What she says: I’m fine

What she means: In Mr Peabody and Sherman, Sherman comes back to ask for Mr Peabody’s help because Penny’s having fun in Ancient Egypt but after when Sherman and Penny come back from the past after the battle of Troy to save Mr Peabody and there are 2 versions of Mr Peabody and 2 versions of Sherman but only one of Penny because her other version is stuck in Ancient Egypt and she’s going to get married at 7! And she’s going to die! And nobody freaking cares.

Day 1 of the 30 day Art challenge is complete!

For today, with the help of a friend, I found an artist I didn’t know, and found their songs on Spotify and shuffled. The song her design is based off is “Gooey” by Glass Animals.

Her name is Penny, but her official title is Penny the Peanut Butter Princess.

What can I say? I have a thing for alliteration.

I really like her so I might actually draw more of her.


Meeting Morri. Exploring the City. Penny’s Loss.

To be honest, Cana Didn’t get Morri fully. The woman had an edge, yet seemed honest, of combat material if such could be seen from the way she moved. It likely would be a some time before the scythe-wielding woman made more sense to her. The red-head wasn’t looking forward to it. For her team though, she couldn’t push away help so easily. Yet adding another meant possibility of loosing another. Letting someone on the team meant letting someone take residence inside her. Someone else to give a damn about.

As a surviver, space in her heart was rare. She wasn’t the first person to fiercely procted what’s in side her. Cana didn’t rats ass if the methods of keeping out to protect oneself was tried and true, it worked well enough for her. Now she couldn’t think like that. Not for the sake of her krewe.

That morning, as she prepared for yet another Run with Vale, she thought of Penny. The time she told her of Zu. Pain ran through her for never seeing Zu again, the man she met the same time as Voss. The man who managed to talk her into Joining House Zwe. She’d always looked up to those two. Voss was her mentor, but nothing shook her respect of Zu. No one got her as easily as he had so quickly. Without Zu, she would have never had Voss, Mok, nor Nev…. She wouldn’t have that common connetion with so many others. She wouldn’t have Valor’s Lament.

She wouldn’t have anyone to loose.

She wouldn’t have anyone worth loosing.

She wasn’t fixin’ on losin’ anyone any time soon.

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