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CHILLY WILLY - Snow Business

Walter Lantz Space Mouse #2 Gold Key comics ( Feb. 1963)

1)      Space Mouse – (Space Litter) – 1 page inside front cover (untitled)
2)      Space Mouse – Meteor Menace – 7 pages
3)      Space Mouse – Caterpillar Cowboys – 8 pages
4)      Chilly Willy – Snow Business – 1 page text story
5)      Woody Woodpecker – The Man From Mars – 4 pages
6)      Space Mouse – Milk Shake-Up – 6 pages
7)      Space Mouse – A Fishy-Type Tale – 6 pages
8)      Space Mouse – (Glass Blower) – 1 page inside back cover (untitled)

anonymous asked:

What type of sigils or herbs or scents or even stones would you suggest for someone who wants a good luck for getting a job spell?

The color green, citrine, jade, aventurine, green calcite, lucky pennies, copper, alfalfa, bay leaves, basil, the scent of citrus. I find sigils work best when you make them, but something that says “I am successful” or “I get the job” should be good, or just something for confidence in an interview, ya know?


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