Ahora que, oficialmente, Sheldon y Penny han concluido que su relación es de hermanos, ¿será este el último y definitivo clavo en el ataúd del Shenny? . No digo que no haya gente que siga fantaseando con ello, pero creo que oficialmente es un imposible. Digo, por si quedaba alguna duda o esperanza. #tbbt #shenny #sheldoncooper #penny #pennyhofstadter #shamy #lenny #bigbangtheory #thebigbangtheory


Rhett works evenings, so he had to call in sick so he could be around for baby Skye’s birthday. He and Nanny Kelly spent the day getting the place cleaned up ready for the party, which Penny threw as soon as she got home, with another promotion.

Scot, Beulah, Homer, Woody and Candy were all invited, and Sadie greeted when she walked past. Junior also gatecrashed and took a bubble bath. Candy proved she’s just a big kid (I have a feeling by the time Di and Amorie become teenagers they’re going to be the grownups in that house!), Nanny Kelly stuck around, and Rhett eventually grew Skye up. He’s got a good mix of features from both parents, but most importantly, that’s Grandpa’s nose in the middle of his face!

Ad’s muttering about “Baby Grandpa” and “reincarnation” right about now…