And here’s the first half of the first batch of finished commissions! Thanks once again for your patience and understanding, it’s not often I get to work on so many things at once, so this’ll hopefully help me get back in the groove of things.

Hope you guys like them!

Simon about his dream boy
  • Simon:listen…my dream boy is tall with long dark hair. multi-talented. i’m talking violinist, intelligent, excellent athlete. loves cars and dresses sharp. powerful magician. a bit brooding but a romantic at heart. Grey eyes and witty humor. rocks a nice pair of jeans. maybe his name rhymes with chaz switch, i don’t know, just dreaming here.
  • Penny:That’s literally Baz.
  • Simon:fuck you, no it isn't
How we met...
  • <p><b></b> So after a few years, Simon and Baz have some Normal friends and they are joined by Penny, when the friends asked how Simon and Baz met and started dating.<p/><b>Simon:</b> We met in school.<p/><b>Baz:</b> We were 11. And I don't really remember how we got together.<p/><b>Simon:</b> Yeah, it gets blurry.<p/><b>Penny:</b> Bull shit. *drinking wine*<p/><b>Simon and Baz:</b> *give her a look that say: Hoe don't do it!*<p/><b>Penny:</b> How they got together was the craziest corny love story that could be written.<p/><b>Simon and Baz:</b> *OH MY GOD*<p/><b>Penny:</b> Baz was the first to have feelings for Simon. Pretty much straight away. They shared a room on campus. Being the idiots that both are, they became each others sworn arch nemesis. But I couldn't believe I didn't pay attention to the early signs.<p/><b>Simon:</b> *whispers* Stahp!
  • Penny:Baz is one thing. He expressed his feelings in making sure he ruins his day in any small way each day just so Simon would think about him.<p/><b>Baz:</b> *murdering her in his head*<p/><b>Penny:</b> But with high insight, I think it was bull to believe that Simon didn't feel the same way.<p/><b>Simon:</b> *slams head into the table*<p/><b>Baz:</b> *looks over with interest*<p/><b>Penny:</b> Baz succeeded in getting Simon to think about him. He thought about him every fucking single day. Every day began with Simon talking about Baz at breakfast. Each day ended with Simon talking about Baz in at dinner.<p/><b>Baz:</b> *smirked*<p/><b>Simon:</b> *dying*<p/><b>Penny:</b> And they both got worse as the years went on! They would regularly fight. Their presence in each others life is so routine that when the last year rolled around, Simon was going insane without Baz not there at the start of term. But I should have seen it in the 5th year...<p/><b>Simon:</b> *pre-ordering a coffin*<p/><b>Penny:</b> He needed to know where Baz was every single moment of the day. And because being a stalker in time consuming, he made a chart Baz's day.<p/><b>Baz:</b> *turned red*<p/><b>Penny:</b> He would play football when Baz would have violin lessons and when Baz had football practice, he'd do homework... in their room which has a view of the football pitch...<p/><b>Simon:</b> *melting in his chair*<p/><b>Penny:</b> How they started dating is still unknown to me. One day they are threatening each other. The next there is a tension so thick it can be cut with a butter knife. Before I know it, I, Simon's ex girlfriend and Simon are driving away from Baz's house. Simon freaks. Asks to get out the car and decides to fucking run the 10 km we already passed to get back to Baz for Christmas.<p/><b>Baz:</b> *looks at Simon as he never really found out the details of Simon running back for Christmas*<p/><b>Penny:</b> I should have been able to tell just by the adjectives. 'Strong' was used often. 'Ruthless' was common. But there was the very special ones that were not as common such as: 'Beautiful', 'Graceful', and the best one ever.... 'Perfect'.<p/><b>Baz:</b> *glowing bright pink*<p/><b>Simon:</b> Still true.<p/><b>Everyone:</b> *passes out*<p/></p>