Saucony Creek’s Reserve Imperial Coffee Stout (Picked up at a Weis in PA). A 3 of 4. Basically all coffee in the nose and up front. Lots of roast and cocoa and a little bit of chocolate sweetness. On the dry and astringent side of things, although the alcohol stays pretty well-hidden. Big on coffee, if you really like that, but not a ton of complexity. Still, I’d happily have this again – great warming qualities in winter.


Jill Stein meets deadline to file for recount in Pennsylvania

  • Jill Stein is pushing forward with her petitions for a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan
  • On Monday, Stein successfully filed for a recount in Pennsylvania within hours of the state’s deadline.
  • In a video posted to her campaign website, Stein explains this particular recount will require election officials to “jump through some hoops” to come to a decisive conclusion about which presidential candidate claimed Pennsylvania’s electors.
  • Stein pointed to “hack-friendly” voting machines and restrictive voter identification laws as hindrances to accurate and reliable elections.
  • Pennsylvania presents a tricky case: According to CBS News, Pennsylvania is the only state in which a recount can only be requested via a legal appeal to be decided in court. 
  • What’s more, Stein reminds viewers she can’t be the sole person to pull the trigger on a recount — the process, she says, must be initiated by thousands of voters. Read more

A Donald Trump endorsement just ruined Yuengling forever

On Monday, Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr., the fifth-generation owner of Yuengling, America’s oldest beer company, gave Eric Trump a brewery tour before pledging allegiance to his father. In response, former-Yuengling drinkers are now publicly denounced the beer brand. This isn’t even the first boycott of Yuengling in recent history. People called for one in 2013.