penny 2013

Lmao these people came into bulk barn today and when paying they gave me legit pennies and I almost fucking laughed. Like I get they were American but we got rid of pennies in 2013, like how in the fuck did they not know that before entering the country or through the cash exchange

Kari Novik, a budding young socialite and heiress, arrives on scene. Fashionably late, of course.

Haha I’m pretty late with this since I’ve spent all week moving everything out of my bedroom and packing for my trip. I had barely any time to draw. ;~;

While I’m sad I won’t be able to draw any OC interactions in time for the remainder of the ball (it’s like 4 am over here right now, oops) I’m still gonna draw a really dumb thing between my characters and Mockingbird, haaaa.


2013 by Penny Wong
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Happy New Year people (: I started a photography project this year. I will reveal it soon (: Follow me on Instagram! @puiyann_