Who are we, when our earthly binds dissipate, what do we become when we are no longer the observer… Can we be free, to float on as our own entity?

Clothing: Thrifted

Ear Cuffs:  Kunoichi Creations

Necklace: Sundown Life Apparel

Conshohocken, PA

please avoid Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist. I was forced by my family to go to him because he is very christian. he is very transphobic and kept trying to prove to me that I was female when I’m male. he told me to my face that thinking that I was trans was just a delusion and that “god doesn’t make mistakes”. he usually tried very hard to derail me and mention every single “girly” thing that I liked or did, acting like that somehow made me less male. a lot of the time he had my parents in the room while I was in there too and frequently had them against me no matter what I said. just please don’t go to this man. all he’ll do is force-feed you his religion and make you feel like nothing.

Missing him and our breakfast dates at all hours of the day, whether it’s 11 in the morning or 11 at night. Stealing food off of each others plates because I always order pancakes and he tries different things, laughing over random things and then going out on adventures after we are done.


► Philadelphia City Hall and Rittenhouse Square from a trip there back in May 2011 (when I was living in Bethlehem, so it was not so far a journey). I think this might have been my first visit to Philadelphia?

► I am not sure where the week went! I was laid low by “stomach problems” for two days last week (not low enough for me to skip work, but low enough for me to leave early). My body needs to get with the program so I can get shit done.

► My bff’s niece (BFN!) turned TWELVE this week (oh where has the time gone), so I offered to take her out to eat. She chose a dine-in theater, and the movie she wanted to see was The Lazarus Effect. It was exceedingly average, and the BFN is now old enough to snarkily comment “of course the black guy dies first” when Donald Glover’s character bites it (not that I am a fan of Donald Glover, but it doesn’t matter because that is a tired ass trope AND A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD HAS CALLED YOU OUT ON IT, HOLLYWOOD).

► At the very least, this week I managed to: buy my tickets for my visit to brinanners! IT’S ALL COMING TOGETHER; get at least 1 CE done; did minimal cleaning; and minimal writing. This week I ought to…

  • do more CEs (at least 2 darn it!)
  • TAXES!?
  • get a massage, so I’m not all gnarled and pained from work when mymindsplinters and tatterpixie visit
  • car needs air in tires and an oil change
  • more cleaning! more writing!

Yarn Bombing Movement Spreads to Share Scarves, Hats in Public Places

“Chase the Chill” has become a social media movement that inspires people to leave warm scarves, often with a note, in public places for anyone to take.

“I’m not lost,” it says on many of the homemade tags. “Take me if you’re cold.”

Scarves draped on trees, posts, signs, and other public locations first appeared in downtown Easton, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 2010, according to the original Chase the Chill group on Facebook.

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