penny bay

my dog is a saint I was sitting with her in the yard and two houses down my neighbor’s beagles got into a fight and there was so much baying and penny was way down the yard from me and she just stared and I called her back to the house and she trotted up and is now catching bugs in the driveway


Mumbling’s Save a Penny Spell 

 This spell helps you make the most of the money you have. It’s intended to help you attract savings, sales, and coupon you can actually use. You can make a bunch at a time so you can make a few for friends or roommate or family members. I made two, on for me and one for my partner.

 What you will need

  • Green candle 
  • Green paint 
  • Bay leaf 
  • Pen
  • Mint 
  • A penny per person 

 What to do

  1. Write “I will save money on the things I need.” On the back of the bay leaf. 
  2. Put your pennies on your bay leaf in front of the candle. 
  3. Place fresh mint in a cup with water next to your candle. OR anoint the candle with mint oil. OR sprinkle dried mint on the pennies 
  4.  When you light the candle repeat the phrase you wrote on the bay leaf. 
  5. Allow the candle to burn until all the wax on the top of the candle* has melted or if using a taper until and inch has burned away. 
  6.  Light it again in this same manor for three days. 
  7. On the forth day burn the bay leaf and paint one side of the pennies green so you know which penny is the right one in your bag or wallet. 
  8. Carry it with you.

*(or as much as its going to do, if there is extra that just won’t melt you can trim it away before lighting it the next day) 


Tampa Bay MegaCon - David Tennant and Billie Piper Full Length Q&A

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Making some prosperity magic today ✨
Honestly just threw anything associated with money/wealth magick into a jar. Topped it off with ashes from bay leaves I wished on. Jar contains:
Tigers eye
Moss agate
Fresh basil
Whole cloves
Bay leaves

Pre-Season Tip #3

Want your horse to have that head turning, mirror shine to his coat this summer? Put down the bottle of show sheen, and pick up a curry comb! A good, deep curry before and after every ride stimulates the hair follicles, releases trapped dirt from the pores, and brings the healthy coat oils up to the surface. The oils are what makes a chestnut shine like a penny and the bays dapple up! Show sheen and other harsh chemical sprays will give you a good last minute shine, but they dry out the coat and clog the pores, making your horses progressively duller. Consistent every day grooming now, while your horse is beginning to grow it’s summer coat and shed it’s winter coat, will make for a very healthy natural glow! 

PS. Want an alternative for that harsh show sheen? Try mixing one part argan oil (around $5 at your drug store) with three parts water in a spray bottle. Shake it up, and spray! Super shine, instant detangle, and is a natural, healthy coat oil!

PPS. Never forget that a healthy diet is key to a healthy coat. Healthy inside, healthy outside! Try adding a flax, rice bran or corn oil, anything high in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids!