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“Ruby~ You wanna be left behind?”
“I’m on my way!”

It’s never The End when it comes to Monty’s work. 

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RWBY vol 3 Japanese dub mvp moments (spoilers)

I’ll be uploading the Japanese episodes on Youtube for your viewing pleasure~

FYI: I laughed so hard at Tai’s voice the first time through that I started tearing up and had to pause XD If Qrow’s voice got higher, Tai’s definitely went down a few octaves lol.

And the fact it’s hard enough to hate Adam with his freakin awesome design, they go and give him Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice. Like, that’s so not fair. Also, Mustang from fma:brotherhood as Roman is just awesome.


Momocon RWBY Photoshoot: Fights + Middle Fingers

Let me know who you are if you are one of the cosplayers!

Roman Torchwick - @namihatake1

Adam Taurus - @whits-obsessions

Qrow Branwen - Matth_Vader on Instagram

Male Blake Belladonna - @luciromeahuna

Volume 4 Blake with cat ears - @blakebellatooshie

Volume 4 Weiss Schnee - @mewmewpurin

Ruby Rose - @dreamingjay

I am the female Sun :3

More photos from the RWBY photoshoot here

So I bought RWBY Vol 3 Blu-Ray today and sat down to watch it with mum. Her reactions were hilarious
  • Sees Sun: whoa who's the hottie?
  • Yang breaking Mercury's leg: WHAT'S GOING ON!!! EM!!! TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!!
  • Cinder taking Amber's power: wow what a bitch
  • Sees Torchwick: NO NOT THIS GUY AGAIN!!!
  • Penny ripped into pieces: EEEEEMMMMMMM!!!!! this is getting scary
  • Ruby kicking butt: YOU GO RUBY!!!
  • Qrow's Scythe: ...really?
  • Sees Adam: ewwww
  • Sees Cinder murder Amber: YOU BITCH!! YOU ABSOLUTE BITCH!!!
  • Yang gets her arm cut off: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • See's Sun again: Shut up McAbs
  • Arkos Kiss: oooooooooooooohhhhh
  • Cinder about to kill Pyrrha: YOU FUCKING BITCH!!
  • Pyrrah dies: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Salem narrating: oh...ok. She sounded nice before and now she's mean.