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Vans Girls Music Crushes: Brianna Collins

Meet the soulful singer and keyboardist of the alternative/punk/indie band Tigers Jaw, Brianna Collins. The second we heard her sultry voice and beautiful piano melodies, we were instantly hooked and had to know more about her. We met up with the Pennsylvania native and roamed the streets of Long Beach, CA in our Old Skools, scoping out vintage thrift finds and rare records while chatting about tour, writing, and her band’s new record.

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A: AGE - 27
B: BIRTHPLACE - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
C: CURRENT TIME - 12:50 am
E: EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO - In my everyday life, no one. I keep things really close to my chest. Sharing my feelings face-to-face feels like a personal weakness to me, which is why I talk to strangers on the internet ; )
F: FAVORITE SONG - I don’t know, but I have the fucking David S. Pumpkins music stuck in my head lmao
G: GROSSEST MEMORY - I was maybe 9 years old when a man on a bike whipped his dick out and started masturbating at me. 
H: HOGWARTS HOUSE- Gryffindor (And I am really proud about it, too)
I: IN LOVE- With myself
J: JEALOUS OF PEOPLE - I feel jealousy because I’m human but then I don’t??? I’m really relaxed and overtly optimistic. I trust that the universe will give me what I want/need.
L: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR SHOULD I WALK BY AGAIN - Love at first sight. If I don’t immediately like you, you ain’t good for me.
M: MIDDLE NAME - Patricia-Marguerite
O: ONE WISH - I want to sell all of my things and travel by myself.
Q: QUESTION YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED - “What does your tattoo mean?”
R: REASON TO SMILE - Kim Seokjin <333
S: SONG YOU SANG LAST - “You’re Mine” Lola Marsh
T: TIME YOU WOKE UP -  9:30 a.m.
V: VACATION DESTINATION - Anywhere. Please accept me into your country and love me.
W: WORST HABIT - I’m really weird about eating utensils. I have to inspect the smell and how it looks before I use it. I’m legitimately one poorly washed spoon away from carrying around my own damn set 
X: X-RAYS - My foot. I’m missing a tendon or some shit that makes it hard for me to bend my ankle and foot back towards me. 
Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD - I eat like a 5 yr. old, so mac-n-cheese with Frank’s Hot Sauce boiiiii
Z: ZODIAC SIGN - Capricorn

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half way

driving has become routine. shout out to spotify, bill bryson & george orwell audiobooks (1984, animal farm, a walk in the woods, a short history of nearly everything) and anyone who has cared enough to call me on these crazy long drives. every day i wake up cheated of sleep. i’ve slept on couches, futons, spare beds, and in my car. i’ve driven 4,000 miles, i saw two great lakes. i had poutine. real poutine. i hiked. i saw the splendor of niagara falls. i met someone who dared me to be myself more than i think anyone ever has. i’ve made countless new friends. i had great beer, i tried ecstasy. i left a shirt in new jersey. i lost a shoe in toronto. (the shoe was found) there are moments in life that are very important. there’s no other way to describe them. sometimes there’s no way to unpack that instant while it’s happening. sometimes there’s no one to tell what you just saw or how you’d even explain it if you did. i think the most beautiful stretch of road on the east coast has to be rt 8 in connecticut as it winds along the farmington river. although there are many special people in my life i can only think of one person who i want to make that drive with again. the shows. the shows have been a roller coaster ride of emotion. april snow caused me to be 3 hours late to one of the shows. the anxiety created from it caused me to be 6 hours early to the show the next day. i’ve sold 92 books, and 15 shirts. the things people have said after the shows or during breaks have made all the difference. people approaching me to say they’ve never had a poem move them to tears before, or how my work has helped them in some way. the friends made. the memories. (a small crunching of numbers for people outside of the normal turnout at the events [people from twitter to be exact] toronto ontario 52, (new jersey 2x madison/toms river 20) long island new york 15, philadelphia pennsylvania 3, northhampton massechusetts 4, collinsville connecticut 12, erie pennsylvania 9, baltimore maryland 4, colby sawyer college new hampshire 6. (these numbers are from people who approached after the show, or bought a ticket to the event. the numbers are probably more generous than i am giving credit, but- at half way in, and 8 shows down, less than 100 of 55,000 people from Twitter who have actually come out to a show. these shows are offset by other numbers, because most of the shows come with an audience of regularly attending people. so far the total number of people i have done poems in front of is probably in the generous neighborhood of 250. you have to start somewhere. and this is my start. i’m excited for the remaining string of shows on tour, and to be able to pet my dog kentucky again next week

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a-age: 19

b-birthplace: Pennsylvania

c-current time: 12:21pm

d-drink you last had: water because were out of soda.

e-easiest person to talk to: my mom!

f-favorite song: currently: tie between “Heat” and “Legend” by The Score.

g-grossest memory: um…I’ve had a lot of “gross things” done but like they’re not gross to me. Oh wait I once walked into my bathroom to find my sink full of vomit cause my bro had the flu and decided not to mention he made it to the sink and left it for me.

h-horror yes or horror no: nope. Two weeks ago I found a pennywise mask in the middle of the terrace room floor during cocktail hour at a wedding and was like “fuck no! Uh uh!” And refused to go near the people closest to it.

i-in love? yes, with my OTP and Tom Holland.

j-jealous of people?: sometimes but I wouldn’t trade my life for theirs.

k-Kangaroo? Um I don’t know their cool I guess.

l-love at first sight or should I walk by again?: walk by again, I get so confused by people who can look at someone and say “yup I’m in love”. For me it develops slowly and I like to get to know people first.

m-middle name: Anne.

n-number of siblings: okay like blood: two a brother and a sister. Middle technically but my sis is a half and she’s like way older. But like I have “adopted” siblings too so like four in total I guess.

o-one wish: I don’t really know. Like I want a lot of things, but like I guess more confidence in myself would be nice.

p-person you called last: my mom.

q-question you are always asked: “Are you okay?” I have a pretty serious resting bitch face so people are always wondering if I’m mad when I’m just fine. Or like I’m also really pale naturally so on lazy days when I show up without make up to work I get asked that a lot. I once had a couple say I had “fine Italian porcelain skin”. Still trying to figure out exactly what that means but okay.

r-reason to smile: lots of reasons! But I’m a little stressed at the moment cause my Captain just quite And we’re so screwed at work right now. But I have my siblings. One of our cooks received a call on Sunday that his little brother was found dead and it just kinda reminded me that while my siblings drive me batty sometimes not everyone has that.

s-song you last sang: uh…well it was one in the morning at McDonalds so don’t laugh but “Pocketful of Sunshine”. Now you all have it stuck in your head! Hahaha!

t-time you woke up: 8:15am which is actually pretty late for me.

u-underwear color: it’s like a steal grey blue.

v-vacation destination: IDK. Disney’s always fun.

w-worst habit: not fully paying attention to people when they’re talking. It’s super easy for my mind to wander. I’m keeping this one the same as Chanty cause I do this all the time! Especially in phone conversations.

x-x-rays: a couple. Dental, once to confirm pneumonia.

y-your favorite food: pastas a staple. Just butter and salt.

z-zodiac sign: Taurus!

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Harrisburg Daily Independent, Pennsylvania, February 14, 1910

Harrisburg Daily Independent, Pennsylvania, February 17, 1910

Harrisburg Daily Independent, Pennsylvania, February 18, 1910

Harrisburg Daily Independent, Pennsylvania, February 19, 1910

Harrisburg Daily Independent, Pennsylvania, February 24, 1910

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Collected on this Day in 1935

This eastern wahoo (Euonymus atropurpureus) specimen was collected near Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 12, 1935 by John Franklin Lewis. 

Eastern wahoo is native to midwestern states and parts of Pennsylvania. This specimen is part of Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s hidden botany collection. 

Botanists at Carnegie Museum of Natural History share pieces of the herbarium’s historical hidden collection on the dates they were discovered or collected. Check back for more!