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A full Rainbow of Carry On aesthetics (I combined indigo and violet for Penny).

Baz is red; fire and blood and every kind of passion.
Lucy if orange; flowers and hope and optimism.
Agatha is yellow; sunshine and smiles and freedom.
Ebb is green; nature and dreaming and white flowers on soft grass.
Simon is blue; skies and adventures and bright eyes.
Penny is purple; rings that sparkle and magic and the skyline at night.

okay ya’ll real talk is there paparazzi following noctis around everywhere like tracking his every movement and shit cause if there is just imagine how fucking ridiculous some of the headlines would be “prince noctis spotted at hotdog stand? is he not being fed at the palace??? or is he mocking the life style of the middle class?!” or “prince noctis picks up a penny off the dirty streets of the city! is this a sign? Is the kingdom soon to fall to ruin?!?” like noctis’s boring ass doesn’t have any good cliche sneaking out scandals or partying drama so all the fucking reporters have to find other shit to feed of off and it’s all ridiculous.

Comedy, that is, tends to inhabit a liminal space (one on the edge, either literally or metaphorically), a place between locus and audience. It rarely forgets that there is an audience; and it posits the liminal position as one that bestows the sort of power that arises from resistance to authority, whether that be social or literary.
—  Penny Gay, The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare’s Comedies, p. 11
Don't you guys ever wonder what the heights of the characters are?

I mean Simon is the same height as Davy
Simon can be tall and Baz is really tall
How much smaller would penny and agatha be?
What about Lucy?
Did Baz get his height genes from the Pitches or the Grimms?
What about Nico and Ebb’s height difference

The Amazing World of Gumball como los signos:

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Gumball :Sagitario

Darwin :Acuario

Anais: Virgo

Nicole  :Aries

Richard :Tauro

Penny Fitzgerald :Libra

Señorita Lucy Simian :Escorpio

Director Nigel Brown :Capricornio

El Sr. Pequeño :Piscis

Tobías Wilson : Leo

Carrie Krueger:Cáncer 

Masami :Virgo

Banana Joe:Geminis