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These are my headcanons for what happens with the surviving characters after the finale. If you have your own headcanon please just reblog and add yours because I would love to read them!

- When Claire meets with her mom again is a very emotional encounter because she still feels responsible for the car crash but her mom tells her it was never her fault and she can finally let the guilt go.

- Sawyer meets his daughter Clementine. At first Cassidy didn’t want him around her but then she finds out it was Sawyer who left all that money to Clementine’s name and realises he always cared about her in his own way and gives him a chance. To Cassidy’s surprise he ends up being a great dad.

- Aaron grows up to be an amazing musician and when poeple congratulate him Claire always says “he gets that talent from his dad”.

- Kate and Sawyer remain best friends for the rest of their lifes and they confort each other when they miss Jack and Juliet.

- When they leave the island Aaron still thinks Kate is his mom and she and Claire decide to rise him together as the son of both. They live together and Aaron simply has two moms now.

- Claire actually has Charlie’s DS ring (we know Sun found it so let’s assume she gave it to Claire off camera) and when Aaron is older she gives it to him and explains his daddy was a hero who died to save all of them.

- Sawyer starts using his real name “James Ford” and asks to never be called Sawyer again. When Kate’s asks why the change he answers “I don’t need to pretend to be something else, not anymore”.

- In the island Hurley gets rid of the stupid old rules from Jacob and now people who live in the island are allowed to leave if they want to or go to the mainland from time to time to visit their friends and family. Hurley himself goes very often to visit the rest of the gang.

- Kate travels to Seul every year for Ji Yeon’s birthday and gives her a present. And Hurley uses his new powers to have an eye on Ji Yeon and make sure she’s well and happy.

- Desmond and Penny don’t need to hide anymore so they stop living in the boat and they buy a house near to Claire’s and Kate’s. Aaron and little Charlie grow up to be best friends.

- Penny meets with Eloise Hawking and learns Faraday was her half-brother. She decides to honor his memory and uses her wealth to start “The Daniel Faraday Foundation” which provides young scientists with resources to further their investigations. Eloise publishes Faraday’s investigations and he will be remebered in the science community as a genius.

- After leaving the island they all thought the sassy Miles wouldn’t keep in contact with them but they were wrong. He often visits Sawyer and keeps calling him “boss” or “LaFleur” to annoy him.

- After Hurley and Ben bring adult-Walt back to the island he talks with the ghost of his father and helps him to move on so Michael is no longer stuck there.

- Walt lives the rest of his life in the island and eventually becomes the new protector of the island after Hurley.

- When he is an adult the island “calls” Aaron because he was born there and he lives his own crazy adventures.


Rent at the Hollywood Bowl, directed by Neil Patrick Harris- August 7, 2010 

Skylar Astin as Mark, Aaron Tveit as Roger, Wayne Brady as Collins, Tracie Thoms as Joanne, Collins Pennie as Benny and the company performing the title song. 

Wanna watch the show in it’s entirety? Follow the link below!
Kudos to Skylar Astin Fan for getting and sharing such awesome footage!

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My favourite line from the affair era is Robert's 'then I say bye bye money' when they were talking about the investment. I thought that Robert's biggest love was money and if Aaron was more important than money, it must be real love. I just wish that Robert would have understood it as soon as I. 😂



the amount of times robert offered aaron money or spent an indecent amount of money to keep his affair with aaron secret. the amount of money robert has spent over the years on aaron because aaron is the most important person to him and robert loves being rich and successful but oh my god he loves aaron so much more.

this is also why i think robert should always be rich. so he can be obnoxious about all things at all times but also inevitably continue to spend every single penny of it on aaron.

aaron and crime.

It’s funny, I don’t even know what I would look for necessarily but even from Connecticut I knew that he wasn’t gay and yet you were convinced standing next to him at a party that he was and now look at you, you’re on a date with him. 

Patience is a Virtue

Robert was just shrugging on his jacket when Aaron came crashing through the door, a slice of toast gripped between his teeth and his eyes darting from end of the room to the other.

“You seen Liv?” he asked, the words slightly obscured as he ate.

Robert decided to refrain from another ‘do you have to do that?’ or an instinctive eye roll at the mention of Liv’s name.

“Not recently, no.”

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Magcon Preferences(Including Dillion, Sam,&Jacob)

(Imagine dating one of the boys & the one your dating decides to buy you a Penny Board)



Jack J:








Jack G:



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Those Movies - Aaron Imagine for Anon

You could honestly do anything with Aaron. Penny boarding with him to taking making cute faces in front of crowds. But there was one thing, you couldn’t do. You couldn’t watch a scary movie. You were never able to finish one. You either always skipped the bad part or blocked your eyes and closed your eyes tightly. So, Aaron came up with the idea to watch a movie. A scary movie.

You were defiant at first, but Aaron use his puppy eyes, and you couldn’t help but say yes. As he searched for a scary movie on Netflix, you groaned. “If I get scared for life, you owe me pizza every time I ask you for some.” He laughed. “I’m serious babe. I’m not going to be able to finish this scary movie.”

“Shutup babe.” he laughed and sat next to you on the couch. The movie started, and the intro got you hooked in. As the scenes grew more intense, you jumped or yelled, and clutched onto Aaron. You ended up sitting on his lap one time.

“Oh my god. Don’t be stupid. Walk the other way-” You couldn’t handle watching this scene. You covered your eyes and blocked out the noise. Aaron tapped you. “It’s over babe.”
You looked up to the screen. You screamed. “What the hell Aaron!” as you pushed him off the couch. “I’m scared for life!” You groaned. “How am I suppose to sleep by myself? Or even be alone?” You hollered.

Aaron rolled around the floor laughing. You glared at him. Giving him the death eye. He eventually caught your drift and went to sit next to you. You stiffened. “Can’t believe you did that to me.” You huffed.
“Will this make it go away?”
He moved his face closer to yours, and pressed his lips. As you pulled away your face was ripe red.
“No, my brain is forever ruined.” you snapped.
“Maybe this will.” He inched closer. Holding your hand, and cupping your cheek, he pulled you in for a kiss. Feeling your lips move at the same pace.
“Okay maybe this time it made me forget,but next time you owe me pizza you ass!”
Aaron laughed, and embraced you. “Sorry babe, I’m just trying to help you overcome a fear.”
“By making me scared for life?” Your eyes widen and you guys bursted into laughter.
“I’ll be here for every scary movie you watch. Even the little scary scenes.” he grinned as he intertwined your hands once again.