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YO MY FRIENDS, the other day this blog hit 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! <3 I had to brainstorm what to do to celebrate, and honestly I had no idea. 

But I went with this: the bachelor/bachelorettes favourite animals! Hope you like!!!

Abigail - Guinea pigs. She loves her David Jr. He’s fairly easy to maintain, which is good for her (she probably has a short attention span for work), plus he’s super fluffy and cute! 

Alex - Doggo. These bros will play catch on the beach, run together on the farm, and, of course, practice gridball each and every day.

Elliott - Ducks! They’re so beautiful (just like him). (but he still is bffls with the crab in his pocket).

Emily - Sheep. She loves all animals, but these dudes = free wool! She feels bad for taking and using their wool for her projects, but makes up for it with hugs and kisses. 

Haley - Bunnies!!! Honest she is utterly in love with how cute they are (and also how goofy they are!) but she isn’t so keen on the mess they make. For true love, you must make sacrifices. 

Harvey - Birb. Particularly parrots (yes Emily has a parrot, but!) A smart bird for a smart man, he would never be lonely again with this lil guy on his shoulder. 

Leah - Squirrels. She loves nature, so will occasionally bump into these cuties whilst on her quest for wood or just on a general walk! She knows the squirrel in the secret woods by name. She has a huge soft spot for these cuties, and will occasionally bring them nuts. 

Maru - Dinosaurs! You know this babe would nerd out if she realised you had a freaKIN’ DINOSAUR?! 

Penny- BEES. My queen bee. She would love all the animals on the farm, but she really loves the bees, she is very invested in any “save the bees” project she comes across, because dang, they do so much for us! How could you not love them?

Sam - (ok I tried my best not to use the same animals twice BUT) Dog!!! He would have a big dog with a lot of energy to match his own! 

Sebastian - Cat. Petting animals helps with stress, so imagine this boy sat at his computer desk, kitty curled up on his lap, purring away. Pure happiness. 

Shane - please do I even need to answer this. CHICKEN BOI. He sits in the coop to chat with Charlie, and it’s just, he’s home.


Um, footage from the original off-Broadway production of A New Brain? Why am I just now seeing this?

I decided to mix Saturday Mornings with Sunday nights. I sorta wanted to save this for Halloween but then I thought of a better idea for that hahah. I love Inspector Gadget. Like LOVE Inspector Gadget.  In fact, Inspector Gadget was one of the first cartoons I drew and showed my family where they began to understand that I wanted to be an illustrator. (Up until then I had been drawing silly personal comics about vampires or whatever else 5 year olds draw)
I needed a break from drawing  the comics I’ve been working on and as soon as I heard “Go Go Sanchez Ski Shoes” the idea had my heart. 

Rick - Inspector Gadget 
Morty - Chief Quimby 
Summer - Penny
Mr. Snuffles / Snowball - Brain

Pennywise & Teen!Reader Imagine

Chapter 2 Part 1: 

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Warning: Partial Nudity 

Note: This is part 2 to my fanfic Pennywise & Child reader imagine (sorry im just learning how to use tumbler so I don’t know how to link yet 😅) Anyways this takes place about 10 years after my first fanfic so the reader is around 16 and the reader should relationship with Stan is love but the relationship with Pennywise is like a platonic buddy relationship. And thank you Alejandra1358 for the plot suggestions. Enjoy! 

It had been so long since you’ve last gone to Derry, Maine about 8 or so years ago. Your Aunt decided to bring you back up for a family reunion. It had been a long 3 hour ride but now you were back in good ol’ Maine. You were listening to your “emo” music in the passengers seat watching the trees past and letting the feeling of nostalgia wash over you.

You leaned back into your seat kicking your combat boots up onto the dashboard nodding along to the music.

“Sweetie?” Your Aunt Sam said.

You pulled your sunglasses down and pulled out an earbud, “What’s wrong?”

The woman pursed her lips but replied, “Nothing is wrong. Just…please remember to stick to the curfew of not going out of the house past 7 and especially be cautious of any suspicious activity.”

“Suspicious? Your talking like we’re in a 007 movie.” You joked only to realize your aunt was serious for once.

“We’re only going to be here for a week so…don’t do anything stupid, but make new friends. Just—don’t go too far with those friends. Understood?”

You lifted your glasses back up and replied, “Crystal.”

You continued to listen to your music until you noticed something strange. A single red ballon just floating there on the side of the road. Why did that ballon seem so familiar?



“Did you see that ballon?”

“A balloon?”

“Yeah it was just floating there on the side of the road.”

Your aunt gave you a strange look as if she was asking if you were “smoking the devils lettuce” before turning back to the road.

You decided not to push it and continued to listen to your music but couldn’t stop feeling like you knew that from somewhere. Like a memory buried deep, deep, down inside your brain being dusted off and brought to the light. Only the light was dim and you could just faintly remember blue eyes and a big clown like grin. And a name…what was it?

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Dishwasher Safe

A/N: the basis of the this fic was borrowed from elsewhere. But I asked permission…. Well, I’m made @castielspahdehrah ask permission for me. If it’s well received I may be persuaded to write another part.

“I really need to go and clean the kitchen," you sighed, not wanting to move. The dishwasher needed emptying and various pots and pans needed putting back into their proper places.

"I’ll go, you cooked. Plus I should do more around here really seeing as you won’t take any rent from me,” your friend and colleague Spencer hauled himself up off the couch. He’d been staying with you for the last three weeks whilst his apartment building was having some work done on it. He hadn’t asked, you’d offered when you found out he was planning on moving into a hotel for the two months the renovations would take. You had a spare room and you two got on well enough, it made sense.

“I’m not gonna argue with you there. Bring me more wine please,” you smiled sweetly and relaxed back into the cushions.

A few moments later you could hear him clattering around in the kitchen and you closed your eyes, relaxing.

“What the….. What the hell?”

What now? Wearily you pushed yourself up and walked over to the kitchen, seeing Spencer with a bright purple silicone implement in his hand.

Whoops, you’d forgotten that had been in there.

“Is this…. Oh my God it is,” realising what he was holding, Spencer tossed it onto the counter top, a look of mild disgust on his face.

“Hey, don’t treat George like that. He needs to be treated with love and care,” you entered the kitchen and grabbed your toy.

“Why the hell was it in the dishwasher Y/N?”

“Because it needed cleaning?” well duh.


He wasn’t angry, more……a mixture of shocked and confused.

“Well not all of them. Only my dildos. It’s the best place for them. They’re dishwasher safe so…. Saves me having to boil them.”

“But… but…. but.”

“Oh come on Spencer. You know more than anyone how important it is for things to be properly cleaned. How germs are everywhere. You didn’t even shake my hand for weeks when I first started because of all the evil germs you were scared I’d transmit to you. You wouldn’t want me putting an unclean dildo into my vagina would you?”

“No, of course not…. Wait what?” he now looked appalled, his cheeks flushing red.

“Sex toy hygiene is very important to me.”

He blinked a few times, looking to the toy in your hand and then to the plates on the side that he’d emptied out.

“I presume that had been used when it went into the machine?”

“Well I gave it quick rinse under the tap before I stuck it in the dishwasher but yeah.”

“Right.” He turned back to the plates and started loading them back into the machine.

“What are you doing?” although it was very obvious what he was doing.

“I can’t eat off the same plates that have been washed in the same water as your…. as your…. ”


He nodded.

“And why not? The water’s hot. It would have sterilised everything. I don’t have cooties you know, Reid.”

“I know you don’t but…”

“And,” you stepped closer to him. “As a grown man I’m quite certain that you’re not unfamiliar with the taste of a woman’s…. juices. Not that you would be able to taste anything because like I say, the water will have cleaned it all.”

He flushed a deeper red.

“So what’s the problem Spencer?”

“It’s weird okay! You’re my friend, my work colleague. I don’t want to be eating off things that have been washed in the same water as your used dildo.”

“So if we were dating would it be different?” this was fun.

“I don’t know! Maybe!”

“Well that’s good to know.” You waited for him to finish reloading the dishwasher. Which he hadn’t emptied or loaded himself all week so didn’t know what you did.

“Spencer…. ”


“Just so you know, George has been in there for a few cycles already. I forgot that I’d put him in there last week.”

With that, you skipped off towards the bedroom to place George back in the drawer with his brothers and sisters, leaving Spencer spluttering to himself as the penny dropped in his brain.

This idea is stuck in my head

The last scene of an episode: Penny and Leonard are trying to sleep in Leonard’s room when all of a sudden we hear Sheldon and Amy going at it. Loudly.

Penny says “Oh my god. Not again.” and then Leonard says “You know Sheldon. He’s gotta do things in threes.”

Why am I even thinking this??!!

Mystery Man

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 5077

Summary: Deciding to be more social, Simon goes to a masquerade ball fundraiser. Based on “shy kiss” to “steamy kiss” request.

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AN: See? I am actually working through these requests! It’s just taking awhile. Hope you like it!


A masquerade ball. What a strange idea. The student union is trying to find more “creative” ways to raise funds. Guess a rich university like Watford can afford to be creative. They’ve rented out some fancy hotel ballroom nearby, got the art department to make masks, the drama department to loan costumes, and for 20 quid a person, you can dance with fellow students. It’s absolutely ludicrous. And possibly fun. I desperately need some fun.

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So I was clicking around on youtube the other day and came across someone attempting to play a shitty Inspector Gadget SNES game and it clicked in my head that the cartoon never really got a reboot. I’m excluding the movie because it deserves to be excluded.

Cue me being a dumb idiot and then drawing a bunch of concept art-ish headcanon-y garbage.

It’s kind of sad though because Penny could actually be pretty cool, you have a smart girl that could easily be updated into a hacker/robotics genius that solves crime because she ALREADY DID EVERYTHING BEFORE and why the hell not?

Also I made Brain into a dog. Just a dog. You know. Fluffy, cute, licks own butt. Dog.


In sacrosanct meadows on lush green hillside courtyards of ever green and lily white snow sits

Jester holding cards he waits there with a sheepish grin. His wild eyes staring from lunacy beyond the grave of his long dead burned out mind. There really was nothing there rattling through his skull like a rats cage set on fire the fleeing rodents we’re wrapped up in disguise of “Ideas”.

He thunk himself brilliant and yet SAID he was humble which meant borrowing his neighbors coat to drape over mud holes waiting for the first fool to partake of his plastic.

The slipknot goat-head wheel turner

could have been but a single shot transfixed into a photograph hung center in Museum Of Cretin.

You shake the haze from the glare. There are no insights to see here, you realize now as they are just four blank mirrors void of a decent worthy expression. Only an echo from years previous this short track roller coaster is out to lunch. Permanently it imitates chatty Kathy in a make-believe world.

Just “Sit down”

one afternoon in a quiet breeze.

I was on a long list you see

waiting in line for


to see…


Whilst the Thief laughed, merriment began to rise and bloom in iridescent array that “smoke screened eye lids”* from never knowing the secret of unlocking beauties door.

When the moon made appearance from the dusk of cloud barren soldiers fighting in the cosmic dust of infinite spiral layers of possibilities. Love was at my door step, opening gates and so inviting.

This is the part of the story Wise even fear to tread.

Lets “talk” about love shall we?

Here, take my hand I will guide you now through the hallways of truth.

Love is always an open door speaking songs of forlorn angels and battle scars of internal injustice. It screams out choice as though it was not a biological drug, rather life induced until heart is being, not just falsely believing.

I myself am Wrapped up in nothing short of insanity, sleepless, penny brained, every word:

“Yes” as in “Yes my Love Yes!”

mind babbling beggar… using only first dimensional communication.

A day spent in concrete stoics with failing, words spilled in marbles at loves door.

Now, now now baby,

you will never shake

this off.

No not the

real deal.

Your going to change, ridding anything left insulting the soul, your gonna wash your face and look square in the eyes. Your gonna smile now “goldsmith”


Show me baby what loves all about.

Did you think it was white picket now holy un-rolling all the fears your momma and your poppa force fed.

Keep gagging on the stew its been passed around as old wine for generations.

You really think you know what loves all about?

Is it about jealousy for the testosterone forgiven from lily white to crimson dilate clothes from every other sister as she passes

Do you love em honey when every drool felt like nails into the coffin of self esteem. Fuck that! Man

Love to feel safe like the choking flavor of chap stick and gum, strangle-holding dignity on a silver plated fork three-prongs that I swear looks just like a bird. A fuck you flip this switch bird.

This….is a book now not a poem.

Like chapter one “first verse same as the first” where slave driver poet lords bang minds door with words hung across their arms fur trading in dark caves of fog

Where wise go together hand and hand to die.

Bleed it, sometimes you take a break to let it bleed.

Love is a ruthless, two edged sword

for polarities to balance a spinning pirouette effortlessly.

Love has a few freckles and sunspots on oceans of sea green, evergreen in redwood forests where it flourishes a dream within this dream.

A voice always a little above or below the wave of society, where a dance-floor joyously announces a heart in soul dance as that train of finally…

Love walks with or a step ahead for it is always there freely…

Not stoic-ally

When you come home stay

love walks with you all the way