine’s day as a single person in a couple of years, and even though I’ll have to see the couples around the school being all mushy with each other while I’m not in a relationship myself, I don’t mind. But when I wake up, there’s a box of chocolates at the end of my bed. Interesting. At first, I think it could be from Agatha, but we settled on just being friends ages ago, so that’s pretty unlikely. I really have no idea who they could be from, but I see there’s a note attached to them, so I sit up in my bed and turn it over to read it. All it says is “Happy Valentine’s day.” That’s disappointing. No clue there.


I just wanted to do something for him. It’s our last year, and the last Valentine’s day where I’ll see him, and I don’t even care if he doesn’t know it’s me who gave him the chocolates, and that he’ll never have me anyway. I just want to make him happy.

When I wake up he’s already shoving a chocolate into his mouth. Typical Snow. He looks happy, but he also has a little bit of confusion written on his face. Huh, I figured he’d think they were from Wellbelove, but it doesn’t look like that’s happened. I suppose they really have settled as friends.

“I see you have an admirer,” I decide to say to him. What can it hurt? It just spurs on his look of confusion. He sits there looking puzzled and puts another chocolate in his mouth. I walk into the bathroom, let him chew on that one, literally and metaphorically.

Once I’ve turned the shower on, I strip my pajamas off and climb in. What if Snow figures out they’re from me? I think as I’m in the shower. What then? What would he even do? Oh, Crowley, he’ll go running to Bunce, and she’ll figure out, won’t she? Oh, Crowley. I should have thought this through more. Snow will just use the new knowledge against me. Oh. Crowley.

I’m still fretting as I spell my hair dry, and when I’m putting my uniform on, even still when I’m sitting down at breakfast. What have I done?


I ate quite a few chocolates this morning, but that by no means is going to cause me to skip breakfast. I’m down there before Penny or Agatha, so I sneak a hunk of butter straight into my mouth, it’s just so good, and they’re not around to see and tell me off.

Agatha arrives before Penny, so I decide to ask her about the chocolates, even though I don’t think they’re from her.

“They’re not from me, Simon,” she says with a look of confusion spreading over her face. She doesn’t look hurt that someone else is interested in me, which is good. Our romantic era is well and truly over. “I really don’t know who would send you chocolates,” she’s continuing as Penelope comes and sits down.

“Whats this?” Penny asks, spooning a bit of porridge into her mouth. I don’t know how I allow her to tell me off over butter, because she’s just as bad, except with brown sugar on her porridge.

“Uh,” I say, “when I woke up this morning there were a box of chocolates on my bed.” She looks intrigued. Penny loves a good mystery.

“You’ve got yourself a secret admirer, huh?” She says with her brown eyes alight.

“That’s exactly what Baz said,” I tell her. She only rolls her eyes a little at my mention of Baz. She tells me I talk about him too much, but I really don’t think I do.

“Now, if they were at the end of your bed, how did they get there?” Penny puzzles. “Only boys and I can get into your dorm- ooh! Unless some other girl has figured out a way in. No, no. No one here is smart enough for that, I’m sure.”

“Hey!” Agatha scowls.

“No offense,” Penny adds quickly, but Agatha just harrumphs and crosses her arms.

“They’re not from you, are they Penny,” I ask timidly. It’s a possibility. I have to at least ask.

“What? No.”

“So it’s a boy then.” I conclude.

“It would seem that way, Simon.” She looks all the more intrigued.

“So,” she says,” in order to figure this out we need to know who’s single, and who’s got easy access to your room.”

“Dev’s single,” Agatha says, “and he’s in the room below you, right Simon?”

“Yeah, but I really don’t think it’d be him. I don’t know, he just doesn’t seem like a give-chocolates-to-another-bloke kind of guy.”

“Simon doesn’t think Dev could be gay,” says Penny, making a tick mark in the air, “noted, but he is still a possibility. You never know, Simon.” She says the last bit whilst making direct eye contact with me.

“Yeah, I guess. You never know.”

‘So, who else is single?” Penny asks.

“Baz, Chris, Kevin, Finn, Tim, David, George, Gareth,” She says the last name with a raise of the eyebrows and a ‘we all know why that is’ look. Gareth and his cheeky to him, gross to everyone else, belt buckle. I chuckle a bit.

“So that’s it, all the single guys at school?” I ask, because it really doesn’t seem like many.

“Yeah,” she says.

“Everyone’s pairing off like mad, Simon, this is Watford.” Penny explains. She’s right, I suppose.

“I think we can rule out Kevin, Finn, and David,” I say, “they’re all so young.”

“Good point,” Penny says.

“I guess that leaves us with Chris, Tim, George, Gareth, and Baz.” Agatha concludes.

“But we can rule Baz out,” I say quickly.

“You never know, Simon,” Penny says again.

“Oh come on,” I reply, “you don’t seriously think Baz would give me a box of Valentine’s chocolates do you? He hates me.”

“Or does he?” Penny makes a smug face. “Let’s just not rule him out quite yet, he does have very easy access to your room. He lives in it for Crowley’s sake! It would be very easy for him to put the chocolates on your bed.”

“Okay, fine. You win.”

“Isn’t Chris asexual?” says Agatha, eyes cast off to the side, like she’s lost in deep thought. “I mean, I know that doesn’t mean he can’t have romantic feelings for anyone, but he really doesn’t seem interested in any romantic relationships. I think he might be aromantic.” I wonder how Agatha knows all this, but I decide to leave it. Maybe she’s just friendly with Chris or something.

“Yeah, I think I’ve heard that,” Penny agrees, “We’ll rule Chris out too, then.”

“So,” I say slowly, “that leaves us with Tim, George, Gareth, and Baz.”


“This is quite fun, isn’t it? Nothing like a good old harmless mystery,” says Penny. “Let’s get to the bottom of it. Who do you think seems most interested in you, Simon?”

“Uh, no one, I thought.”

Agatha looks a little sad at that. Pity and a bit of guilt maybe, though I don’t think she should feel like that. It wasn’t working either way in our relationship.

“If we’re really thinking about who seems most interested in Simon,” Penny says thoughtfully, “we are going to have to go with Baz. You’re obsessed with each other, even if it doesn’t seem to be in a good way.”

“Penny, I really don’t think-”

“No,” she cuts me off, “hear me out. I think you should just ask him if the chocolates were from him. It’s the easiest way onwards from here.”

“But, Penny,” I complain, “He’ll just throw me down a flight of stairs and proceed to use the situation against me in future. He’ll make fun of me, you know he will.”

“Unless the chocolates are from him.” She grins.

“Not very likely Pen. He’s my enemy.”

“I agree with Penny,” Agatha says. “If you really want to find out who they are from, you should ask him. And you’ll be safe if you do it in your room. Anathema.”

And that’s how I end up waiting for Baz in my room that night, sorting through my feelings, realizing there may actually be something there. Sitting on my bed, wringing my hands nervously, waiting.


Snow is sitting on the edge of his bed, chin cupped in his hands, when I walk through the door that evening. I go to step into the bathroom to change, but Snow grabs my arm. I flinch at his touch, it’s too tempting to me. I wrench my arm out of his grip and say in a clipped tone “What is it Snow?”

“Um, well…I just have something to ask you, Baz.”

“Spit it out then,” I reply.

“Uh, so, I was just wondering,” he starts nervously, “Was it you who put the chocolates on my bed today?” Oh. Crowley. Crowley, Crowley, Crowley! What have I done? I’m panicking on the inside but I try not to let it show on my face. If I say yes, Snow could so easily use the information against me, But, I let this thought cross my mind for a second too: Simon Snow may really like me back. Then I bat the thought away because it’s ridiculous. What am I thinking?

“No,” I say, with a little too much delay.

“Okay,” he says, and if I didn’t know better I’d say he were disappointed. “It’s just,” he continues, “I really don’t know who put them there, and Penny and Agatha seemed to think it must be you.”

Shit. They’re onto me.

“They were really nice chocolates, by the way,” he says, not really to me but more to the room, to the school, to nowhere, to himself. And I smile. He’s looking away so I figure I’m safe, and let it flicker across my face for a few seconds. But he sees me.

“If they were from you, I know you wouldn’t admit it, so I’ll just say it in case. Thank you.” He looks so genuine, and his voice is so small. This is all too real for me. I didn’t imagine this happening at all when I put them there this morning. And I don’t think Snow wants to use the information against me, I really don’t.

He’s looking right into my eyes when he says it this time, his own eyes looking scared, confused, beautiful, genuine and so prettily cornflower blue. “Was it you, Baz?”

If he didn’t look so damningly genuine, and wasn’t so persistent, I don’t think I would have said this. But I wanted to, so I did. And I’m just hoping like hell that he feels for me too, that he doesn’t tear my heart out and slice it into a thousand pieces with his sword.

“Yes, Simon,” I say, “it was.” I’m terrified, I’m overjoyed, I’m relieved, and I’m anxious. This could backfire so badly. He takes a deep breath before saying what he does next.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Baz.” And I swear I could cry. But I don’t, because, Simon Snow, Simon bloody Snow, takes my face in his hands, and he kisses me. I’m so shocked I just freeze. And he jerks away, a worried look on his face.

“Oh, Crowley, oh sh- oh I’m, I’m so, sorry, uh, shit, Baz, sorry aagh.” He’s tripping over his words, and it’s so sad and adorable, and he looks so rejected with his forehead in his hand pacing backward that I grab him, pull him to me, and kiss him. He kisses me back and it’s heavenly. I can smell his scent of cinnamon and smoke, and feel his soft, sweet lips beneath mine, feel his golden curls in my hand as I grab them. We break apart and he looks so relieved and I laugh, I’m so happy.

“Snow, you idiot, don’t be sorry.” I lean in and kiss him again. “Happy Valentine’s.” And then we’re standing in our room, a little confused, a little relieved, both smiling like idiots, with our hands wrapped around each other’s, a better future ahead of us.

Life is fragile but still beautiful

I started writing this story after 12x05 and now finally thought to publish it. It’s about Amelia going to LA and the rest you have to find out by reading it 😉 There will be many chapters for this story. 

Amelia had finished her surgery. Her pager went off while she and Edwards were scrubbing out.

“Is it another surgery for us?” Edwards asked hopefully.

“Nope, it’s from Bailey, she wants to meet me at her office after we’ve finished the surgery.”

“What do you think it is, are you in trouble?”

“I don’t think so, maybe she wants to give money for neuro department.” Amelia grinned.

“Yes, that’d be awesome. Good luck with this conversation.”

“Thanks, check this patient every half an hour, okay?”

“Got it.”

Amelia walked to the chief’s office, knocked on the door and stepped in. Bailey was holding some papers in her hands while reading them.

“Chief, you paged.”

Bailey looked up from the papers and smiled “Yes, take a seat.” She pointed to the chair opposite her.

Amelia took the seat and said “I can’t find any good reason why I have to be here, of course if you want to give some money for…”

Bailey stopped her “No, we’re not going to talk about money. We need to discuss your behavior with one of our resident. I think you know who I’m talking about.”

“Well, I don’t.” Amelia answered coldly.

“Amelia. Please don’t do this. It wasn’t her fault that…”

“Wasn’t her fault?! Of course it was, it was on her. She should have pushed harder!” Amelia raised her voice, almost yelling.

“Think about it. Do you think residents don’t make mistakes? One of my interns cut her fiance’s LVAD wire. Then one of them slept with an attending, put a hand on the bomb and almost drowned. You wanna tell me you haven’t made mistakes? Everyone has and we’re suppose to learn from them. Penny didn’t push hard enough to get the head CT but next time she will.”

Amelia just sat there and looked at Bailey. It still hurt as hell to think about Derek and many nights she cried herself to sleep. Right now Amelia wanted to be strong, so she made a face like she was listening what Bailey had just said but actually she was thinking “I’m not going to let myself feel right now, I can’t fall apart in front of Bailey.”  

Amelia repeated it in her mind many many times, when Bailey said “Anyway, I read your file and you didn’t take out your break last year. I think maybe it’s the right time to take it now and calm down.”

“But what if I’m not okay with this. I don’t wanna take a break, I need to do my job.”

“Well, you don’t have a choice. Hospital needs to send you to your break for two months and after that you’re welcomed back.”

“What I’m going to do with these two months? You can’t send me to the break when I’m against that.”

“Yes, I can. I have to, otherwise the hospital will get a fine and we don’t have the money to pay for that. You’re going to take your two months break!” Bailey told clearly.

“Okay, fine.” Amelia crossed her arms and put her back against the backrest.

“Alright then. You have to sign these papers and then you’re free to go.” Bailey handed the papers to Amelia.

“But what about my patients? Edwards can’t take them all.”

“Well, I thought about it and some of them will take Nelson and most of them Edwards. Of course if she needs help, Nelson and I will help her and she can always call you.”

“Okay. That sounds good.”

Amelia started reading and after 10 minutes she signed it and headed to change her clothes.

When she was ready to leave, Edwards saw Amelia in her street clothes walking to the elevator. She stopped right in front of one and waited it to open the doors.

“Tell me you didn’t get fired.” Edwards asked worriedly.

Amelia laughed and said “I didn’t. Bailey sent me to that two month break.”

“Is this about Penny?”

“Little bit yeah.” She sighed. “Bailey wants me to calm down but the bigger reason is that, when they don’t send me to the break, the hospital has to pay the fine.”


“After Derek I worked every day and did double shifts, like you can remember. It’ll cost the hospital troubles if surgeons don’t take the breaks.”

“Okay, so you’ll be back, right?”

“Yeah, I’m not leaving. I promise. Oh and you’ll get most of my patients. Nelson and Bailey will help you and you can always call me too, you know.”

“Wait, really?!”

“Yes, don’t let my patients die, Edwards.”

“I’ll do my best, I promise. Anyway what you’ll do in these two months?”

“I’m not sure yet but I had the idea to visit my friends in LA.”

“Oh wow. Wait, you lived there, right?”

“Yes, about five years.”

“Why did you left, was it about your addiction?”

“No, more bigger things than that…” Amelia started thinking about her son.

Edwards understood that Amelia doesn’t want to talk about this, so she wouldn’t ask about it anymore.

“Are you waiting for the elevator?” Edwards grinned.

“Yeah, I don’t get it why it takes so long.”

“Maybe you should push the button too. Elevators can’t read people’s minds yet, you know.”

“Ohh… Good point, Edwards.” They started laughing.

“I think I should go. And you watch you won’t kill someone or make a mistake, okay?”

“Yes mom, I got it.”

Amelia was laughing again “Okay, I’ll see you around.”

“Okay, see ya.”

Amelia pushed the button and Edwards headed to the cafeteria. When the doors opened Amelia saw Penny inside.

“I think I’ll take the stairs. I don’t get it why they have to hire podunk doctors, who don’t do what they’re supposed to do.” Amelia said it to herself but it was loud enough to Penny to hear it.

The doors closed.


So this is for @carryon-countdown Day 8: Front seats for people who haven’t been kidnapped by f**king numpties. So ye I thought that I could use that for an amazing roadtrip thingy ma boober. So ye here ya go! 


“ROADTRIP!” Simon calls, waking up the whole frickin house. About a week ago Bunce promised him that we’d take advantage of her and Micah being here by going on a road trip all around England. I don’t know why Bunce wanted to do it, but my idiot of a boyfriend sure is excited. 

It is that exact idiot that wakes me up at precisely 5:32 in the morning. And he doesn’t do it kindly either. I’m pulled out of my muddled dream when Simon Snow jumps on top of me, startling me.

“What the–” I say as I shoot up, knocking my forehead with Simon’s. I lay back down, covering my eyes with my arm.

“Baaaazzzzz,” he says, shaking my shoulders. I feel his tail whipping around excitedly smacking against my legs in a way that is really painful. His wings rustle around him and I practically feel the excitement radiating off of him. 

I groan and roll over, which causes him to fall off of me onto the ground. I cringe a little at the thump, but Simon just gets back up and shakes my shoulder. 

“Baz we’re going on a road trip today,” he says excitedly. 

“Uggghhhhhh,” I groan again, putting my head underneath the pillow. He pulls on my arm.

“C’mon Baaaazzz. Can you please make breakfast?”

“Why can’t we just buy food,” I whine, wanting to fall asleep without this imbecile picking at me. He throws himself on top of me again, wrapping his arms around me in the way he knows I can’t resist. 

“Pwease Baz?” he says again. I can almost see him making puppy-dog eye. I turn over so I’m facing him, our faces inches apart. I squint at the bright sunlight and look into his blue eyes, knowing that he’s going to get what he wants because I’m weak and Simon is just too cute. 

“Fine you idiot. Just get off of me,” I grumble. Simon makes a noise of delight and then presses a quick kiss to my lips, scrambling off of me. I sit up, my head swimming and my eyes stinging from the sunlight. I yawn and open my eyes fully to see Simon Snow looking at me with wide eyes. He looks like a puppy whose owner just came home. Simon Snow is the literal definition of a puppy, period. He has the excitement of one where he could run around for hours on end and he has his moments where he’ll just curl up on the couch and fall asleep, no matter what time of day it is. Me and Bunce usually throw a blanket on him and I’ll sit beside him, playing with his curls. He has a tail that constantly thumps against my legs when he’s happy and will stop when he’s sad. Sometimes he’ll curl it around my leg as he sleeps on my chest, and it makes me clutch him tighter. 

He might be annoying, but I love this idiot. So I just drag myself into the kitchen, make some coffee (black. Like my soul), and start making waffles while Simon runs around, waking everyone up. Then, all of us, Penny, Micah, Simon, Agatha (who came all the way from California to visit), and I eat breakfast around a cramped table that was meant for two (what can I say? We don’t get guests often. It’s always just me and Snow).

After breakfast, I see Micah pull Simon into an empty room in the corner of my eye. Simon looks surprised, but follows, and when he comes out, his excited energy has shifted to nervousness. I only wonder what happened…


“Uh, Simon?” Micah says as I’m putting the orange juice in the fridge. His dark curls are a mess, as if he’s been ruffling them and his hands fiddle nervously with the helm of his sweatshirt. 

“Yeah?” I say. 

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I tilt my head in question, but he takes my arm and pulls me into an empty room. The guest bedroom where him and Penny are staying. He closes the door and takes a deep breath. 

“I want to propose to Penny,” he says in a rush. Now I understand why he’s nervous. 

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