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Fitting In (Final Rose)

“We should get you a pet.”

Penny stopped mid-stride and turned to the professor. “A pet?” She could barely believe what she’d heard. “You want to get me a pet?”

“Yeah, sure.” The professor shrugged. “I’ve talked things over with Hope and Alyssa, and they both agree that you’re ready for more responsibility. Besides, you wouldn’t mind a pet, would you?”

“No!” Penny’s eyes lit up. “I would love a pet!” She paused. “But… is it okay for me to have one. What if… what if something happens to it?”

“That’s a good point.” The professor tapped her cheek with one finger. “Which is why we won’t start you off with anything too tricky, like a cat or a dog. We’ll start small. How about a goldfish?”

“A goldfish?” Penny immediately began to scan through all of her files concerning goldfish. “That would be super!”

“Then we’ll get you a goldfish.” The professor grinned. “Come on. I don’t really feel like doing any more research until after lunch, so we can head over to the pet shop now.” She raised one finger to her lips. “But since I’m supposed to be working, this will be our secret, okay?”

Penny nodded. “Okay.”

As soon as they got to the pet shop, Penny made a beeline for the aquariums at the back. There were dozens of goldfish to choose from, and she couldn’t wait to pick out one of her own. But how would she choose? They all looked so wonderful, and she didn’t have any criteria for choosing in her database.

“It would be a shame to get just one,” the professor said. “Pick out two.”

Two goldfish? Penny almost jumped for joy. This was like a dream come true! “Thank you!” Penny cried. “But… how will I choose?”

“Get whichever ones you think look cool. That’s what I’d do.” The professor pointed at one of the goldfish. “See this guy? He looks tough.”

Penny couldn’t see what made that particular goldfish look tough, but there was something about two of the others that appealed to her. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she knew that those two were the ones she wanted.

They left the pet shop with two goldfish and all the equipment they would need to care of them. That left only one question.

“Where will I put them?” Penny asked. “I do not think the lab would be the best place.”

That was probably true, given some of the things that happened in the lab on a regular basis.

“Good point.” The professor tilted her head to one side. “We’ll have to get you a room in the dorms then.”

“A room in the dorms!” Penny screeched to a halt. What an exciting thought! But if she had a room in the dorms, would she no longer be staying in the laboratory? Was the professor throwing her out? The thought that she had done something to offend the professor was a troubling one, and she immediately opened her mouth to say something, but the professor cut her off.

“Relax, kiddo. This is just part of learning what it means to be alive. I don’t mind having you in the lab, but you need to continue improving your social skills. Living around other people will help with that. Apparently, I’m a weirdo.” The professor patted Penny on the back. “And it’s not like I’m throwing you to the wolves. You’ll have your own room, sure, but it’s right down the corridor from Team RWBY.”

“Ruby’s team?” Penny perked up at the thought of having a room near the first friend she’d made at Beacon. 

“That’s right. It’s not a big room - all the big rooms are taken up by full teams - but it’ll be your room.”

“My room?” Penny mulled the words over in her head. “My very own room?”

“Yeah. You’ll be able to decorate it and everything. Hope has been bugging me about letting you have a room of your own while you’re here, and there’s not reason not to give you one now.”

“My father has been asking for that?”

“Of course. Hope trusts you.” The professor smiled. “We’ll just pop into the lab for a few minutes to get the room organised, and then we can go up and get you settled in.”

Penny nodded enthusiastically. “That would be so, so super!”

“And don’t worry. You’ll still have full access to the lab, so you can come and visit whenever you want. You’ll start attending classes soon too, so I’ll have to organise that, but it shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll give you access to the curricula of all the classes, so have a think about which ones you want to take.”

At the end of the day, as the sun began to set, Penny looked around at her new room. There wasn’t much in it, not really, but the fact that it was hers and she’d been allowed to decorate it as she pleased meant a lot. On a table nearby, her two goldfish swam around in their tank. She smiled. Today had been a very, very good day.


Have fun you Gordon x Penny shippers!