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Just a little tease of our exclusive PENN ZERO: PART-TIME HERO San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive free gift to those who attend the panel. It came out so cool (I really love it) and it will satisfy fans of the show, no matter which of the fab five are your faves… Come see our panel along with Star vs The Forces of Evil – Friday, July 10th 2:30-3:30pm room 5AB

PENN & SASHI will be there to make you laugh and smile. (Thomas Middleditch and Tania Gunadi)…

Elijah Berle with a driveway ramp special last Sunday before the Escapist Demo at Penn Valley in Kansas City, MO. 

Look for Berle and Co. blowing into the Windy City tomorrow for the last stops of the Scorching Summer Tour. Thursday is Michael Burnett‘s photo Slideshow and Q&A 7-10 pm at Uprise Skateshop followed by Friday’s @thrashermag party to celebrate the launch of our @vans x Thrasher collection featuring Burnett’s “Full Blast” photo show & performances by DJ John Cardiel, White Glove and Bad Shit from 7-10 pm.

For Comedian Kumail Nanjiani, Getting Personal Is Complicated

On people yelling “Kumar” at him on the street:

“The representation of brown people on TV has changed quite a bit and I think that goes a long way because if the only person you know is Kumar from Harold & Kumar [Go to White Castle] then that’s easy, but if we’re represented better then you can’t really do that and I think it’s happening a little bit. I actually saw [the actor who played Kumar] Kal Penn tweeted a few days ago he said that somebody congratulated him on Silicon Valley and I was like, “OK, good. Now you know how it has been for me for the last 10 years.”

Max, Scottish Terrier (1 y/o), Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO • “He’s a rescue from a puppy-mill and he loves watching TV.”

Dear Photograph,
As far back as I can remember, from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend, we spent many summer days at this pool (Penn Valley Athletic Club). I never thought I would be raising my kids in the same area where I grew up, but I am. How fortunate I am to get to re-live these childhood memories, and how fortunate my children are to be forming their own memories of summer fun at the pool!

Kelce, German Shepherd (4 y/o), Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO • “She’s named after the Kansas City Chiefs player, Travis Kelce. A prisoner trained her for 5 weeks before I got her.”

Tesla, Border Collie mix (2 y/o), Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO • “She’s named after the scientist, Nikola Tesla. She’ll kill you with kisses.”

Paloma, Siberian Husky (1 y/o), Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO • “She crawls into tight spaces and acts like a cat. She loves boxes.”

Nate, Puli (6 y/o), Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO • “Nate could kind of do without people. They’re herding dogs – sheep respond to their high pitch bark and the way their hair twirls through the air.”

Bart, Puli (7 y/o), Penn Valley Park, Kansas City, MO • “Bart is needy. They’re a little gestalt – sometimes I look at them from across the room, and I’m like, ‘Is that your butt or your head?’”