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Holiday Inn - Bradford, Pennsylvania

100 Davis Street South Air-conditioned - Restaurant - Swimming Pool - Free TV - Free Holidex Reservations


Merry Christmas to all!!!🎄🎁

Enjoy all this Nutcracker😘
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anonymous asked:

What scenes do you think would be key to a Raven Boys film trailer? Like which moments from the first book do you think stand out the most?

omg!!!! this is such a good question. okay so

  • blue and neeve at the church, ghosts traveling along the corpse road, hounds howling in the distance. the trees are just black outlines on the starry sky, and the breeze is lifting blue’s hair. gansey’s ghost floats towards blue and she takes like a sharp breath but it cuts off before there’s any dialouge
  • an exterior shot of 300 fox way & then aglionby & monmouth, showing the juxtaposition of the settings. also a wide shot or two of henrietta in general and how beautiful it is
  • gansey with a mint leaf near his mouth and sunlight in his perfect hair bc he’s a freaking handsome beast being like “so… listen…….. what do you know about welsh kings?!?!?!”
  • the ladies of fox way, persephone and maura and calla, maybe drinking tea, maybe drawing tarot cards, maybe the part where they draw the raven boys’ cards
  • absolutely some kind of scene with the pig! because… the pig!!!! ok
  • a shot of blue’s hand rifling through gansey’s huge journal, her eyes narrowing and then widening in curiosity and awe
  • ronan lying on the church pew holding chainsaw with gansey standing over him and noah in the background. because chainsaw obviously is important to ronan’s character for like every reason, including that he can dream stuff into reality. i can just imagine this so well, the colors!! like dark blues, heavy shadows, the golden flicker of lit candles in the background, rain hitting the stained glass windows!! like
  • some scene with barrington goddamn whelk, since he’s obv the “villian” of the first book and they always gotta show the bad guy in the trailer. he IS a bad guy, the ultimate, he murdered precious noah czerny with a skateboard like fuck that guy!!!
  • the gang in the helicopter! about to locate cabsewater for the first time
  • speaking of which… cabeswater!! like a glimpse of cabeswater. maybe some light filtering through the trees and like a slow mo of the gang walking into it from behind, orangey-gold leaves eternally falling like petals from the trees, maybe the fish in the pond changing color
  • adam and his dad :(((( do i need to elaborate on this :(((((((((((( but it’s important bc it’s a theme esp. throughout book one, adam and his broken home, his fucked up relationship with his dad, gansey wanting so badly to take adam away from it and help him
  • in the middle somewhere, flash back to the scene with blue and ghost gansey at the church, and blue kinda gently reaching out but not touching him and whispering, “will you tell me your name?” and then it cutting off again
  • prob a cute scene with adam and blue bc trailers always tease at romance and even though i hate that they always show cute romance in movie trailers that aren’t actually about romance… adam resting his head on blue’s lap while she plays with his hair?? that would be cute
  • the trees rustling and ronan like looking up at them, latin swirling quietly in the background, it’s super epic
  • gansey and blue discovering the bones? but not like, showing that it’s noah, wouldn’t wanna spoil that. but just that was such a huge turning point in the book and they always show turning points in trailers haha. but please no spoilers, like i wouldn’t wanna know it’s noah’s bones if i didn’t already know
  • maybe them finding the mustang too?? idk. it was just so mysterious. maybe a shot of ronan writing “remembered” in the pollen on the window
  • adam like holding up his arms when he gives himself to cabeswater. the stampede. but nothing in whole bc spoilers!!!! and i literally hate so much when trailers give away a huge part of the book/movie haha
  • just like random shots of the gang being the gang. hair ruffles. shoulder knocking. pizza eating. car rides & banter. feel-good stuff because these poor babies need more feel-good-ness!! AHHHHHHH
  • and then the trailer would end with blue and ghost gansey, and gansey saying, softly, sadly, “gansey.” and blue: “is that all?” and then ghost gansey looking up at her, “…that’s all there is” omf kiLL ME NOW
  • idk i’m probably missing a lot but these feel essential to me

anyone feel free to add to this, i wish i had my copy of my book to reference rn but it’s in my apartment in los angeles and im back in pennsylvania for the holidays!!