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“Ruby~ You wanna be left behind?”
“I’m on my way!”

It’s never The End when it comes to Monty’s work. 

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Why Cinder is a monster

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-She recruits Emerald by threatening to get the police on her if she doesn’t cooperate. Then manipulates the girl into being emotionally dependent on her.

-Heavily implies she would’ve done the same to Mercury about murdering his father.

-Slaps Emerald for “not knowing her place.”

-Recruits the White Fang by slaughtering half a camp when Adam said no the first time.

-Put Amber in coma by draining her powers.

-Has Roman release a bunch of Grimm onto the streets of Vale.

-Framed Yang for assaulting Mercury.

-Made Emerald trick Pyrrha into tearing apart Penny.

-Calls the site of the people of Vale being slaughtered beautiful.

-Kills Pyrrha when she tries to stop her.

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RWBY vol 3 Japanese dub mvp moments (spoilers)

I’ll be uploading the Japanese episodes on Youtube for your viewing pleasure~

FYI: I laughed so hard at Tai’s voice the first time through that I started tearing up and had to pause XD If Qrow’s voice got higher, Tai’s definitely went down a few octaves lol.

And the fact it’s hard enough to hate Adam with his freakin awesome design, they go and give him Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice. Like, that’s so not fair. Also, Mustang from fma:brotherhood as Roman is just awesome.

Rwby Volume 5 episode five Recap(spoilers)

I don’t care if you give no craps, what’s that what’s that-ITS MICKSTERECAPS!

1:34 We start out in Menagerie where we see Blake and Sun leave the manor where they most DEFINITELY weren’t making out before this scene. Don’t lie, you thought it to and you are DISGUSTING!

1:50 We then see a normal first-date activity-ON THE STREET WARDRAFTS! You should tell them that they won’t really be fighting and that it will be paying for school, that’s what the douchebags recruiters at MY high school did!

2:50 FISH FAUNUS-hell yes! I know its been established that the WHOLE animal kingdom is represented here, but I STILL find it so cool!

3:15 After an entire wasted afternoon Blake and Sun sit down to tropical drinks while-EXPOSITION TIME! Where Blake reveals that most of the people in Menagerie just want to be left alone and are sick of fighting…her reasoning for coming back home makes DOUBLE sense now.

4:00 HYOO boy Sun is asking about Adam, the guy Blake “worked” with. PREPARE FOR AWKWARD CONVERSATION!

4:15 Holy crap nevermind-SHE’S TALKING ABOUT HER TEAM ALSO AND ITS SUPER NICE…BEFORE talking about Adam of course.


Blake: I used to think he was Justice, Passion-

Those Adam x Blake shippers are going to interpret THAT how they want to.

ALSO-the more she talks about him, the MORE Adam reveals himself to be furry Magneto. Grew up under discrimination, has super powers, wants his humanoid minority to rise up against the normals in power-CRY FOR THE MOON!

5:12 Sun’s thoughts: OH BOY-Ilia, the OTHER obvious ex. Just play it cool, she’s all ready starting to somewhat like you. 

6:16 Sun: So, what are you gonna do?

Blake: I’m going to try and help her the way you helped me.

Sun’s thoughts: YES-points!

6:40 A-CUT-TO-Lil’ Cute Boy Ozpin practicing his cane kendo! Just keep hitting that dummy kid, you’ll slowly increase your attack stats in NO time!


Oscar’s thoughts: OH SNAP-its Ruby, what should I do?

Ozpin: NOTHING, I’m friends with her uncle which means YOUR friends with your uncle, it’d be weird.


Ruby:…SO your getting better huh?

7:30 OH SNAP-Ruby unconsciously said “combat ready” and then frowned-HER HEART WEEPS FOR HER ROBO-GF!

7:33 Oscar than begins his sad-man’s speech about how much his life logistically sucks which goes into FULL ON break down at 8:32. 

8:45 RUBY then gives a nice…sad little recap of the events of the season 3 finale that RIPS your heart open!

10:32 AND after that onion-cutting fest, CLOSE IT OUT with a joke about Nora eating because Joss Whedon!

10:56 Ozpin: She really is amazing isn’t she.

Oscar: Yeah…I still can’t date her can I?

Ozpin: HELL-no.

11:30 CUT TO-the Albains in their creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy CANDLE room! Which may also be their bedroom, I’m not sure if they aren’t married or brothers.

11:43 ZOOP-scratch that, creepy candle painting room. NO-ONE has sex in a room with a weird old painting looking at them…actually these guys are creepy enough to do that.

Litterally a second after I typed that-

Fennec: Of course brother.

THANK YOU-freaking 2 seasons, Christ. No more sex jokes then.


Fennec: Sister Ilia, thank you for meeting with us.

….DAMMIT-now I’m confused again! Are they White Fang brothers, or regular brothers…in a van, the movie.

12:34 Ilia: A necessary sacrifice.

Peter Griffin: HA-she said the title of the episode!

13:15 Whoa whoa WHOA-they controlling the info? Meaning Menagerie STILL doesn’t know about Adam taking over? After…Ghira made a speech about how he planned to kill Sienna…hoo boy this one BIG powder keg.


Ilia: Its my fault the Belladonnas had any ground to stand on.



Ilia:…shouldn’t you be all “Oh no, its not my fault”!

Fennec: We would…if it wasn’t TRUE!

Corsec: You fucked up girl.

13:50 Oh NOW you have a problem with killing people for Faunus rights-HYPOCRITE! YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE MADAM!

14:10 And the moment he said “Relationship with their daughter” made the shippers go nuts. What’s Illia and Blake? Black Cammo? Yeah let’s go with that.

14:20 Corsec:-Highleader Taurus has requested she(Blake) be taken alive.

KNOWING how much I know about Adam and Blake’s relationship…that don’t sound too wholesome.

14:42 SAID IT AGAIN-man the writers just LOVE that episode title don’t they?

One crazy ass Adam speech later


Fennec: He seems…unwell.

NO-really?! The guy who ALWAYS has his mask on no matter if its a mission or not, dates teenagers, and mentions he wants to SLAUGHTER his pre-teen ex-girlfriend’s family seems UNWELL?! FIND A NEW BOSS YOU SHEEPLE…foxes.

16:00 AH-bat faunus! MY CUPPETH RUNNETH OVER! 

I mean YEAH he murdered Ghira’s messenger meaning Have Acadamey has no warning about the coming attack but…BAT FAUNUS!

ONCE AGAIN-mostly talking ep! SEE YA NEXT WEEK FOR ACTION…hopefully.


Momocon RWBY Photoshoot: Fights + Middle Fingers

Let me know who you are if you are one of the cosplayers!

Roman Torchwick - @namihatake1

Adam Taurus - @whits-obsessions

Qrow Branwen - Matth_Vader on Instagram

Male Blake Belladonna - @luciromeahuna

Volume 4 Blake with cat ears - @blakebellatooshie

Volume 4 Weiss Schnee - @mewmewpurin

Ruby Rose - @dreamingjay

I am the female Sun :3

More photos from the RWBY photoshoot here