Pennsylvania Adventures!

I have been at home for the past 2 weeks and will be heading back to Florida on Thursday.  It has been below 60 degrees and rainy/cloudy the ENTIRE time but I have still been diligently collecting!  I have added a bunch of new stuff to my collection including:

Elmidae (adults)

Psephenidae (larvae)

Pyrochroidae (larvae and adults)

Plecoptera (larvae)

Tipulidae (larvae)

Plus a bunch of families I have already but different species!

I’ll be uploading a ton of pictures when I get back to Gainesville and my good camera and all of my ID books.

I just have to take some time and say how proud I am to call Pittsburgh my home. I just have a complete obsession with it. I don’t know where I will end up some day, I will always call Pittsburgh my home. It’s a city of magic. It’s a city of family. Whenever I meet someone from Pittsburgh somewhere else in the world, it makes my entire day. Like for example. One night a friend and I decided to take a trip into D.C. It was around midnight in the middle of December and we’re sitting by the Washington monument. These random kids are walking by, and one, of course, happens to be from Pittsburgh. That just like made my night. The city plants something inside of each and every person that has ever lived in it and it is there for eternity. It connects us all. Pittsburgh is everywhere. The Steelers have the largest fan base in the NFL. Wiz and Mac are known rappers all over the world who come from here. So many movies are filmed here. We’ve been rated over and over the most livable city. The list goes on and on. I just had to say that I am from the best damn city in the nation. Pittsburgh, you are amazing.