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PRR, Chicago, Illinois, 1950 by Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Via Flickr:
One of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s legendary K4-class 4-6-2 steam locomotives leads an eastbound passenger train out of Chicago at 21st Street Tower on October 3, 1950. Photograph by Wallace W. Abbey, © 2015, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Abbey-01-130-05

“Frolicking in the snow at Camp Shanks are a group of Wacs, members of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, who were redeployed from France to this country, and landed in New York City. / In the picture are Technical Sergeant Lillian Butterfield of Bayonne, New Jersey; Technician Fifth Grade Bernice F. Lewis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Private First Class Hester Givens of Linden, New Jersey; Private First Class Benita F. Schuster of Manhattan, New York; Private First Class Genevieve Marshall of Washington, D.C.; Sergeant Mary E. Walker of New York City; Technician Fifth Grade Bernice Axam of Passaic, New Jersey; Private First Class Mary Young of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Private First Class Katherine Metoyer of Columbus, Ohio; Priviate First Class Dolly Hall of New York City; Technician Fifth Grade Beulah Patten of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Technician Fifth Grade Dorothy E. Lounds of Tuckahoe, New York and Private First Class Isofine Jacobs of Chester, Pennsylvania. 1-3-46.”

January 1946

More info: Cool Chicks from History post on the 6888th


Accepted (7):

  • MIT (EA)
  • University of Pennsylvania (as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar)
  • UC Berkeley (early)
  • UCLA
  • USC (full-ride finalist)
  • University of Washington Seattle
  • University of Oregon (Honors College, full-ride finalist, $15k/yr scholarship)

Waitlisted (1):

  • Harvard

Rejected (2):

  • Stanford
  • Princeton 


I will be attending MIT’s CPW April 7-10 and UPenn’s Quaker Days April 11-13 so if you’re going to either, let me know and we can meet up! I’ll be committing sometime in mid- to late April.

I’m staying on Harvard’s waitlist but I searched up the statistics and apparently the acceptance rate is less than 3% so I’m not going to keep my hopes up.


In all honesty, MIT and UPenn were my second and third choices. I don’t say that just because they were the schools I got into, but because I visited both and loved the spirit there (I was trying to look for the post I made a few months ago stating this, but the closest I could find was this).

I wanted to get into Harvard/Princeton for prestige.

And the truth is, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten into Stanford/Harvard/Princeton. Because I didn’t work all that hard in high school. I took two free periods when all of my friends had none sophomore and junior year. I didn’t do the IB Diploma, which requires more work than I was willing. I didn’t study enough for standardized testing (and I don’t mean this in a humblebrag I got high scores without trying way but just as a statement). I turned in late assignments constantly, I didn’t go to class sometimes, and I wrote so many emails asking teachers to round me up a letter grade. I napped during lectures and discussions, I’m known as a slacker. 

But that’s okay, because the Kelly Writers House at UPenn is badass. I always wanted to volunteer at the high school math tournaments if I ended up going to MIT. 34th Street is the coolest magazine. And can I go wrong with either Philly or Boston? I don’t think so :) 

Plus, I mean, I got into MIT and UPenn. I am so, so lucky to have these options, and I can’t wait for college.

I subbed for a 2nd grade class today, and one of the things they did was write about why they would make a good President. And all of them wrote stuff like “I’d build houses for poor people,” or “I’d build roads in my community”, and “I’d let everyone come to Pennsylvania.”

A class of 7 year-olds would literally be better presidents than who was elected.

I went to elementary school in alabama and let’s just say shit was bad my teachers used to call the civil war the “war of northern aggression” and up until i took a history class in pennsylvania i thought malcolm x was a secret agent from a famous movie because no one told me otherwise