pennsylvania dutch country

My Grandmother B. was a Holocaust survivor, and Polska Roma. She fled the war, coming to America concealed in a large suitcase carried by a white Jewish family. Today, our family still talks about the debt we owe that family, which perhaps cannot ever be repaid.

Upon reaching America, she broke ties with the community, changed her name, and moved to “Pennsylvania Dutch“ (German-speaking) country in Lancaster county. Later, my uncles started telling people they were "Sicilian” (I really don’t know how this got started, it was sometime in the 70’s), and my mother moved to California and met my father, who was Lakota from a Rez in Arizona (the Lakota-Arizona connection has to do with Sweat Lodge and other spiritual practices).

Found a post by GirlJanitor, it’s in the Polska Roma tag. Is there a Lakota reservation in Arizona? Or do they mean he was Lakota and was leaving on one of the reservations in Arizona? 

GREETINGS From “The Penna. Dutch Country” is the title of the paragraph on the back of this old postcard. I don’t know where this bridge is exactly, I tried looking it up online, but a lot of these bridges are so similar looking, and who knows if it still looks the same now as it did then, or even if it still exists. If anyone out there knows about this bridge, please tell me!
The postcard goes on to read; “View of Old Covered Bridge located between Lancaster Pa. and Manheim. There are many of these bridges still in use throughout this part of the country.”