TinySpaceFox’s rendition of Penny’s theme from Stardew Valley

Imo, one of the best things about Rainbow’s books is that they are so easy to read because she writes so conversationally. I feel like I know Simon and Baz, I feel like they know me back. They are comfortable dropping the f-bomb and talking about wanking off (um..Baz..why…) to me and it’s amazing because I really do feel like I’m with them. I really do feel like a creepy third wheeler all the damn time and it’s awesome. I love being the Snowbaz third wheeler

Excessively Rare Anglo-Viking Silver Penny of Ragnald Guthfrithsson (943-944/5 AD)

An exceedingly rare type for this elusive Viking king of Northumbria, previously unrecorded for the moneyer, Branting. A Triquetra type from the mint at York. The obverse shows a triquetra with  + REG·N·Λ·L·D CVNVN. The reverse shows a fringed triangular standard bearing an ‘X’ on a cross-tipped pole with  + B·R·A·NT HONET·A·.